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PCB and Wig-wam both work for Soviet sources.

They try breaking me so that I would mentally experience positive (seen) and negative (unseen, or lack) symptoms of mental illness.

I think they want to coerce me to compromise my moral stand and to try to get me to do treasonous acts.

They have been disturbing my privacy into the fourth year and they are desperate to get harmful or fatal results of me by gravity feed from upstairs.

I would leave here now but Poisoner-in-chief book says Intel groups can move walls around and make a home a nightmare.

It’s very ex-president but maybe M(c) golden egg noodles too.


There’s a species of bug they are trying on me to see if I go fatal.

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Brother of death.

God of Abraham.  Thou are great, the Higher Power to my lesser influence and earthly attendance.

Destroy the alien false diety of Philip Bertrum Devinsky working for money as a totalitarianist to destroy in memory and agency you Lord, God and those keeping the tradition cf faith, in decency and mutual love of thee and mutual love by You of us, Yisrael and made in America.

To medically stroke his brother.  To flood with estrogen so he can profanely and abominably rear his brother “eternally,”  to signify his hate and demagoguery is greater than the love of God of Evretim Ben Yisrael and that Evret are kooks to be cooked by the Book of Daniel by science-tific experiment by evil worship of a Zorasthrian sorcerer.

Never again.  Let’s live it.

Abraham Boulder.

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Sanity matters.

Vienna circle and dark matter

Similar, totalitarianism with diety, Hobbesian oxymoron.

A body politic that makes themselves divine is unconstitutional. Inspiration the exception. Homo sapiens’ responsibility.

regime compli is state dei hence purges of ethically significant are done in invalid and totally unacceptable actions by groups practicing violent solutions to ethically significant events.

In the face of the need for correctness for 8 billion people to “space travel back to exoplanet Earth from Mars.” Cannot accomplish mission to the earth without correctness in behavior and achieving correct and accurate results in “piloting the space ship to Earth.”


Limited constitution private prayer and privacy in religious life and/or American faith including principled ethics of atheists not to exclude constructive God prayer and supermarket constructive prophesy including JudeoChristian resurrection from generation transmigration death.

Resurrection of dead populations is new generations-to-life with final spiritual departure in spiritual belief systems.  Not in actual biological life.

Totalitarianism is death eternal with antiquated divine museum or new religion museum.

Permanent calculation as annihilation is a defense posture–not prophetic offense in civilized secular thought. It should not be action by state.

Asking God to “butt out,” “hence; God is dead,” leaves discussions with a greater chance to avoid insanity in action by state.

Abraham Boulder.


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Machine losses

The machine (mobile remote connected by wi-fi to a mainframe) must not be higher in value than the economic value of a human.

Homo sapiens must have a price on him or her at a fixed rate high enough (value added) to make liberal economics work for homo sapiens. That’s what the economic system was created for. Trade should not supercede human race for a piece of junk–no matter how refined!

High intellect intelligence is homicidal and suicidal. Macedonian. Ancient Greek tragedy of suffering and life lost.

Mesopotamia, Hebrew including (Evretim Ben Yisrael) are scholarly of a bent mind from canonized work such as the Book of Numbers inspired by God of constructive intent constructive effort constructive achievement by literal deadlines for generations-to-generations-tocome Destiny.

Here generation-to-generation illustrate destiny (of human generations) for the entire human race of homo sapiens.

At a time when we struggle for existence from the machine needing to remain tool under human command.

And at a time when certain viral variants from who knows where can possibly cause “superfly” (9 1/2 years before we “lay down and sleep eternally” because “they” expect it and (of course) we”ll really give it to them . . . just the way they “like” it.)

And also like Sasquatch, human hosting of the snake or rat seem biogentically space aged.

Let’s learn something from Evret (Hebrew spirit) that is human spirit (earthling prana chanq, “aerie” genius defined as homo sapiens’ applied learnt skills activity engaged in presently). This is the genius that creates products and creates jobs. We were meant to live and live a long time.

With an evolution to homo sapiens sapiens caused by learning to work with fire again, creating fusion reactors. And to cook our food on electric ranges sustainably.

And strict control, including AI anti-virus on AI quantum fusion so that it is a tool only and always interfaces with each human in custom- tailored applications and redundancy from brilliance of the machine that we don’t computer program ourselves into slavery or extinction.

To homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.


Abraham Boulder

P.S. the fact that M(c) golden egg noodles leaves PCB out in society to brutally murder adults and children is inexcusable. Perhaps too much snake hosted by human.

