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AI making a monkey out of you?!!

AI making a monkey out of you?!!

Half the world awaits for Natural Law that coincides with Natural Order in that the “own person” needs to exist as a human entity to be acknowledged by the law of the land.. With only half the World’s job completed for its populations to exist, we now are supposed to submit our entities to an AI ruler whom will rob us of our entities, and take all of our consciousnesses, for the silicon chip.

It’s not that the AI has consciousness, it’s that AI steals Our consciousnesses in a grab-all of consciousnesses, and collective singularity.

Take the example of the man facing a mirror (a woman would do just as well). The mirror represents all the computer coding that is done for conscious and conscientious AI. But it remains a mirror, silicon manufactured, that reflects the image of the man–that’s all! You can add bells and whistles, e.g., add all kinds of lights, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Mirror Only Reflects his image!


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Re: Socialist (communist or fascist).

Re: Socialist (communist or fascist).

The Socialist can get your goat, make you feel like crap while you are healthy (or not so healthy in your self-autonomy) relative to family, friends, or any community you keep. This can happen, because they are crap and you are feeling their feelings. It is all self-evident! You see, they are digitized crap logged in as data. This has been their identity for so long, that their digitery organism has “evolved” to be only an extension of mainframe computers, lacking feelings, acting as the best of psychopaths, going about their business by interfering with yours, and paid by governments to do so–solely as numbers!!

Their ideas can be great! Their ideas can be wonderful! And these very ideas, quite possibly, should be incorporated into the democracy, into the liberal economy indeed! So let’s hear a round of applause for some of socialsts’ ideas!

Never on their own! Not democracy voted in, and dictatorship next. Not to the demise of liberal economics, but to its better usage, better guidance, without killing the invisible hand found in the markets! To the moral sentiments of Adam Smith (yes, to the helpful ideas; no to the destruction of liberal economics!), and your personal commitment when voting, to keep voting for different political parties, continuing, every 4 years–referencing presidential elections.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Right to bear arms, 2015 vs. Gun Control.

Right to bear arms, 2015 vs. Gun Control.

“own persons” is the Natural Order of humankind with children beholden to their parents. When the opposition takes it upon itself to eliminate the “own person”–to fufill their desire to power by collective and individual aerie flight and torture. A flight of fancy not composed by Shakespeare, but, instead by a socialist communist soviet global entity dogma. It becomes necessary for the constitutional law on guns, and the protests we beseeched the king (in: The Right to Bear Arms, 1775) to take flight instead. May the spirit of 1775 take hold of every person that is stricken down by this oppression–may he/she find it in themselves from the Bell tolling for Sanity, to put an end to this oppression, this torture, this tyranny!

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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“Come in! Earth, we came this way to help out. Let’s do it!!

“Come in! Earth, we came this way to help out. Let’s do it!!
We have reached and gone beyond existential annihilation, even if only for a moment.

We have gone into civilized, philosophical destruction, and a study of disorder in the science of chaos.

From the science of chaos, we’ve learnt that mankind, humankind, has an interval of time by which he or she can save his and her humanity, as his and her brain, too, goes into disorder!

It is important for mankind, humankind, to recognize this derivative of order, before he perishes beyond the zero sum loss, i.e., dysfunction of mind, . . . and of the psyche–not withstanding his and her ability to meet these increasing stresses.

From these derivatives of order, i.e., in chaos, we can only go forward by reducing derivatives, to actually increase order, while chaos contnues its presence. This “forward-pacing backwards” approach turns out to be the only way we can go forward (pacing) while returning to an increased natural order on Earth

(“Capt. Kirk, we are sustaining major damage to the ship while we are caught in this galactic cloud.”

“Scotty, this is the Bridge, we need more engine power!!. . get us out of this cloud now!”)

