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Out of our minds. Book.

Diveegence instead of Hegelian dichotomy and convergence needed for complex questions needing a myriad of complex answers.

There is a kind of war going on because the professionals with graduate degrees or even bachelor’s degree have “Satan’s” that “kill” lower college degreed or diploma or GED students who may think divergently and couldn’t complete higher degrees, but may be the students who can learn divergent creativity to solve America’s and the world’s problems.

I’m one of these.

Abraham Boulder -Keven.

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It’s time to go home.

WQ wisdom intelligence vs. wisdom foolery incl./ Aryan Creed as Tao Chi Qi to Nazi imbalances of genocide involving mechanical logic Q.E.D. Very high IQ low WQ. Nasi Qi univeresal vital life energy force (Big Bang “static” energy and gravity energy force–repulsive).

PCB Aryan Nazi delusional confused, ignorant, sadist, homicidal psychopath. Flagrant skirting of the law very serious crimes that entertain the authorities as juvenile delinquincy.

Ponzi scheme. It’s payup time and the House is closed. There’s no money because everything is over. They’ve gone home and left you holding an empty bag. One or two winners. Everyone else big-time losers. I am presently: at home.

The only actual proceeds are redeemed from long-term investments. You work to create the future. You gain real value on your investments from the productivity you do.

PCB continues to denigrate me because he is a leader of a Ponzi scheme. He doesn’t hate me–he hates everyone including himself. He just abuses opoids so that he is Mr. Good. Good at destroying people’s lifetime of work. To tip the scales for wrong-doing by our top leaders.

Hobbesian logic argues, “it’s tough enough to be good to deliver the goods.” We don’t need his cheerleading for us to continually fail so he has a laugh or two. It’s tough enough to accept your own pitfalls when praise is lacking for the good work that you do.

Enough with him! Be off and leave me alone and away from me. Get away. Stay away.

Abraham Boulder

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Where the sense of power lies

In a valueless society, where no fair evaluation exists of value in what we are doing, world leadership holds onto power by impressing strength on the common unconscious of it’s constituents through acts of necromancy.

It is the ultimate Tao Chi in that it feels great and superior in strength to leaders who gather and transform these feelings from the misery and oppression of the general population.

They then hold a Faustian position for genocide, saying it’s the “Christian” thing to do, under the belief they will accumulate years of life (50, 100, 150 more years of living) similar to the movie Dune when the captives’ life juices were spilled out of his body to the ecstacy of his oppressor.

Opoid abuse causes an imbalance in natural aggression, increasing it many times over because the person no longer feels natural suffering.  It is a Nazi natural imbalance of Aryan creed that becomes behavioral science of desire to end the world through sex-until-we-drop, then-more-and-more some.

Abraham Boulder

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An article of faith

I thought of you when I read this quote from “JPS TANAKH: The Holy Scriptures (blue): The New JPS Translation according to the Traditional Hebrew Text” by Jewish Publication Society Inc., Inc. Jewish Publication Society –

“for He is coming to rule the earth; He will rule the world justly, and its peoples in faithfulness.”

-the Holy only one God

“a quiet blanket of sanity and eternal genuine love, for prosperity among the peoples from the only God that is, showing you goodness to greatness quality for this prosperity to arrive at your station in life, and the life of your brethern, and for the stranger in our midst.”

-Abraham Boulder.

Start reading this book for free:

“For the unsure, a steady tide for focus on survival and the MEMES necessary to endure, and the variety needed for our species survival.”

“It’s hope that things can go well, survival, endurance, striving, love, and thriving.”

“It’s focus.  Human singularity.  For survival, then thriving.  Endurance when facing hardship.  Thriving amidst all the difficulties.  A journey of striving, and winning and losing, both in living.  Adding to the Destiny of our human species before each face his or her fated death.”

It’s love for ourselves, and my own me who faces death alone.


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Hey, do you have a minute?

In what way is the Noble Savage, PCB indispensable despite alleged serial murders?!

Family relations could do without this crude, alleged sense of humor, ‘oft cited and always: allegedly sick.

To what religion does he allegedly deify himself, to be worshipped by billions eyeing his alleged impunity.

Does he really think himself a God, sickest of the sick, loved by all through his many disorders.

DSM5 says he can be salient deep down with me. I’m picking up, for example: (1) personality disorder; (2) obsessive-compulsive disorder; (3) delusion; (4) psychoses (too much subconscious clutter), and popular schizophrenia; i.e.,, (5) very, very acute anti-social brain disorder.

Even if these classifications are only working diagnoses, they involve someone that allegedly gets the attention of millions or billions of people as a Disruptor.

How much money and how many lives are sacraficed to this person’s impediment to top productivity.

Productivity necessary for the winning edge, and to live!

Leading our demise and deifying himself to stand-down law officers looking to rid ourselves of someone allegedly capable of killing himself (protect him from himself, if that is the case) and allegedly killing others, if this is more than dark ruminations, better seen in the light of day (optimistically).

Do we write off our concern?!

Abraham Boulder

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