PCB at it.

Using an armament that melts bodies in the hope of melting the brain.

Worse experiment than the Nazis have done.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

Apparent poisoning on the next day by PCB. Also, applying it to my feet, 9/5/21

A crowd as I understand it would expect that I would live like Jack Reacher(c) but I don’t have his police skills and surveillance is tight.

I have two wonderful books for you to consider.

First, let me say, “sorry” to the imagined women whose brownie recipe is absolutely wonderful.

Search on WordPress for her treats.

Now, as for the two books:

“Surveillance Countermeasures” on sale for around $14.00

“Cybersecurity and Cynerwar” by Singer and Freeman c.2014

We’re in the Soviet and the M(c) golden egg noodles is torturing.

Threesome maybe fivesome doing micro operation techniques to flood my eyes and body with nano-sized dirt (interior).

Finally, the title, “Humanocracy” humanizes work, builds organizations with valuable work experience along with robotics in the workplace.

Involving “entrepreneurship-at-scale” and “radical management innovation,” and change.

Abraham Boulder

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