Crredo genius of nation (white/black)

Critical mass slave Soviet nuclear fallout. Behavior. Big dick dumbo. Zero-brain dick. Macedonian ancient Greek tragedy of murder and suicides in essay-style writing. Vacuum pump eviscerating private, personal consciousness. Rhodes scholar IQ.

A stupid Soviet mobile program (black symbolism of totalitarianism) that doesn’t know that human life is valued as a platinum coin U.S. $1,000.00 and AI mobile tool is valued as a gold coin U.S. $100.00 real 2023 dollars.

Oh, and Human Command. Homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens) generations-to-come Destiny of psyche economy surplus, genius, white symbolism, constructive, limited black symbolism, some measure of health, positive psychology when necessary to avoid burn-out or total burn-out, and love. Mesopotamian fecundity and Destiny. 8 civilizations and world societies. And now the 9th.

Intellect intelligence, emotional intelligence, affect intelligence, spiritual intelligence, wisdom intelligence (wisdom that doesn’t put you to sleep; but instead, perks up your ears when discourse engaged in wisdom intelligence.)

Nasi. Balance. Equilibrium of supply and demand for price in human social contacts’ businesses’ markets.

A Supreme Divine for believers and followers that is prayed to for good things to happen, especially for those being good (despite moral variance). Of constructive effort, achievement, measure. Thus, Love

Love from up, above, and

Down, below,

Of two dimensions (reality) of material matter and energy.

Liberal political philosophy for individual rights. Conservative political philosophy for communitarian egalitarianism in food or clothes donations.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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