élan vi·tal


noun [©2016 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated.]

: the vital force or impulse of life; especially : a creative principle held by Bergson to be immanent in all organisms and responsible for evolution.

Origin: French.

First use: 1907

[a] “hope for tomorrow” –Albert Einstein.


“idea quantum=vitale dictum:

‘learn to live, relearn to live, death, enlightenment, rebirth’

(the cycle of the Universe and Earthly habitation): idea quantum, physics, chemistry, biology, idea quanta diversity, idea quantum=vitale dictum->idea quanta=vitale dicta),

universal travel and semination->idea quantum=vitale dictum, universal populating->idea quanta=vitale dicta,

universal cohabitating->idea quantum=vitale dictum of each intelligent species,

idea quanta->vitale dicta of co-habitating intelligent species living in the vicinity of each other,

[continuing,] idea quanta diversity of co-habiting intelligent species living in close proximity to one another.”

And a total moron, for our annihilation. Hindsight, retreat.  Unconscious dummy–or unconscious psyche economy deficit affect intellect social. Opoid junkey. Brave New World. Our demise.

Fate, if it has us, is not schizoaffective, but opoid nullified.

The quest for destiny, a Campbell Hero will follow, through self-leadership he musters, achieves constructive measure from constructive endeavor.

He or she is party to synergistic energies, arising.  From this Phoenix we find: irradiation increasing to unsettle his endeavor;  2nd and 3rd generation toxins part per trillionth, causing apathy, ennui, avolition.

Success is integral divergent answers! Approach the problems. Laser sensors, “On!” in 10 dimensions.  “Go! Foresight, Go! Divergent Solutions! ForBearance: On!”


–Keven. Abraham Boulder.

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