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Idea quanta is twists and turns, as well as different size string vibrating in order for consonance, harmony, and balance with also, discordance, on the development of matter and emergence of creative feedback after a long, 2 billion years of simple organisms.

Hence, vivaciousness was borne, with zeal struck matter with ideas originating from motion of string in string theory.

Life begets meaning via a feedback loop. Not meaning begets life.

Not intelligent design, but intelligence derived from evolution.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Idea quanta series of waves – 11/26/18.

Flow like Irisis in mountain air, wave after 🌊 wave.

Wave, singular, this way and that.

For two billion years simple organisms busied themselves upon the exoplanet Earth.

And string in string theory complemented with singular waves that moved over the organism in hills and vales.

Then a twist in a string “read” as something, strings strum in atmospheric orchestration.

Feedback loops yield waves of meaning.forming idea quanta string twisted forms and oscillations.

More data to work with. More genuflections. Higher forms of life appear. Virome have their say, speeding evolution on it’s way.

Life begets meaning via a feedback loop. Not meaning begets life.

–Keven. Abraham Boulder

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Beliefs are legitimate action.

Whether God exists is in an actual sense: irrelevant.

What matters is if there is something you believe in. It’s belief, faith that gives you “your own” something to follow, something that can pull you along.

Be it family, or that twinkle in the sky. Bottom line is that what actually occurs is applied behavioral science.

You can get billions of people to do constructive things for themselves with laws allowing this type of freedom. And a liberal economy that “your own me” does not destroy the species, or community life of homo sapiens sapiens via a constructive, durable belief system.

The finishing line–is in twelve years. Go active.

Abraham Boulder

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Post-Enlightenment revolution requires end to overthinking; spirit, Required learning. Better Understanding of ourselves. Stop. Let live. Adapt. R&R. And good luck.

Revolution uses language for purpose, function, and results. It is the Command in cognitive faculties and the human command of AI.

Computer singularity was meant to be enslavement; instead, AI Tool reduces complexity into understandable segments for the human creature, (the homo sapiens sapiens cerebrum and universal planetary cerebellum), advancing in wisdom intelligence, WQ (wisdom, per se puts the person to sleep–wisdom intelligence grabs him by the collar and says, “this is absolutely necessary that you listen: as it is'”).

Affective intelligence like reason is an aspect of spirit (extended Gassendi paraphrase).

Emotional intelligence needs to be taken off the shelves as schizophrenia of emotional bursts. Full expression (broad spectrum) needs to be fully studied rather than left as a neuroses or depression.

If you have a hard time in it’s comprehension, do take your time to read available literature on emotional intelligence, and also take the time to learn it’s broad spectrum.

Such an endeavor would increase understanding the human condition immeasurably (ironically, literally, “measurably,” as effect, quantifiable, perceptively, at length–lengthy descriptors of differential adjectives ethics technology of a value index -1 to zero as destructive capacity, and zero to +1 as constructive capacity values correct supported by Earth scientific facts.

Negative one is “nuclear winter.

Positive one is human singularity as an atheist or believer in a constructive, good and great God within, human command of AI Tool with opposable thumbs for tool handling.

IQ has it’s intellectual prowess, but the ego steeped in it always wants to use too much of this type of intelligence, and; thereby, overuse their own ego, and not stop using IQ “’till all are dead!”

Abraham Boulder

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Assaults from a lunatic

If ever the story of assisted care was to be shown in correct context, it would astound the public in how, direct contact with a derelict and criminal via defaming torts proceeded by the hands of PCB, whom having been exposed to sand painting uses an agile hand to place bugs in my Iris and acid in my pupil.

Put nano concrete into my brain (some sort of nano sedimentation into the brain) via gravity from the above unit whose floor is missing and acting terrorists terrorizing occurs through my ceiling.

It can’t be good. A stroke lusted for, I imagine.

Extreme invalidation to make me property of the state. First in totalitarianism to include all populations. All populations. All minds.  Efforts to make all oblivious of sha-nan-a-gans going on.

But profit incentive to pawn me off to the lowest bidder to seize my benefit monies.

But mind you–he does it with the Soviet–intellectual cobwebs of emptied craniums with a mouse and a rat in it’s quarters.  Empty quarters, in other words, where once lie legitimate descrimination in keen observation (the other definition of clairvoyance).

A position of intellectual depravity, and disgusting Aryan and Nazi clairvoyance whose sorcery and occult has sex with dead people and extensive communication (as one definition states) with the dead.

Thomas Paine, in Common Sense made it clear that each generation takes it upon themselves to government for exoplanet living and honors and memorials get erected, but government serves the living idealized to a broad spectrum of class ventures.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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PCB is murdering me with snakes that take off human limbs and heads. Wig-wam present, Aircraft commadant that kills animals out of season and allegedly rapes many, many women.

