Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia

Mind is focus of (a) curiosity dynamic in animated style (b) creativity–animated dynamic, and (c) imagination–stupendously, illustriously animated dynamic

For “behold the child, in his/her infancy.”

So “I am, therefore I think.” -Anonymous

Because, if commonality/unity/identity of white Light of being is human singularity of love.

Then, “I am.”

Know, “I am.”

And “what Surrounds me (my environs)?”

Now “behold the World. what of It?” (Curiosity dynamic of the substance duality.)

Where does my neuro chemistry go when I enervate and learn from It? (Creativity/Insight dynamics). Do I know? Dual substance of creativity/Insight.

And how does the mind Be (I am) and be the Focus of the developing brain? (Very practical Imagination dynamic.)

Abraham Boulder.

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