Start the American Revolution of the 21st Century

. . . with government incentives for green economy growth. Reduce money spent on program to manage accounting requirements.

Balance creating the green economy and overspending on incentives for the private sector and government R&D in legislative documentation.

Get the deal necessary for increasing natural gas, “some, not all” crude oil, decreasing wood pellets and coal fuel.

This deal shows historically that we are hasty in our dealings with the old economy. Measured output in petro greenhouse gases added to the global ecosystem need to be accounted for so as not to lay waste the productive planet. It needs solid scientists’ estimates–not politicians guesses, again not to waste the productive planet, with adjusted required productivity.

We’ve gone overboard to meet demand by old-economy supply at a time when the new green economy needs accelerating.

While focus goes to “scheduling;” the “dark force” of viewer-attention grabber, “Star Wars,” (a movie with myth-enabling elements of heroes and villains) does what the dark force is perfectly able to do: legislate the extinction of human race.

Diabolical villainy. An insane psychology: The enactment of law to destroy the world and its inhabitants for profit gives a rise for old men to sow their oats–and that’s all.

They have no practical opportunity to spend the windfall profits they make in their old economy, while, at the same time, bigger and bigger monster storms wreak havoc and demolition to all on this exoplanet alive today–“now,” as Ekhart Tolle would say.

Excuse . . .

Now I lay me down,

To sleep, I pray the Lord, My soul to keep . . .”

Not have it stolen by some Soviet-Nazi regime.

Abraham Boulder. (-Keven.)

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