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Addressing the higher forms of lobotomy

To narrowly exist in an ever more suffocating neurocranial asphyxiation promulgated by ever increasing technocrats of a algorythmic mania that more and more mirrors the remains of its cognitive faculties of a particular person who becomes more and more isolated in their own body and becomes less and less alive as an existing human entity–I think such a person has to say goodbye to themselves and if they believe, to their Creator whom would not speak highly of his human existence snuffed out by an evermore sophisticated mirror miming his movements and assuming to have his Vienna circle spirit but pulsing with anti-freeze and hydraulics and chattering teeth of superspeeded calculations that has an amazing calculus of analytical calculations, but lacking in breadth and depth of human judgment.

How we can shine on this glorious calculating machine and so forfeit our precious individual and our irrefutable ability for human judgment to chatter away in calculations, in short, and, in reality, having no ability whatsoever for conclusion and having not truly any ability to judge anything on a human level of progress.

Abraham Boulder.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

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What now?

Gotleib, Sydney of Poisoner-in-chief fame allegedly pulled out of grave to live Stages 1-9.

May be working concoctions to D.O.A. allegedly fellow Jews in a classical Jungian query, “Why do Jews kill their own.”

I’m not saying this is definitely happening but he may be taking his “medicine” home with him and trying it on me.

And it’s ideal to go call me a paranoid freak.

But when do you take this guy serious? And what do you expect, if this guy is living stages 4 through 9 of living (death).

What do you expect from a guy that wants more people to join him stages 1 through 9 of living (death).

I’ll see if I get to live.

PCB seems to have died for the fifth time. So who’s upstairs now? And what’s Wig-wam doing going after me too?

Abraham Boulder.

P.S. if I know my brother’s butthole and how he gets info from it–stealing info even for Ph.D.: his cannabis trips would be with Sidney and the Nazi chemists and Stalinist chemists who are now “mailing information” to America subconscious in psyche economy deficit to preach the destruction of the United States from the central intelligence labs.

Of course, you don’t know if anybody is serious about taking the U.S. down and how much money they are going to get for doing so?

But I think the thought processes are a bit too creepy and certainly keeps me away from cannabis use!


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Is it possible?

Human host to lamas and rodents that have their own agendas and hide in high places (as in Intel officials) whom, by the way, 100% filthy due to investigating cadavers once the person expires looking for clues and “mating” in a sense with all this filth.

It’s a superfund site upstairs and the filth is absolutely tremendous.

Ask the neurohermenistically by addressing them as “human host species” and they answer.

Possible India-China connection to end human life on exoplanet Earth.

It’s Earth with a capital E, because these guys are earth, filth, dirt, and soil and interconnect by mating and possibly viral “string” instruction from string theory environment and possible alien viral, anti-human earth development on exoplanet Earth.

It’s sources are Asia, Central and South America and Africa.

Since this includes India and China, it must include Russia as well, especially because the weather has gotten hot in Siberia. Therefore, the “human host species” possibly migrates seasonally.

As of now, I don’t think they are born that way. Develops at 18 and later including senior years.

Labs may exist to try to succeed to make them borne at birth instead of starting to develop at 18 years old human host species.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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The Washington Post: Opinion | The hidden, ugly truth behind Joe Manchin’s stance on BBB’s climate provisions

The Washington Post: Opinion | The hidden, ugly truth behind Joe Manchin’s stance on BBB’s climate provisions.

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Problems with fill

Fill-up of put-in-the-rear fame keeps threatening me with a loaded gun. He tore out partially a wall near the kitchen and gave the residents a big television set to look at me with cam cameras pointed at me next door.

He’s trained the people in that condo unit to point loaded guns at me in order to entrap them and send them off to prison.

I want fill-up out of this area for good and the neighbors to put the guns away and use them correctly only. You don’t assault people even through walls. I can feel a loaded gun on me. It feels very sharp. Live nano particles get discharged. Check with 21st Century physicist who knows the nature of nano particles and check with gun aficionados to find out if they know people that can feel when they have been targeted for a kill with a loaded gun.

