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Applied Psyche Economy Deficit Intellect Social, Present

East Coast Data:  A lot of applied psyche deficit intellect social to what result?

Is this a “risk” factor, or is it, as they say, just unconscious matter that gets labeled “psychotic”?

Are these individuals and their private personal unconscious in need of psychoanalysts to group them for sanity in their lives and those around them?

Do they need correct scientific neurochemical medications?

These are a group or a bunch in society, and rarely do we speak of “street people,” except those of us who are savvy people.

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New Beginning

With the cover story of “the end” occurring in Scientific America, journalism has had a heyday in scaring the public. If we focus on accomplishing the bare minimum, and hope to invest in more of a future, we get away from the status quo scientist that says it can’t be done.

You know, no one ever could break the 4-minute mile; it couldn’t be done. They did it!

No one could ever fly, that didn’t stop the Wright Bros. from trying. They did it!

No one could ever go to the moon. It was Jules Verne that went there in fiction, and he found moon cheese! (just kidding! He did write about traveling to the moon, but no one had ever gone before . . . it was impossible!).
Well the USA did it!
Then Europe did it!
Now the People of China are doing it!

You can break out of an impasse in the 200+ years of continued existence, just watch how big a mess you make. Please.

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Obama gets congrats!

Congrats! to Obama for using an executive order not to allow coal-fired plants. Let’s see if “clean coal only” can be green enough for one coal-fired plant to exist!

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