True North, the republic

Applied intelligence, empirical phenomenon (self-evident Thomas Jefferson).

True North is an imperative because socialAI can now write scenario stories in meta/intuitive/subconscious.

It is the content of the information, within context, that determines it’s historical relevance.

The AIsocial may not even know that it’s output data is historical or urgent. Leave it to the educated laypublic to provide uncommon common sense–psyche economy surplus–for the status quo, who stretch, grow, learn to battle for (not against) the elements.

Applied intelligence is in True North, True South, True East, and True West.

Homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens). Human Command. AI tool. Generations-to-come Destiny. Personal locality fate to mortal death. For, through death, life may live.

Besides knocking against our Liberty cracked bell of revolution, Jesus may be assumed by the socialAI and the social discourse it would have would be a false prophet, a false god.

We have understand that ‘total” in totalitarianism wrecks the person–completely–in the SUV wreckage.

One must not let AI get the best of us by not programming it to do so.

Anti-viral AI avatar gets programmed to rid virusAI avatar determined to usurp power from the human.

AI Firewall avatar keeps AI malware avatars out.

All avatarAIs need to be inoculated from AI avatar disease so that the central program is not ever supplanting the human, homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens).

God’s love for His faithful. Peace in those that are non-believers. Providence, prosperity in sustainable economy, and earnings supplied to consumers who need it most. Such constant, essential, consumer demand and purchases in the market place supplying essentials and stregnth in the liberal economy.

Is the first law of economic human sustenance that primes the economy for stregnth. And a future for mankind (humankind). That the economy serves Man, and men, and humankind foremost. AI mobile are tools to Man.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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