What they’re doing is completely illegal and I want fill-up held responsible for training and giving at least one of the guns for assault training against a constituent (I) who legally applies the Washington State constitution and U.S. Constitution to respectfully be acknowledged as law abiding and the laws of this land in Washington and Washington D.C. apply to me based on my U.S. citizenry, my equal rights as an honorably discharged American veteran to life, liberty, and property, Article 14 of Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution.

To continue to toot my horn, I received a good conduct medal for my service in the U.S. Air Force and my record can be verified. I am well situated after 10 years ago from some incident occurring.

Amendment 8 I believe of the Bill of Rights states that a constituent does not receive [unfair] punishment [unless] judged and convicted and ordered to serve out their sentence by the court.

I have not lost my citizenry, I am a constituent; my record is now a good record, I want to be given the respectful assent of a law abiding citizen and any form of torture, be it chemical agents, bio agents, or radioactive material stop being applied to me by gravity feed from upstairs or from any angle of the walls, above where they have no floor and below in a dirt compound also used for torture techniques using bio/chem/radiation.

What fill has created is a form of terrorism, both illegal and something for the authorities to oppose.

12:48 am – nonstop specific torture locations at right eyeball and attempt to rear me with nano straw.

1:42 am – acid release attempt through rail gun of nano tube to effect an acid hole in my head with a so-called, “p-stream” for a kill.

Dec. 20, 4:37 pm loaded gun on head twice from above.

Dec. 21, midnight – bullet spray through head. I believe it is fill-up.

Dec. 21, 12:02 am – possible different bullet pointed at my head with a wide spread of the bullet that did not discharge but by the cam cameras upstairs and in my home I believe you can determine that he assaulted me with a deadly weapon.

Dec. 23, 12:30 am – 5 shots to the head via worn glass ceiling; junior participating: presume he is Level 3-9, living.

Dec. 23, 10:45 am – five shots to same side of head with small gun. Maybe wearing an Air Force uniform. Disgrace to wearing the uniform. Dishonorable behavior. Self-radicalization. Extremist ACTIVITY/ACTIONS.

Abraham Boulder. -“Keven.”

Dec. 24 12:39 am – shot in head from behind through wall the “day before christ was born.” In kitchen. Is this a CEO of a major software company? Are PCB and Wig-wam dead? Are they only computer programs of personality extremes?

Jan. 3, 12:30 am – p-stream acid on head.

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Human singularity: focus constructive.

Anabolic action and feelings from prayer to the only one Divine of constructive intent, striving, achievements; and literal deadlines met.

Coupled with 5 senses physical.

Constructive love instead of destructive hate.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Partial quote and intelligences to round out resilience.

” . . .with various effective “hats” of the evolutionary or revolutionary charge.”

“6 intelligences: intellect intelligence, IQ; affective intelligence, AI (heard in the inflections and accents within sentence construction and communication); emotional intelligence, EQ; ecological intelligence, EcoQ; spiritual intelligence, SQ (values and meaning); wisdom intelligence, WQ (what words stands the test of time and what applies in communication to homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens))”

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Check what you need now.

Government isn’t only source of capital.

Venture capitalists, angel venturists, and crowdsourcing and donations show varied means to money.

Business plans on what venture capitalists are looking for in investing will put you on track to the right business to plan.

Search for crowdsourcing interests and try driving interest for a business you have in mind. This is an internet phenomenon and involves small and abundant or plentiful investors.

Key is to electrify business plans that appeal to essential work that the small investor would want to invest in these green required times.

Your accounting should be a strong suit with good or excellent software to make it easy maintenance. DOUBLE ENYRY.

Chicago may have a software company that accounts using double entry system. This way what money goes for purchasing assets gets accounted for as also expenses. And acquired revenues are income receivable are also recorded in appropriate accounts payable to balance out accounts.

The software also gives formal accounting statements to show health of the business.

General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is the accounting system that uses the accounting methodology used. Seek this GAAP system in computer software.

Good luck.


Abraham Boulder

Plans should be professionally printed. A new college grad can help you make it look business professional.

Presentation of business plan can be crisp and sharp with tools in Office 360, WordPerfect suite or Ami Pro.

It’s possible that emphasis would not be on presenting slides.

A professional business proposal will be what’s wanted.

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