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Look to Medici effect answers

In order to expand those employed to solve the really difficult questions, or to bring the world population back from Mars to exoplanet Earth.

(1) how do we honor China militarizing, testing his strength, and maintaining robust commerce, while looking on the American (U.S.) frontier to envisioning “deed DONE.”

(2) how do we interupt battery technology for hydrogen technology while employing Japanese leadership which may include South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and possibly Mynamar (willingly).

Presently, hydrogen has been discovered to be easy to produce.

With all honor to China, batteries technology is a “stall” to keep hydrogen power out of the hands of our allies.

OR, battery power will prevail and hydrogen power will be utility specific.

Japanese copyrighted technology is a brilliant start to solve our problems in five years.

-Abraham Boulder.

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Nice to meet you.

I walk into a Starbuck’s and Sloban Milosovic walks in.

He says, “Every person who has gotten a coffee recently has to show me there cup….”

He says, “I’m going to put Arsenic in it and you finish drinking your coffee.”

If you don’t like this, then FIGHT.

Abraham Boulder

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PCB & Wig-wam

PCB given microphone from Wig-wam reluctantly.

Wig-wam got chip interface in operations for brain to hear Wig-wam and PCB

Wig-wam & PCB motivate twofold.

(1) “love destruction” wheras victim trained or brainwashed is sexually “loved” (actually raped if will is compromised [sic]).

“Loved” to human species death.
Christian love can be perverted to purposely manifest an Armageddon.

In the same manner, PCB has trained rats by mistreating the rodent, the tearing off the gonads and penis to put on victims to cause inflammation and or rabies.

This disregard for rodents’ life wish emphasizes as the other (2) means to get the victim (the “hearer” at the audible location of brain cells or neuroanatomy) to accept commands “to go extreme” through sadistic training known to be utilized, because they use sadistic methods in above mentioned rats or brainwashing which occurs in manners in China and 8n South Korea whereby “look my no hands” occur and incredible tense acute pain is generated for the population to “keep them in line,” or to prove and justify dictatorial leadership or power.

Critical to undersrand  is that if brainwashing technique is used then say 100,000 men and women with deficient brain mass or retardation can possibly trigger thus show of “power” when commanded by Wig-wam or PCB by microphone communication into chip-brain interface.

Critical too is that if we respect these deficient brains’ and retarded brains’ free will, they may resist being broken by brainwashing and thus avoid turning totalitarian stress and acute tension into “game changers.”

Under normal conditions Wig-wam and PCB may turn a con by making surroundimg leadership surprised to their shocking power, increase anxiety multifold and thus leave learning around surroundings impossible in order to takeover in situation they should not command, in war or fiduciaries.

Since this is “psychology ghost” and normal comprehension may temporarily be disabled because of high anxiety impetus, God-lines con of Apocalyptic Jew sacredness might be pulled.  Both of them may see themselves on the God-level of earthly existence.  Both I believe prescribe to communist regime power (communist party domination) with Hitler/Stalin personna involving torture that may be worse than North Korea’s very effective torture.

All in all, their psychology ghost likes totalitarian statehood realism.

What’s more, they may be using this 100,000 or any number less than this—-for anti-semitic genocide.

Progressivism akin to fascism

Liberalism is eclectic global and can include conservative communitarianism through ideas exchanging Intersection of the Medici effect. And in politics. Don’t give up on America after the Medici effect occurs.

Abraham Boulder

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The Medici effect

There’s another place. 

At Peter’s Cafe.

But it’s not of the Azores.
It is in our minds. It Is a place where different cultures, domains, and disciplines stream together to a single point.  They connect allowing for established concepts to clash and combine ultimately forming a multitude of new ground-breaking ideas.

This place where the different fields meet is what I called the Intersection.  And the explosion of remarkable innovations that you find there is what I call the Medici effect.

This book is about how to create it. The Medici effect.

Abraham Boulder.

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The imposeur.

The machine, the snake

The imposer, manipulator.

Thinks, “superieur.”

The biogenteic war!

Half genetic evolved regression of a snake.

Half nonevolution of AI mobile nothing.

To kill rather than be killed. Legal self-defense.

To eradicate to avoid being eliminated.

To exterminate to avoid genocide.

