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PCB at it.

Using an armament that melts bodies in the hope of melting the brain.

Worse experiment than the Nazis have done.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

Apparent poisoning on the next day by PCB. Also, applying it to my feet, 9/5/21

A crowd as I understand it would expect that I would live like Jack Reacher(c) but I don’t have his police skills and surveillance is tight.

I have two wonderful books for you to consider.

First, let me say, “sorry” to the imagined women whose brownie recipe is absolutely wonderful.

Search on WordPress for her treats.

Now, as for the two books:

“Surveillance Countermeasures” on sale for around $14.00

“Cybersecurity and Cynerwar” by Singer and Freeman c.2014

We’re in the Soviet and the M(c) golden egg noodles is torturing.

Threesome maybe fivesome doing micro operation techniques to flood my eyes and body with nano-sized dirt (interior).

Finally, the title, “Humanocracy” humanizes work, builds organizations with valuable work experience along with robotics in the workplace.

Involving “entrepreneurship-at-scale” and “radical management innovation,” and change.

Abraham Boulder

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Let us not let things get to this point. Let us mend our differences and protect our democratic republic.

The New York Times: Opinion | No One in Europe Is Safe From My Country’s Dictator.

Treat those imprisoned better. Third world economies treatment is wholly not acceptable. Second world economy may not be enough as well.

Maintain constancy in human development (be a protagonist). Let us not be lizard-brain antagonists.

We are 2 million years of mammalian endoskeleton (backbone) development.

250,000 years of life and soul breathed into our nostrils by the spirit of God.

Abraham Boulder

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What they do when they get walls moving

I read that intel can move walls to gaslight victims.

They also practice starlighting with those who have a faith in a God and choose to maintain a relationship with Him.

Some intel tries to interfere with the relationship of Man with God by starlighting.

Starlighting is a campaign of aggression at a victim that gets assaulted by negativity by the perpetrator whose in denial of owning those feelings and is busy accumulating trauma for the victim. Over a course of time: harm upon harm upon harm upon harm.

How can a course of action in any sense of the imagination be inner self or internal universe, physical quantum dimension, result in effective trauma of the victim?

Feelings are said to radiate out. Facial expression does not have to be relied on when feelings are expressed. Then felt and acknowledged in the active limbic systems of perpetrator’s and protagonist’s brains.

First in nocebo, ill will, then vitriolic distemper, in overcompetition of antagonist towards the protagonist. These emotes are units of emotion expressed by surging physical movement of the perpetrator.

As an aggressor or antagonist viral concentration at the aggressor’s pool of viral form or viral bodes in a sector of his human body transfer in subsubpartical space to weaken the immune system of the protagonist and habitat within a sector of the victim’s body as viral DNA.

This pool of viral DNA can focus on the brain and connect with neuron DNA and sicken neurons or take a microbiota path of linking to proteins that sicken the body and it’s brain in the ascending microbiome pathway from the gut.

Affective intelligence that functions like the white bouncing ball on words in a sentence construction, hints at by feeling and syntax, conspiracy-to-do-harm, or a trauma event.

Morever, affective intelligence can be manipulated to be sanguine and merry, but be misleading with nocebos, ill will affect, or vitriolic distemper emotions to do effective harm in the heart by deception and assertiveness of the lie. Oh–and with a sardonic smirk.

It usually takes time to know your being starlighted.

You can also introspect and self-heal.

It does exist. Many times your told, “your crazy.” But the bottom line is the aggressor doesn’t want to be found out, and it’s time to work with him, move on, owed an apology, or a counselor sought.

The second chance? Will you live to run through it again?

-Abraham Boulder -Keven Jung Young


YourTango: What You Need To Know About Starlighting, Gaslighting’s Spiritual Cousin.

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What was that, again?

We built a coffin, and it has blinking lights.

What’s more is that they gave it the role of aggressor whom they gave it greater economic value than human.

We can put politics in politicoeconomy and put a fixed monetary value for human life that forces liberal economics to value human (homo sapiens) greater than AI robot.

We can do this because “liberal” in liberal economics connotes “the individual” Liberal political philosophy means that human has rights to “life, and liberty, and keeping property from owning him- or herself.”

That property does not usurp the rights of the individual to be free from the bonds of imprisonment to the AI robot nor take away the life of the individual homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens.

Freedom via limited constitutional government (hence the “silent majority” private presence) includes freedom from computer command decisions without human overseer of actions and the ability to remediate correctly and swiftly computer logic.

Abraham Boulder

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State Affect and Trauma Effect, both possible

State idealized in subconscious by dictator and his office of information and office of administering.

Citizen physical only identity that is downtrodden attitude generated by state.  Mental state is state entity identity only.

Subconscious Soviet agency and “generational Dad or Mom Soviet technique” (unconscious).

