Adrenalin & carfinalyn.

A new world order of dead men they wish to make technologically alive.

Where hybrid bio person with 8 amphetamines and oxytocin blend was the start of “moving,” defined by Merriam Webster medical dictionary as “living.” But actually, is this medical life? Especially when some go and abuse finalyn or carfinalyn and adrenalin measured moderately for movement ability.

But what if they are actually, medically dead and the medical field is irresponsibly acting like voodoo doctors.

They keep the remains moving. What if who talks is really talking because of a metahuman rearing (which is aggressive anal feeling from human driver or pusher) and not the person in question? And the remains really are, only remains.

What if the ethics is against Christian and Judaic fundamental principles involving burying or cremating the dead?

When will the medical field quit getting so stoned on pharmaceuticals, and get back to the issue of: “what is or what is not.”

Let us be clear, we don’t want robotic thinking for ourselves, we want human interaction and alone time. We want to be clear and to the point of whatever we discuss in private. Privacy kept part of sacred home living (defending the home front) as a fundamental right. God Supreme, Divine, an option.

Quit trying to create “Superman” from nothing. Getting nothing from Western Civilization gives you only “the Buddha;” that is, you wind up with Eastern experience only. Let’s keep learning from Western textbooks.

Tech hybrid humanoid supposedly human evolved entails Russian philosophy of “nothing” and “sleaze is king.”

Ordained by the Soviet and Duma, the nothing tech hybrid humanoid has data on individual and specs relative to human personage and is ordained by Russia, by the Russian Pope, and Czar, as human spirit in machine or electronics or quantum physics as the next “human” form.

In the final analysis, this techno magic evolution is the work of cheese ball-eating computer programmers who tend to wear 450 lbs of fat-thinking bodies lacking in applied intelligence and; therefore, incapable of solving our problems. Suited for totalitarianist approach lacking in personal, private consciousness and therefore personal, private space. It is to demolish the human spirit, the human consciousness, the faith in a Holy Father, and attempt to destroy Blessed Eternity for believers from the ground up.

It is a heart abnormally large that persuades the bystander to join in it’s cause.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

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