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scupper2 /ˈskəpər, ˈskəpər /

▸ verb [with object] chiefly British sink (a ship or its crew) deliberately.
▪ informal prevent from working or succeeding; thwart:
plans for a casino were scuppered by a public inquiry.
– ORIGIN late 19th century (as military slang in the sense ‘kill, especially in an ambush’): of unknown origin. The sense ‘sink’ dates from the 1970s.

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What kind of country we have, anyway?

When someone can contract a dreaded disease from Dept. of Defense/China at the University of.Washington to kill 100,000.

Then give children arsenic on the lips until they die. Then give sulfuric acid straight up, bubbling to delight this sorcerer who then has the kids lungs burned out by the sulfuric acid gas.

Then he tears the children a part and throws some cranium broken brain matter at me from the unit above that contain viral substances meant to represent placing dark and ugly goeey substances of pure mystery on my person.

One wonders how he gets away with this at a time when we need more accounting for what’s the correct thing to do instead of just what feels good to be the right, the wrong (both) thing to do.

Abraham Boulder

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Can this be true?

In solitude, my psyche economy surplus of imagined discussions with other person’s, “shake” my hand on my constructive philosophy of post-Enlightenment reality post-dating post-modern subversive arguments to reality, who claims victory in a catcall; as well as lies implemented in the age of Straussian philosophy.

It touches personal memories because previous family from back East is involved in claiming victory in post-modern perversion against democracy and liberal economics.

It should suffice that socialist communists brought us unions, and even influenced Republican President Nixon to make provision for unemployment benefits for those laid off from work.

It’s fair to say the Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt led in discovering answers to the pernicious effect of a depression upon this nation and the world.

Let it be known that he was president or President President Truman soon after that a Marshall Plan was implemented to rebuild Germany and Japan, and the same thing can occur should there be a world-wide depression or great recession.

Where President Nixon went ahead to get us off the gold standard to belabor liberal economics as a working system that is reliable, a Marshall Plan II can serve to implement new green industry with research and development on the fly for purchasing state-of-art applied technologies to solve our present ecoequilibrium problem for the next 12 years.

The amount of work necessary means jobs, jobs, jobs in a planned program satisfying Socialist communists, Democrats, Republicans and Fascists alike.

The money seems to exist but supporting action by President Nixon who took us completely off the gold standard, Fort Knox gold can be used to reengineer liberal economics for this new century and beyond.

It is with the above mentioned information that I await the possible summons to mental health board of Washington State Court House in the obvious post-modern alleged activity of subversion by a board member “against the private initiative” to get to the bottom of this ecoequilibrium exoplanet problem. And secure the world for generations’ to come, and continue exploring the moon(s) and Mars and beyond.

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Aware that the Beginning is NOW!

“God is the self-awareness inherent in the cosmos to the intuitive scientist.”*

Is it a mirror; and are we aware how embedded we are, our intimacy is broad and complete with the subparticle physics to the universe?

That human singularity, like the economy of India may have a focus prayer to the “pragmatic diety of creation” as the “only one God” in order to stifle dieties, destructive by the tens of thousands whose saliency is of such a degree that the ackowledged forms are recognized destructive dieties instead of lesser forms of demons in a worker’s awareness.

The human singularity is a form of serenity, resilience and focus on worker’s trade or as equipment adjustor of machines and robots for very, very high productivity.

Such affective intelligence by self-awareness effects the bottom line to the trillion dollars mark each day.

What about self-awareness? One-sixth of Carl Jung description of personality.

Considered role of “prophet of Israel in Western Civilization.”


“Civilization over, finished philosophically. Emphasize rebuilding global civilization and world societies whose philosophy must be the psychology “to win” against apparently insurmiubtable odds of dormant fat butt cheeks in the derriere department.

“Ten year schedule. Private initiative vs. China’s government battling air pollution.

“You need me to establish the mindset of a paradigm to be shifted to solving divergent problems–in talk.

“Yeah! We can do it. Why care? Because if you don’t, it doesn’t matter to you anyway. So that leaves those who are hungry to work in the “green” field.

“Environmental consulting firms are notorious for pleasing government that is irresponsible.

“Mavericks must take on “sleaze” and prove themselves capable of scheduling a final hour when all achieved ecoequilibrium with this exoplanet coincides with human results. Their integrity at work can seal the human endeavor on the level of a NASA, but like Moody’s can be private and can participate in the process and build a reputation of doing things “correctly” and solved by divergent multiple answers; non linear thinking and applying a “flux” or “plasma” drive on priorities, so what gets done first can pivot in case we are out of sequence.”

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

“We are here to build the pyramids in this new global civilization and societies.”


*Copyright © 2005, 2016 by Śankara Śaranam First BenBella Books Edition May 2008 Tenth Anniversary Edition January 2016

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