Assaults from a lunatic

If ever the story of assisted care was to be shown in correct context, it would astound the public in how, direct contact with a derelict and criminal via defaming torts proceeded by the hands of PCB, whom having been exposed to sand painting uses an agile hand to place bugs in my Iris and acid in my pupil.

Put nano concrete into my brain (some sort of nano sedimentation into the brain) via gravity from the above unit whose floor is missing and acting terrorists terrorizing occurs through my ceiling.

It can’t be good. A stroke lusted for, I imagine.

Extreme invalidation to make me property of the state. First in totalitarianism to include all populations. All populations. All minds.  Efforts to make all oblivious of sha-nan-a-gans going on.

But profit incentive to pawn me off to the lowest bidder to seize my benefit monies.

But mind you–he does it with the Soviet–intellectual cobwebs of emptied craniums with a mouse and a rat in it’s quarters.  Empty quarters, in other words, where once lie legitimate descrimination in keen observation (the other definition of clairvoyance).

A position of intellectual depravity, and disgusting Aryan and Nazi clairvoyance whose sorcery and occult has sex with dead people and extensive communication (as one definition states) with the dead.

Thomas Paine, in Common Sense made it clear that each generation takes it upon themselves to government for exoplanet living and honors and memorials get erected, but government serves the living idealized to a broad spectrum of class ventures.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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