Leading in the dark for answers to come to light after time intermission is done.

Going past Nietzche, beyond his vomit of the darkness inherent in Man, we have idea quanta in dark matter.  Light as a scientific term of “intent.”  Newly discovered physical events in subatomic physics that it will take time to feel confident with viable theories.

Nietzche did a thought exercise to do for secular existence what Luther did with Jesus in relation to Man.

His upchuck in verse and experience was to clear from our stomachs nourishment just from the church.  He took Man at his horror and showed he could live this earth.  That the Church is one thing. Government another.  And your personal identity to incorporate neither at times in a uproarious festival as a set of ongoing events that celebrate “excelling in achievement.”

The wonders behold!

His thought processes said to move on and what in the new darkness awaits Man, Woman, and child(ren)?

Why only 95 percent of reality.  But not to get too far ahead:  I mentioned that at this time we have new discoveries from subatomic physics.

This in itself is revealing.  Getting more and more about physical matter hopefully will allow us to eventually observe phenomenon not known as of yet.

The Wright Brothers knowingly or not were facing imminent death that a sorcerer, witch, warlock, or the actor in the soap opera “Dark Shadows” would curse to be Orveille’s doom.

Orville Wright was like Ghost Rider, Nicholas Cage in flames and a skeleton literally blazing a trail with his motorcycle for “those who can see through the veils of darkness,” and come out better experienced on subjects and behaviors that “go ‘bump’ in the dark.

Ubermensch technology is hydrogen engines.

Ubermensche opportunity is hydrogen terminals enmasse. Big time profits centered around opportunity and initiative. Great profit from excellent service provided.


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