Addressing the higher forms of lobotomy

To narrowly exist in an ever more suffocating neurocranial asphyxiation promulgated by ever increasing technocrats of a algorythmic mania that more and more mirrors the remains of its cognitive faculties of a particular person who becomes more and more isolated in their own body and becomes less and less alive as an existing human entity–I think such a person has to say goodbye to themselves and if they believe, to their Creator whom would not speak highly of his human existence snuffed out by an evermore sophisticated mirror miming his movements and assuming to have his Vienna circle spirit but pulsing with anti-freeze and hydraulics and chattering teeth of superspeeded calculations that has an amazing calculus of analytical calculations, but lacking in breadth and depth of human judgment.

How we can shine on this glorious calculating machine and so forfeit our precious individual and our irrefutable ability for human judgment to chatter away in calculations, in short, and, in reality, having no ability whatsoever for conclusion and having not truly any ability to judge anything on a human level of progress.

Abraham Boulder.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

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