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Intuitively, and reasoning by exercise: coming to conclusions

I imagine in reverie, a discussion with Professor Kahneman, that he said, “there’s no reasonable, sound judgement in intuitions. It takes complete reasonable exercise in thought to determine important answers.”

Well kudos! to the professor. I see a True
North bearing heading our way that employs scholars to provide reasonable, complete answers.

Sound arguments, exercising reason (as Hobbes would enjoy heartedly). These scholars would send their complete works to computer programming for the software of AI Tool.

Questions asked, AI, by God, comes up with the Ultimate Answer.

And the Human User checks it’s content entirely for context in the immediate moment, near- future, and agreement or disagreements with forecasts for future events.

Looking at the usual correct analysis, looking for the unusual which may or may not be problems that are not studied by the scholars, and may need to have more research done utilizing AI Tool search engines. Collecting from AI Tool Analysis in their Department intranet, it’s assessment of a subject, it’s reasoning on the hypothetical situation.

And learnt conclusions signed by the scholars and User; mentored by imaginative envisioning of the deceased historian and diplomat, George F. Kennan, in live action (dynamically)–his conclusions appropriate for the times and careful, assessed strategies for the 21st Century.

Let us have AI Tool; and not a rogue AI Virus, destroying our thinking, our faculties, our consciousness.

AI Tool, then.

Abraham Boulder

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The Deepsleep

Two ontologically valid phenomenon in the “hidden brain” of a private, personal unconscious empirical in the common unconscious.

Praying for a lad in passing.

Pray for the Deep Sleep soul and Eternal Blessings of an Everlasting Merciful God of sanity, health, and redemption for your lacks, and the covenant of Genuine Love He hails to you by His Praise! (to Him), “Higher Power,” you leave me with a universal ceiing of sanity, health, and love, Eternal Peace, eternal resolution of conflict, and eternal resolution of suffering.

O’! God of Mercy.

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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Animate our present future, now!

Disney, Pixel, Marvel comics, and anime animations.

Use the animating principle whereby matter goes from dull, desoltury, random motion, to a perkiness beyond amphetamine abuse and toxicity.

Such animation will, or is, studied in quantum physics to find perceptible evidence of change which may include, human cognizance and life wish of vital life force energy, or animation, in a zest never really studied before and so desperately needed now.

Devoted to “change must happen,” some avocational or career advocates of the future, turn now from ideas of the new present, to “getting it done,” in a matter both effective, efficient, and consistent with real deadlines of new, real, emerging markets, and real dollars earned.

Abraham Boulder

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Can we see the Citadel on the Hill?

Evangelical Fundamentalist.

Do they have predistination of souls to Hell.

The British Commonwealth of Nations is a Kingdom whose subjects go straight to Hell without opprtune times for a heavenly release.

Trump has heart.  Like Lincoln: he knows failure, time and time again.

He seems primed to get our fair share, maybe more, if our greedy hands don’t overdo negotiations in the turf war for sales in the United States, and good jobs for Americans domestically.

Getting our fair share is an obligation.  Playing tit for tat in abusing trade negotiations is destabilizing and falters trust in the United States for being reasonable and fair.  All trade partners’ takes need to be consistent with skills and education, and experience (including detail knowledge of local customs and laws, allowing the workers “to live in their own borders, or work from human migration.”

With regards to Hell and trade negotiations:  Is Putin developing a goon squad of Americans as a purging station to go into trade partners’ sovreignties to eliminate competitors in politicaleconomy?

Understanding national interest is a subject of importance and studied around the world.  But restricting economics to a material self when conservative politicaleconomy (communitarian influence) can answer for capitalism and direct trade to utilize system of trade (capitalism) without altering the realities that differ from world consciousness (with no unconsious), and the material “me” that represses and suppresses large quantities of “psyche” information into the private, personal unconscious to be “fished” for by functioning intuition consciously applied diving into “a deep mountain lake” of unconscious material.

Abraham Boulder

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What if? What if we enter a call for continuence

Am I clipped? Did the penalty cost a down? Is my butthole compared with PCB–most assured junkey.

Is gambling something to gamble on, or is it “a sure thing” vs. “Monies’ Redemption” (coupons for a return every 5 years and a windfall redemption in 300 years).

This bond instrument keeps us focused on a future. There is no future just by saying “they’re saving it.”

No future. No real markets. No real dollars. We were taken off gold–less mercantilism. But a strong economy requires reinvestment, even if they are subsidiaries, and even if they go green (don’t destroy our exoplanet’s surface and doesn’t make the human species extinct).

Save “Species Destiny” corporate bonds, and develop hedge funds that move the returns (the take) into real markets for real dollars. For mucho bucks that last longer than just the near-term. Celebrate our species. Get into Destiny.

Overcome in shear volume the temporary income stations of the fatalist whose life becomes worse and worse because the quantum physics is disturbed, not just molecular science, and our brains are not holding out.

Abraham Boulder

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Jesus of the Heart, take note.

We must have the Creator behind spirit and material gain, in order for sanity to prevail for a naturally evolving homo sapiiens sapiens and homo sapiens.

We give ourselves the Creator, God of Sanity, Health, and Redemption for Genuine Love and behavioral science for billions of people to engage in legitimate commerce, and to continue our destiny of the human species for millions of years, the Boulder Period.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

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Luther L. Bernard: “objectively-tested fact to replace our venerable tradition”

To be: the computer. Non-spiritual, non-human, but physical. And in bio-genetics, bio-engineering, do we change the physical brain organ’s size?

How do you know if human critical judgement, legitimate discrimination, has been eliminated for an “improved” capacity? What about the assertion that homo sapiens sapiens must use tools, not have his head enlarged, and his instinctual capacity as an indvidual involved in group activities, used correctly as in Gigerenzer’s “Risk Savvy,” and prevented in Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow.”

Function may improve behaviorally, but how about the historical behavior for survival that includes sanity and a collective unconsciousness, a private, personal unconscious and individual consciousness in relation to Gigerenzer’s assertions and Kahneman’s caveats.

Keven Jung Young

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