Over developed heart and addiction with trauma incl/ electrical shock and “swelling bust butt” technique terrorism at rear.  Salve creating denial “that any of this needs to be remembered.”

Butt busting gigolo master technique Riker’s Island Attica south.  Master/slave or die by overdeveloped heart of reared.

Possible rearing by overfilling with water then continuous electrical shock for enlarged phallus to fit and condition heart for life-and-death mandates of activities, criminal, and seditious acts out-of-control live or die option. Live and do wrong.  Die otherwise.

Hypnotic, magic hexing, theft technique, theatrics, brainwashing possible by circling environment. Otherwise technique invented from gravity feed or below dirt compound to actually traumatize constituent.

Generated by antagonist for rear affirmation.  Dedication to pejorative extreme rogue aggressive homosexuality and pejorative death cult. (terrorism). Warped mentality, warped emotionally.  Attack of rear flank to support generating abnormal behavior during protagonist’s offensive, engaged in constructive achievement and literal deadlines.  Disable constructive offensive.

Wig-wam got a doctorate in education for the Soviet technique as a Nazi Jew.  PCB smoked excessive amounts of cannabis and was very, very
rear “intuitive communicator” for learning subversive techniques of terrorism through rear exercises.

Russian federation family can be involved in hexing, or traumatizing because parents are more property than anything else (not “human people”) (subconscious, unconscious family participation involving ideal state entity, sole identity (no human, no homo sapiens–“empty shell of a cpu”–the state)).

PCB and Wig-wam become  computer programs hence satisfying state desire (totalitarian party directive for nonhuman action and human elimination.  Done by officially diminishing human economic value and unethical fiscal policy of culling population and consequent, less budget deficit).

Poor goals, flimsy achievement, unnecessary suffering cause and effect, misappropriated fundings.

As an aside, Hispanics and West Indies participate in hexing in their culture.

White America does hexing for medals, promotions, junta.

Truth thrown out the window.  Losing mission that would obtain information relevant to improving present status (at any moment in time)– that would be commendable.  Bigotry and participation a priority to institutionalize and set agency policy to hurt people physically, leave protagonist in mental trauma, or murder this constituent different from you, the field officer.  There is no rhyme or reason for the hurt or death results.

Affect to institutionalize effect.  If not mentally breaking humans to crack antagonist’s knuckles.  Then distressing them simply because they are vulnerable population that should not be overly stressed and are mocked for being responsible and  not overstressing themselves, if not oppressed.

But these professional men have to act like goons to satisfy their egos and throw ethical behavior out the window because Stalin and Hitler are there favorite heroes and America has to be a failed experiment that they do admit they are responsible for.  “So,” their attitude states, “What of it?”

Yeah, like I just got through to you, right??


Just one big attitude problem that they aren’t responsible enough to deal with effectively.  To solve correctly.

To end Viet Nam syndrome.  Stop collecting medals and losing the war.   Losing the planet.  Losing the species.

Failing “to get it” correct.

Abraham Boulder

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We accept the challenge

Neither compassion nor mercy, understanding or compromise, neither domination or subservience.  But eradication, elimination, death of the soul.

To snuff the vitality out of life.  To be the hangman and the hanged.

To lie, cheat, and steal.  Only to do it with a smile.  To make agreements you do not intend to follow, or lead in.

Time now when “to be green,” let’s you lead the world in green technology.  To start a market based in knowledge of how to respond to an infirmed Earth host.  To heal our sins, to remediate our wastestreams.

To revolutionize our minds; to keep up with exoplanet) Earth, so she responds and returns to normal in 250 years in Nasi balance.

To make 5, 6 years count.

And to get to work.  Dissolve our differences, so that the war is real.  A war to keep man, woman, and child(ren) alive.  To not go extinct.  To lead a destiny of generations-to- come.

And a future of mankind that devotes itself to the next generations.

To not lay idle.  To not, not start.  But to go the way of the frog.  That it too sustains life for generations-to-come.

That we are but one species that needs to live.  Others need to live as well.  To love, as well.

And to battle for homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens) that he not be extinguished by humankind.

That the battle is not over–it has just begun.

Arm yourself with the knowledge that time waits for no one.  And that we can, and must, get the job done.

Abraham Boulder

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Consider phenomenon

A wide chamber from East to West of America’s northern tier, sometimes in Canada’s southern tier.

What use would become available if the structure existed?

It’s like finding water. Either you know where the water is under the ground, or you don’t.

In this case it’s down beyond the Earth’s crust. And there may be ways to exploit that structural phenomenon.

Like the continents the Discoverer seeks to profit from the occurrence.

The structure would be awesome. Practically, things could happen. Transportation may be super quick with bullet trains, for example, going east to west and west to east.

It may be home if civilization makes Earth too hot, as another example.

Abraham Boulder

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