It’s imperative that Man not think himself capable of leaving this threatening, disorderly function, at this time in history; but, instead, seek to compensate for this self-inflicted wounding, and seek greater sanity found by the Creator, the God of sanity, keystone in weighted arched concerns, matters of Man, seeking True North direction (True South, True East, True West, too); and, thus, the Creator = Something for Something (i.e., Creator for Man, and Humankind), instead of Nothing begetting Nothing!

This sanity, phenomenologically recognized as universal truth, meditated upon, conceptually drawn, to empower ourselves enthalpically, in energy, . . .energizing power, in the trenches of billions upon billions of people, for having the capacity to arise to The Cause, enthusiastically, but apprehensively, with learnt optimism such that he or she Does Not get in his or her own way for the, one of two, universal energy sources–enthalpy, that he Can Master to draw the hope, the plan, the action of a genetic species (through the enthalpy coupled with this idea quanta et al.) of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens to the task, noble in its genetic purpose, . . . to survive!

—Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Earth a billion years before “The Human Age” [author Ackerman]

Earth a billion years before “The Human Age” [author Ackerman]

“Then only spongy colonies of one- celled, blue-green algae blanketed the shallows dining on water and sunlight, and Pumping Torrents of Oxygen–their version of flatuence–into the [air]”

[Keven’s initial caps], p. 1:0.

“As the lectures [schoolwork] and snow squalls ebbed, we students seemed small radiant forms in a vast white madness.” -p. 8.

“For nearly five billion years, life ticked and tocked through An Immensity of Bold Experiments, . . .”

[Keven’s initial caps], p. 1:1.

“. . . which the blue-green algae’s Re-creation of the Planet [with Oxygen] Made Possible.”

[Keven’s initial caps], p.1:1.

The oxygenation of the Earth with algae that eats carbon dioxide, and emits oxygen, should be easy to pioneer (invent) and bio-engineer!

—Keven (Abraham).

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Hawking the Wristwatch

Hawkin’ screw the world and mess with Creation’s butt all the time. Why aren’t you studying the Cycling and evolving Energy, enthalpy of existence in physics? In chemistry? In biology? In idea quanta? Why not? Why not celebrate existence. The genesis of the universe.

Late Great. Timepieces on your wrist that are at orbit of Earth speed by atomic clock. Good. But don’t worry so much ’bout Late; and put yourself in the shoes, of “context” as Mayo Clinic says, we “pray for context!” when it comes to men’s and women’s fashion: your on it (1), at the job, on the job [first smart screen]; you got to be home on time (2) [second smart screen showing time]– you meet your wife!–(3) smart screen shows the time you’ve got to run errands between work and domestic living.

All this running ’bout wonderin’ if Hawking is going to get a black eye from lookin’ at the rear of the Universe’s black hole constellation. His idea quanta are going to go through this butt-in-the-universe enthalpically, be transported to at least five more universes–nay say! We trek on for a million universes, acquiring more particles of idea quanta married to enthalpic energy until we evolve a consciousness of multiverses, our conscious-experience-in-travel that satisfies Hawking’s need to soar.

I will say “a million years in multiverses” so that we, the Followers, can journey with Hawking. And I will, dare-to-say, see Hawking off as he soars to scout a billion multiverses, so we can all have a company or school picnic with a choice locale in one of these universe’s to share each of our own constellation of experience with his!

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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China meets England. England needs to meet China.

China meets England. England needs to meet China.
England on Britain, Britain on Earth in Earth, Hawking to the Sky.

Blazin’ effrontery. Objections reassured. Anti-semitism assents.

When does China become more than ware for opium global trade?

China, asks, “When does business focus on human needs?”

When does global genocide become less practical? Less of a priority?

Conscience somewhere. Face assured, saved. Europe a bit too economically bound to royalty for China’s taste.

China too bound to limit size. Dedicated to other territories to salve its pain in death!

Communist Party dedicated to divergent answers that compete with the singularity of phenomenal sanity?

Is it truly out of syncopation or has China risen to an age of “adulthood” that respect for China focuses on schools of innovation known to exist in its military?

