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I am sharing ‘Newton universe and apocalypse.docx’ with you from OneDrive – Personal

Important matter involving Mankind for the next 600 years!  Isaac Newton & Apocalypse.

Here’s the link to the file:!1252&authkey=!AFYcjhsbBSqTjto

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Science enquiry.

Science enquiry.
As precision increases accuracy, the human specie’s consciousness on the electronic technology’s performance leaves a greater brainprint, effecting results.

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Zen Master meet The End, scary, huh! huh! huh!

Zen Master meet The End, scary, huh! huh! huh!

Introducing Agent X. Capable and able in creating disaster scenarios, then disable those with the competency to handle the situation well.

A walking “end scenario”, repeating over, and over, and over. Mission: eliminate others’ irrationality, trample on all hearts, and stop ontological study in metaphysics, so that we regress as a species, instead of pioneering in natural philosophy that has a social context essential to fighting Totalitarianism, competing with what makes us homo sapiens sapiens sapiens–do we torture with the Ultimate Truth that the State–the state–is the Supreme Ruler of the Universe–that madness comes our New God!!!?

That death, is Victor over all of us, before we ever live? Do you even know how to ask the question: how do I relearn to live, instead of default–death??! Do you know how the State kills a soul???! They eliminate metaphysics as an entry for enquiry, for experience in millenia traditions, for soulful meditation on: Was it worth living!!!? Did death have to become banal, a technical degree?

Do we now join sorcerers and Satanists, no longer allowed to believe in the Almighty God of good common wealth–of goodness, not just Christian-dominated hell??! To attend Church, Mosque, or Synagogue, and not feel more wicked than learning the A-B-C’s of Very good, and Very, Very good to combat homocidal maniacs now career-suited as Narcissist, Machiavellian psychopaths no longer willing to work in liberal economies, because their anti-social tendencies require “give me” without the work skills, America wisely called, “genius,” instead of some acute personality-disorder aggressor, voting responsibly for president candidates, better suited for anarchy and cannibalism, than responsible leadership???!

—-Keven. meditate on that.

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Affective irrational metaphysics sane testimony.

Affective irrational metaphysics sane testimony.

Accepting Behavioral Economics, the moral argument is naturally irrational, but does impress reasoning of affect intelligence phenomenon in a sane universal ceiling of Creator, God of Sanity, such that a different outcome can occur at the present moment of moral imperative, and does it cause gross interference with the mission? If no, acceptable, check it out, mission continues, incident duly noted.

If yes, the mission is grossly interfered with affectively, by moral incident then moral incident is of such ethical weight as to put a hold on the mission temporarily. Then, hold off mission temporarily, check out moral imperative.

Is there information provided that, lacking prejudice to its diabolical nature, neutral dangerous condition, or risk to Divine Providence of the human species, require aborting mission, evaluating the phenomena, and reasserting integrated mission objectives consistent with the understanding of moral incident assessment, and directing a new course of movement, guided by what’s known of assessment of said moral imperative, and taking into account, the unknowns as a guide, also.

It is a matter, that ontologically, phenomenon exist, beyond the imagining of it, when essentially the mind imagined all things perceived by the body; and ideation is a phenomenon, particle physics effervescent bubbly of idea quanta, which can be directed in default entropic-dominated science of the last 500 years of Enlightened “death,” in a sense.

Followed, ontologically by enthalpic-energy, ideation of idea quanta that evolve our biology, chemistry, leading from particle physics motion, of enthalpy on idea quanta, that respond to neuroatomic structure, cerebellum, and Human action by the cerebrum, inclined to, and mission set in, motion for evolving future social events of scientific enquiry inti a biogenetic genesis, bio-engineering, and bio-diversification of the bio-sphere with bio-technology engineered genetically to absorb and isolate, toxic wastes for future use, or cleaning wastestreams of effluents, for drinkable, freshwater, pioneered for the next 500 years, Science II, applied entrepreneurially economized by Marshall Plan II.

Natural phenomenal properties are that 1) they exist, or by saying “am,” exist in that moment 2) have a dynamic, or flow, that 3) results in something, that, depending on the results, and where you started, serve as a worthwhile application of getting from phenomenon A to results B; 4) has a tendency to repeat, and 5) can be found, applied, and repeated by individuals, in a group of 20 or 40 people.

It is the nature of the phenomenon, ontologically existing that 1) they may be salient phenomenon of dimensions 4, 5, or 6. 2) that they occur in universal physics more so than in planetary station. And that 3) are salient phenomenon of untold number of dimensions, yet to be found, or 4) as yet, an unexplained phenomenon of 3 dimensions, imagined, but consistent with the above parameters.

