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Balance the books.

6 trillion in debt.

How to pay off national debt?

Try selling New York City to Russia.

Maybe throw in Alaska.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

Open discussion. Open debate.

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We need a reminder

We are in a rush to get things done.

Remember, productive doesn’t mean profit–constructive means: profit!!

Abraham. -Keven.

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Lama nursery time again

CEO of well-known info corporation.

Ladling me up with scoops of nano poison and lama eggs feeds brain by surpassing brain membrane, or wonders if that is a concern.

Intricate snuff box mini mechanized applied technology used to atomize 10,000 times substance more potent than opium.

It’s simple. They are “destroying the world.” Hard to say if it’s true. Seems megainfluential.


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Slobs in Paradise

Wretched usage of nano urethra tubes from anus assholes dripping with feces and peppered with gangrene to place people whom have no national liabilities concerns.

In fact, being in constructive frame of mind against their sordid behaviors. their misappropiated funds, their insistence on the failure of this great nation and the world at-large.

Their defiance any level of decency–the indignant acts of madmen whose speaks “information frees our country.”

In the borders of this great nation, constituents are not “expendables,” homes are not secret prisons to mutilate human form, and society is not “the Big Prison” of Soviet enthusiastes.

I call on the honorable Inspector General to bring in these agents and directors who have been left out in the cold after a lifetime of service to this country.

And help gain good senses again by debriefing these men and women, having plied the madness of a world at-large in its insane efforts to rid us of our species, our homes, sacred holy places on Earth and every exoplanet we visit who gives us the freedom to plant a holy sanctuary of worship to constructive endeavors, constructive achievements and literal dead-lines to pushing the envelope of historical time to its limits for homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens in physical evolution and constructive virtue.

Abraham Boulder

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4 trillion for 1950 economy? This the 21st Cent. for God’s sake!

Keven. Abraham Boulder

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So as Lexington and Concord, so it is Renton, WA. 1 pandemic and 4 pandemics more.

Who does Phil sleep with that sleeps nightly with cadavers?

Can we afford the disease?

How big is the repository?


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So what’s up with the “hidden brain?”

In light of DSM-VI information is power.

Anti-social disorder with psychosis is a group disorder that communicates in the subconscious commons, the psyches’ reserve.

Symbolically, this “common unconscious” is a foci on the locus of the International Space Station, and, of course figurative symbolic archetypes of universal galaxies.

First, determined to be false as in statistical analysis where all beginnings of trials start at zero.

They incorporate linguistic content focused on “the destruction” of global society because group anti-social disorder is a psyche economy deficit; whereas, constructive endeavor, achievement, and meeting literal dead-lines, is action of people in psyche economy surplus.

The schedule or mission of the anti-social person often entrenched in 24-hour activism is to “end the species.”

Like a start-up, efforts within psyche economy surplus need a 24-hour clock and activism is commendable for constructive achievement (similar to Thomas Edison sleeping in his library at his shop when not working on his inventions).

Sleep is an imperative and family a plus.  Fighting social isolation when not in a pandemic relieves the critical need for Other and others.

Second rule states that “voice verification” on a phone aps is required for all command orders given over telecommunications.

If there is any hope of not getting communications crossed up, it takes voice verification on both ends, the sender’s and receiver’s end.

That assures constructive destructive is implemented, limiting destructive power except when in the area of probability of last and total final destruction.

If we don’t initiate an apocalyptic Armaggedon it is because (1) information is power (2) communication was successful.  (3) work was implemented on a 24-hour schedule (4) people worked while maintaining family and friends, and finally,

(5) Defense on practical matters secures the “private initiative” of at-home applied entrepreneuial economics of applied green sciences, applied green technologies and economies of scale necessary to exact reversal of our destructive tendencies and build a common destiny of generatons of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens to come.

Abraham Boulder

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Terrorist camp

With surgery to ruin man’s physique for sordid referencing against his heterosexuality by rogue Intel group promoting pandemic contagion. And perverse projected untrue labeling as misfit and gay.

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Lo! Behold. They think unethical events have no limits

Testing the field to see if Intel can get away with everything and anythng.

Case consider.

Done. Upshot: modus operandi of 30 to 3 million “Phil.” He volunteers to drive mother or child. Causes accident. Causes the loss of a victim’s hand.

May leave scene of accident with no clothes on and dislodged hand still on butt with finger up his butt resulting from an attempt with victim to engage in sex.

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Monthly mandatory allowance

Mitt Romney. the Republican party, and President Trump can rejoice over the monies that can be made available for affordability and survivability in a halted U.S. economy.

Liberal economic law exists with regard to the $1,000 per month Affordability Act to each and every person living in the U.S. borders.

The economic law states that “when funds are made available to the American public who need the money at a critical moment–which means the funding will be spent in its entirety each month by the American consumers, the influx of monies of monthly benefits, economically, is a huge shot in the arm for the  economy itself, especially it is true because the monies will be spent completely and go to food and vital services.

This is a tremendous advantage to play economically when the economy falters and needs to regain footing from the spread of the caronavirus worldwide.

Lower crime rates occur as a result of payments made to the needy population of this country.  Also stem the tide of beggars and rabblerousrs from “owning” the streets.

Funds made available would allow police to focus on major crime behaviors of criminal mentalities.

Petty thievery would happen less often. 

This monthly installment to personal finance could be extended to the exoplanet Earth’s green trade; applied entrepreneurial economy.

With renewables doting the landscape faster and faster, infrastructure develops a functionality of efficiency, known as “productivity.”

Abraham Boulder

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