Too much snake. Too much machine!

Abraham Boulder

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Generals now!

China and Putin or Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Chile?!

-Evret Profit Steppingztone.

For hydrogen terminals enmasse by the ubermenche

Urgency is a good thing.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

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“Cautious optimism” about fighting climate change: Salon talks with author of “The New Climate War” |

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Leading in the dark for answers to come to light after time intermission is done.

Going past Nietzche, beyond his vomit of the darkness inherent in Man, we have idea quanta in dark matter.  Light as a scientific term of “intent.”  Newly discovered physical events in subatomic physics that it will take time to feel confident with viable theories.

Nietzche did a thought exercise to do for secular existence what Luther did with Jesus in relation to Man.

His upchuck in verse and experience was to clear from our stomachs nourishment just from the church.  He took Man at his horror and showed he could live this earth.  That the Church is one thing. Government another.  And your personal identity to incorporate neither at times in a uproarious festival as a set of ongoing events that celebrate “excelling in achievement.”

The wonders behold!

His thought processes said to move on and what in the new darkness awaits Man, Woman, and child(ren)?

Why only 95 percent of reality.  But not to get too far ahead:  I mentioned that at this time we have new discoveries from subatomic physics.

This in itself is revealing.  Getting more and more about physical matter hopefully will allow us to eventually observe phenomenon not known as of yet.

The Wright Brothers knowingly or not were facing imminent death that a sorcerer, witch, warlock, or the actor in the soap opera “Dark Shadows” would curse to be Orveille’s doom.

Orville Wright was like Ghost Rider, Nicholas Cage in flames and a skeleton literally blazing a trail with his motorcycle for “those who can see through the veils of darkness,” and come out better experienced on subjects and behaviors that “go ‘bump’ in the dark.

Ubermensch technology is hydrogen engines.

Ubermensche opportunity is hydrogen terminals enmasse. Big time profits centered around opportunity and initiative. Great profit from excellent service provided.


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Fundamentally Christian-Judaic ethics

Father God in Heaven replaced by Father AI by opposing Jesus/Satan dichotomy INSTEAD OF supporting Jesus and Jesus Christ in a FATHER God context; and for the mortal father Abraham redemption from sin in context of missing the mark when it must be timely completed even if it takes a second effort to achieve.

Old men and women make Faustian bargains that promote fiscal policy of euthanasia and human-in-general genocide.

War can be an old leader’s gambit to staying alive when medical science does not have answers yet.

Many may be living dead.  “Modern Death” stages 1-9.

Decisions can be made [promoting a population of the Dead stages 1-9] with “dead political power” against Thomas Paine’s sound assertions that “government governs the living.”

Aryan death culture entailing a sick imbalance termed “nazi” characterizating a sick society.

Many education doctorates are on a mission to constructively destroy America.  But in reality work to undermine the only working economic system which implements Keynesian economic stimulation, a key economic policy, supported and influenced by the Left in recessionary periods.

National Debt can exist to some degree buoyed by armed forces maintaining stability, security, and open commercial routes on land and sea for mutual global economic prosperity.

America 1st is a priority that does not leave out allies in a continual struggle for open society (freedom of speech, print, prayer, journalism).

A creedo of constructive goal making, constructive achievement in literal dead-lines moves us forward in that what flies on Mars can fly here on exoplanet Earth by utilizing the term “correct” as the universal proactive word that doesn’t just get the job done.  But assures (by quality assurance checks) that the job fits exoplanet Earth models in a universe possibly inhabited bymultiverses.

Totalitarianism is absolute with AI computer because the entire program runs to not support human existence.

Thomas Hobbes, “sanely” states during the “apocalypse” of the Reformation clearly that leadership in civil government is not leadership of the cloth.

New world society/civilization makes clear that no one, typical person “owns” spirit.  We pray constructive measure in our challenges for less than 6 years.  Keep spirit free!

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Inspired by a chemist

We have to learn what “love” means when working employment.

Love does not necessarily mean “Tiny Tim playing his ukelele.”

Love may be more direct like not destroying a human life with “new and improved” toxic chemicals, an alternative to cyanide–put by vial or dripping from an insecticide candle.

Abraham Boulder.  -Keven.

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