Predators, Inc. (a behavioral science approach)

Pejorative cultists of homosexuals and death voodoo and death sorcery culture, and frequent murders.

The pejorative cult Incorporating a whole consciousness in Western society, but implementing world leadership role and two alien deities’ roles from around the world (north Middleast (Asia)), such that there is a breach of healthy boundaries of a DSM 4/5 psychiatric issue (not involving a diagnosable brain disorder from the DSM 4/5) by the world, whole consciousness perceived by Western psyches intuitively in, what is Western, private, personal unconsciousness by means of a common reserve that is called the common unconscious.

Psyche economy “deficit” in social psychiatry attempts to develop destruction of robust intellectual property formation and private experiential knowledge of a large group (greater than, say, twenty) in society’s psyche economy “surplus.”

It is a sibling problem of, say, unhealthy personal boundaries involving psyche economy “deficit” in whole consciousness. But it manifests in healthy, productive form. In social meta, psyche-economy “surplus” of the private, personal unconscious. grouped and labeled by his or her common unconscious and termed, “social psychiatry.”

An issue that is in individuals’ psyches as a social psychiatry, and hopefully acknowledged as,”psychiatric, meta, social consciousness*, and social brain”–each individual experiences group experience without one-on-one ESP dynamics.

Not destructive, when a form of synchronicity that usually threatens with affective-intelligence intrusion warrants “no concern” if it has no effects on disruption of billion-dollar transactions.

Lacking acceptable joshing content to ease tension (a possible “surplus” dynamic declined), these private matters entail serious head-to-head negotiations, in closed-door meetings. When actual intrusion dynamic of psyche-economy “deficit” warrants, by definition, concern because such psyche (not parapsyche) dynamics can have destructive, “effective” outcome.

The pejorative cult synchronizes as a totalitarianists, crowding out psyche-economy “surplus” milieu of multiple personages that normally results in a Medici affect of constructive materialism and meta quality experiential information and knowledge. Rewarding assets accumulating through meetings and discussions addressed and in agreement with business men and women.

Freelance organizations trying to do business as informants to governments, supply data that may be compromised and not honest, and, either illegally wiretapped and not informing the government of their dishonest methodology; or fabricated to seduce leaders into accepting their data without adequate, and thorough substantiation (preferably from different sources, preferably from different data points).

These freelancers (that include this pejorative cult) wants to blame government for illegal intrusions into the private sector, and interfering with trains of thought or experience, critical to the needs of constructive endeavor and achievement, involving business men and women hastened by green applied entrepreneurial economic demands, and economy of scale growth going on as industry in the private sector.

Civil government needs to govern the private sector, but not interfere, not dictate in private cognizance of the individual constituents’ internal affairs. And as a courtesy to foreign business men and women.

This dynamic filter (of “government-free”) results is supported by liberal poilitical philosophy (legal rights for individual constituents) and manifests in the constitutional law of “freedom from” (i.e., liberty); freedom to live and not be government sanctioned to an untimely death (i.e., right to life),; and the governments, that do not do away with (or destroy) individual material or intellectual property rights or the manifesting formation of these intellectual property rights (i.e., property rights) owned by the constutient and invoked by Article 14 of U.S. Constitution. (The rights of “life, liberty, property.”)

*derived intuitively in private, personal unconscious that receives social ideation from various reserves, mutually experienced venues (inclusive or exclusive), perceived as the “common unconscious” in a healthy psychiatric model of the social, imagined brain (a healthy at-large slice of societal experience for an individual. The person removes him- or herself from the venue and social reverie occurs in an “at-home” station.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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