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Father of the revolution

No contest with premier archetypes maintaining unit thought. Careful of affect poison from great thought heroin use (as the body and brain weans, and waxes into aneroxia.)

Sucking into the Earth is viral. Turning to Heaven by the Redeemer-of-exoplanet Earth is to attend to the 100 million exoplanets on this pancake collosus of a universe with the Creator and join the human race to other human races (for example, they may have green, blue, and yellow stars in it’s solar system that the explanet orbits.)

The end of exoplanet may have blue grass and orange seas.

In the spirit of adventure and secure enough that they know we cannot break their defenses, hosts of “God of Hosts” are those civilizations that are comfortable with themselves and wish us “good tidings.”

God of Hosts is the god whom aides the faithful in living millions of years through focus on “constructive mojo anabolic Chi.”

The energy to deny and withdraw from efforts to rid us of the non-naive, experienced communitarian whom shares with the rest of us a commons or collective unconscious separate from their own private, personal unconscious to help themselves stay honest connected to “at-large” psyche economy surplus metanormal megaorganism consciousness.

Abraham “Keven” Boulder

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Philip Betrum Devinsky

He is the king snake and rodent and tree of death.

I Abraham Boulder am the tree of life and tree of liberty, and am being tortured to death via gravity feed learnt by sandpainting. There is heavy government-issued equipment in the above condo unit to do some variegated work of torture.

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Consider. On human rights.

Focus: constructive with negative affect, and positive affect intelligence to avoid burn-out or complete burn-out.

Jesus alone is Hellenistic, therefore Macedonian (having wiped out Ionianian Civilization in Greece).

Expect murder, suicide, futility, failure, hopelessness, impossibilities, depression, suppression, oppression in light of ancient Greek tragedies focused on a single savior who saves the day while blowing up the world.

For those who look to the semite, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Mecca of a only-one constructive God, we have from the Torah a book of Numbers, that is a book of generations.

Metaphorically, the book is for the human race to continue it’s generations and Destiny of 1,000 years, assenting to Jesus, Mohammed, and Moses and minimizing spreading war on exoplanet Earth while saving homo sapiens sapiens for physical evolution to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens via AI quantum tool, opposable thumbs, holding our cerebrum sacred with Human Command only of our tools.

Computers or robots can, unlike humans, mult-task functions.

Abraham Boulder

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