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Defy Hobo Fill who thinks he’s ruler of the world.

Heart, artificial, change in affective intelligence via chemical substances.

Anti-matter offense. Wig-Wam and Fill-up. State raises an ugly head representing compromise.

But did they get-up-and-go in agreement, or did they sell a package that sells the ship and sailors?–that we’re more than technology.

There used to be a cause and a traditional fight for reasons that don’t include stale air.

Raison d’etre that clearly defined purpose and forthcoming mundane missions on a see-saw of “Yes!” “oh, No” morale experiences, whereby deadlines take a graver manifesting

The human singularity arrives in noncompetitive saliency whose first command is “do not lose your head focusing on supreme archetypes, the Divine rests in all creation, and Man is no exception.

Take the practical nuts and bolts constructive mojo and, “Get to work!”

Use AI as tool. Quantum computing for speed. Human command this drive to home plate in 10 or less years.

Negative, hell yeah! Until you burnout or totally burnout. Positive sentiments are compatible with constructive action. More hush! The sound of humming to get the job done correctly, despite ying-yang alternative views by real-time deadlines.

Ecoequilibrium in 250 years. Now where are they, those financial instruments for the “correct” future on the level of Mars ship returning to Earth? Which would be utterly lost in deep, deep space if correct solutions weren’t used, applied technology engineered to meet the “specs of correctness.”

Abraham Boulder

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I’m being killed by 100 million dollar sonar probably U.S. Navy.

It’s so stupid it’s like AI is doing the kill and afraid to be found out.

Abraham Boulder

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Insulin, protein, RNA, mitochondria–fundamental actions with chemicals to drive cell biology

On a fundamental chemical level, Hagen-Daz© using New Jersey water that has a slews of chemicals absorbing into human biology a level of toxciity that manifests as sinister behavior.

Not to mention (although I do) the rats that are privy to the chemicals the human body does not want ingests this chemical soup seepage. Rearing behavioral science.

Working as a neurotoxin behavior adaptable to all kinds of dark roles and results nutrition of sewer chemicals whose cause has the effect of rotten behavior and psychopathic concern.

Opposing fruits and vegetables, whole grain, lean meats, and omega3 fats with olive or canola. Greens. Citrus. Things that can aide in telomere extension. You are glad to be alive and that others are too.

With wastestreams entering into our water supply, more polluted thinking and behaving gets in the way of species oriented behavior for our survival.

We don’t need product lines of toxic sinister innervation.

We need real food, and a real future that’s profoundly pragmatic.

Abraham Boulder

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