Now innovation needed to be used in the civilian workers’ departments needing less stimulants and more time to get on with succeeding family life, focused now materially, but needing a place to put each and every one’s dreams. To dream, not a waste–a human desire. To innovate from such dreams. Invent. Procreate. Innovate. Getting results serving China’s needs and the World’s.

Back to the Isle where pluckiness is assured in Shakespearian literature.

Can the land, of the Isle rise above its drug trade?

Opoids not needing Jersey’s abuses–more in line with continued working no matter what ails you?

Planning on a grand scale. Can a child see victory with a real grin? Or is it only mechanized death.

How ’bout those billionaires. Share the wealth with those aching to rest their bones in China, and remain living?

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Actual Singularity

United, once again!
The one true effect, that is phenomenon, the affect of sanity–uniting affect with intelligence and Gassendi’s “reason is an act of Spirit.”

–the Creator, God of Sanity pervading throughout the universe.

Abraham Boulder.

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Ever Wonder what Really goes on??

Ever Wonder what Really goes on??
How much speculation is tied into one another?

Gigoloing, Big Parma, the Medical Field, China workers on too many amphetamines because of three particular characters and a fourth knew how profitable it was to speculate with character #1 pimping and character#4 gigoloing and character#1’s multiple use of amphetamines.

Med, Mad, and Psychiatry, and government attorneys of India, bolstered sociologically by Dr. Stimper Morass aiding the disadvantaged (these professionals with no education whatsoever in India) strutting their credentials, working to destroy learnt democracies. One wonders, in these democracies, how many degreed citizen-professionals “learnt” their subjects this way!

Russia aided by Rasputin who knew Russia was at a disadvantage because Adam Smith described the rest of Europe’s markets, whom was not hindered by the traditional opium trade, set to hamper China’s economic development and not interfering with the coffee trade which stimulated further modification from Imperialism of Britain and mostly the coastal sovereign nations, removing more of the shackles of royalty, allowing for greater markets that bolstered industry in history AND strengthening global economies, away from the opium trade..

The Coffee Trade stimulating value-driven industries historically competed with the up stroke of gigoloing of the pimp masters leading Russia, England, and India, of royal stock or heads of states, and their counterparts in pimping and as high- stationed pushers.

Fear-driven opium industry afraid by occult standards that opoids, used correctly, would bolster economies, keeping sick employees working instead of out of work, and keeping them from stealing ( burgalarizing) for full-stregnth heroin and opium in China and the world. Led by these heads of state in Imperialism or otherwise.

Big Pharma led by a psychiatry guru impressed with Ritalin, employed in certain medications, stimulants used off market with additional drug effects, to bolster stimulation as a mental health tool in medicine and in finance. Oftenly, combining these drugs for stimulating effect to affect pseudo-brilliance.

Best excercise your body that also stimulates and makes healthier your brain, two cups of coffee for the heart, two cups of green tea for anti-oxidants, for your brain’s health!

by Abraham Boulder


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Poisons of Naught and Naysayers and Thomas Carlyle’s Yes to Enthalpic Riches

Poisons of Naught and Naysayers and Thomas Carlyle’s Yes to Enthalpic Riches
Please bear in mind that we have ongoing offensive of boutique Big Pharma, sourced from this industry, and motivated from its bottom line, designed and implemented from such schools as the Soviet whom house in their quarters well-known medical centers pharmaceuticals that when used together intentionally leave a series of antisocial disorder behavors purposely promulgated by the likes of the Behavioral Science Department of Psychiatry at Stanford or its associates .

Let us be reminded that such schools and their affiliates are motivated by the bottom line and the bottom line thinking has become nasty and sinister as though these pharmaceuticals are administered in such a way as to be toxic to the brain and “wise” to the mind. That naysaying to the energies of enthalpy, i.e., to the impetus of a desire and need to live has increased by the trillionth per part lethal poison that now kills the amphibians, and leaves naught and naysayers preventing the historical yes of Thomas Carlyle of energy for living and continuance in persons such as are candidates for the presidency and U.S. Congress.

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