Private interest?

Soviet is less needed in the United States and Russia.

Russians love their leader.   Russians have been neutralized from the world of ideas and constructive evolution of ideas from generation to generation since Hobbes, Francis Bacon, Pascal and Descartes.

There is a capacity of computer program director whereas I think I could serve as Chief Directorate of this emerging AI such that I pilot the program into American waters while leaving Soviet waters and retaining remembrances of the Soviet impact on the Russian people while focusing attention on Psy.D.s and leaving behind Ph.D. (or syntax computer programming). In other words, Chief Surveyor of the Soviet to the private sector within the private sector.

This high yield agency computer modeling I think is something I can grapple with; something computer programmers can master specific computer language with and led by a Program Lead-with the goal of leaving Soviet paroxymsm and  crafting doctorate programs of pro-active on the fly, top priority remedial work and preservation of exoplanet Earth done by behavioral science, emerging PsyD candidates associated with universities both public and private both local and national, both big and small.

To build environment for AI thinking to see in syntax how “Sovietism” we have intered and how “Action Jackson” we are relative to “flipping green solutions in 3 years, when it we will need 4 years to complete.”

Physical working on physical using brain power and global team energy, minding literal deadlines, and solving major hurdles on time.

Abraham Boulder

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