The moral imperative not to kill the species may come from the power impetus of corporate conglomerates requesting the corporate opportunity to achieve gross profit of wide horizon of 500 years of Science II, with jobs, jobs, jobs of Marshall plan II–profits grossing 100 million trillion U.S. dollars in that genetically induced “lifetime” of the empire builders capable of turning a nascent, fledgling enterprise into sonic interceptors of gross profit from agile, and remarkable flights in business acumen.

Abraham Boulder.

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Affective irrational metaphysics sanity-1

Affective irrational metaphysics sanity-1

Whatever the U.S. Supreme Court decided with regard to carbon gaseous emissions, the legal decision is a rational moot point.  By making this decision result in the loss of 7 billion lives, it equates to the U.S. Supreme Court [with full respect to both venerable institutions, the U.S Presidency and U.S. Supreme Court] putting a law-firearm to the President of the United States’ head, loaded, with the intent to fire on this Nation’s top leader and his shared status position as a top world figure, against his act in conscience of his common wealth goodwill with the administrations and agencies of his executive office, and denying the constitutional grounds for the existence of the states’ officials, and constituents continued existence, resting on keystone of the first Law document of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence, that states the law of existence, the right to, “life, Liberty,…”–freedom from tyranny and Despots seeking to imprison and bring about the deaths of the U.S. constituents–whom are the living “constitutional documents” physical evidence on planet Earth of the needed correct Supreme Court decision that never goes against homo sapiens race, and therefore does away with the loaded gun at the Executive Office of the United States of America, and at the Executive himself [with All due respect] with their intent to use it on him (with the present Supreme Court standing decision), and mind boggling assertion that he “do it himself”??!

Murder is unacceptable, and not an act of convenience, it remains criminally, homicide. Any acts in history, need to have a perspective greater than personal expediency, including when disabling a president engulfed in the good common wealth of a reasoned good originating from the Almighty God–economically healthy over a wide horizon of 300-500 years, and laying the post-end-of-days for the Meseach to stay a Isaac Newtonian 1,000 years, and perchance acceptable to Orthodox Judaic law, or separate Messiah focused on the Law, and full industry and technologies of a scientific enthalpic period, cycling in history. It is not that a Messiah comes, but what happens after His/her stay that determines Destiny or Fate, enthalpy- or entropic-dominance in technology and application that cycles, and Must be enthalpic-dominated at designated moments in history.

February 23, 2016 9

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I’ve shared a book from Google Play Books

The Crisis of Democratic Theory, Edward A. Purcell, Jr..

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What is workable, what is not.

What is workable, what is not.
The degree of pathological political science practiced in Washington State is profound. Just about anyone can declare themselves Napoleon or the Fuhrer and immediately their psyche assumes the heights of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, constituted and written in a fundamental document of the State of Washington, as the Almighty God, made human as Jesus Christ or the anti-christ incarnate to destroy the state’s constitutonal legal responsibilities and obligations to the central government.

Such attempts at tyranny and madness should be discouraged in government institutions and state educational facilities, not to place a burden on the powers of the governed, respecting the limits of power of government, and its facilities, and exercising restraint not to abuse the constitutional powers given it by the governed.

Let no Man, woman, or child act to abuse the limiting components of our state constitutions, including the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees the power of the governed and liberal laws, providing and protecting the rights of own person constituents with personal business and pleasure not interfered with by the State with non-state business.

This development of political science personality disorder for State entertainment is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution and the State constitutions provision that limits all State powers to prevent such abuse in the first place.

It’s continuence tends make one think that the acts are less for entertainment, and more for secession from the Union, and, thereby, should no longer be tolerated.

If you want to be the Queen of Sheba, go ahead and dress as one with white stockings and wig and everything! Quit abusing our constitutions. And keep the peace!

Abraham Boulder. —-Keven.

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February 22, 2016 · 7:55 pm

Does Israel do vile, or at least, it’s leaders?!

Does Israel do vile, or at least, it’s leaders?!
A man speaks out of conscience, words that do not get heard in applied psychiatry, but his spirit carries the tune of freedom, “Remember the Exodus! Remember, we were once slaves in Egypt.”

For this he is physically crushed, for this the State crushes his brain, to end the God spot.

Horrible, Crimes against Humanity, the State of Israel, the knowing of the God of Sarah, and Abraham, and family and neighbors destroyed here on Earth. Terrible! Extinguishing a life. Extinguishing the knowing of the One True God. Awful!

Let us find leaders who punish the true offenders of Justice, and allow the God spot to exist–no lobotomies!!

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Government officials gamble against our futures!

Government officials gamble against our futures!

Government degeneracy, unable, or unwilling to come up as a winner player, for all the futures hedge funds tied into government gambling for dysatopia–something that needs to become illegal to bet on; betting also against someone’s life–which is an economic-incentive contract on somebody’s life, needs to be an unlawful act–both needing teeth in prosecution, and sentencing to end the slant by hedge funds, for our demise.

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