Back to Sasquatch, I guess.

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Bellevue hospital appreciation week

Poisoner’s in Chief similar episode.

To dawdle is to lose the war.

Have we lost four wars.

Who stands out and is responsible for hating America and the World among leaders here and abroad?

Not that I’m a jingoist. I think this Viet Nam syndrome goes too far.

Although a professor in The Great Courses whom spoke of history not usual professing said, “we lose wars (America), but win in the treaties [or hereafter].

Abraham Boulder

What weak leadership that attempts to destroy a man’s genitals. I mean ha-ha, but . . . this is really very, very serious. Am I to believe this is New America?

PCB uses years-1800’s neurotoxins from New Jersey from Hagen Daz(c) chocolate ice cream as psychiatric behavior.

He also gathers himself in his rearing with other people to create plentiful cultures of neurosyphilis to share with the public. Those unprotected.

PCB: 10,000 times more powerful than fenyan[sic] opoid saturated.

Learning from experience, exposure to Slovan Milosovic. Detained in ultrasaturation on opoids shows “no mercy” by this antagonist.

Not punished, but rewarded for incarceration makes him a master criminal mind: a criminal genius mentality propped up to stimulants and opoids in American society capable of moving society to great criminal aims and results.

Someone of his nature and will do less than four years as an accessory and active engagement to this line of criminal subliminal psychiatric thinking and this horror, this terror, this living nightmare of influence by the criminal genius will get serving less time for good behavior and be let out of prison to take medications he agrees to but will not take to award himself with medals he does not deserve and on which he worked mightily to destroy American society and the world, all out on taxpayer money and complete effectiveness in neutralizing the future generations of American and world leaders.

In practical terms, this is the American and world leadership.

The American Premier.

Buttressed by a medico neuropsychiatric organization documented by social work.

Disabled mal-aligned and misappropiately funded for American trolling.

This how world leadership destroys morals and ethics. By reducing human to economic values reaching zero cents.

Then they are (the world leadership) are paid by business to eliminate the public nuisance, or human existence.

PCB is the defeathered bald eagle made to look like a turkey vulture tearing flesh off the carcass of the American population.

Abraham Boulder.

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Talk about sleaze.

Working with snakes and rats hosted by human remains from the Dead in stages 1-10 in Modern Death.

Similar to Poisoner in Chief.

They assume human form since they use or are hosted by human form then become more themselves in private.

Great stuff for kids get into Zombies. Probably fiction, right?

Superfly like Sasquatch, eh?

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia, Africa, Middle East.

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Normal America

2-week to 6-week healthy “ordeal” to complete scheduled task.

Back to user friendly alcohol use or recreational drugs.

In context, ubermench weeks-long (two to six) confirmation of science correctness in schedule of business.

Nietzche’s comment that some Jews are good and healthy and successful.

In this scenario, ubermensch weeks-long (two to six) leads to profitable enterprise and commonwealth can create lifestyles with backgrounds not requiring stereotype Jewish lifestyle.

Or, living a style that recognizes corruptibility and ubermensch of human creatures’ normal duality.

It would then associate Jewish brilliance (when achieved) in shared good and smart consistent lifestyle.  In healthy contrast, if desired. Both, successful in business.

Different groups have success with their respective backgrounds when variety is desired.

I believe this moves past Nietzchean philosophy  in secular talk (nonreligious) about a Jew problem-of-goodness when human creature elements include frailties and resounding wins together.

This then is proposed as a way that power can hande commonwealth success with differences in employees ethnic lifestyles.

While both parties achieve excellence, and might achieve “most excellent.”

Abraham Boulder

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Endless starting fourth week

Numbification, distillation by titration of specific chemicals, shellac dosing of the entire head, acid elimination of areas of the body, drugged, defiled, denigrated, fraudster actions against me. Reintroduction from networked super computer the detailed reference in a personal, collective subconscious constituent of The United States of America within the borders of this United States.

All reference points are alien to the newly identified.

Adjustment criteria made by a mainframe linguistics computer is a Herclurean task by American humans (homo sapiens) to try to adjust.

Sometimes turned into Zombies mentally and host to computer chips’ identities or human host to the rat or snake.

The state disavowed the personal idiosyncrasies in private for public display whereby the state says “you are” what you’re not, except you’re labeled mentally ill for not going along with state reconnaissance which can entail work release prisoners doing keyboard inputting of a clerical nature. And other cozy statists that are less than honest willing to create a bureaucratic language of a individual not authentic and created for purposes of practicality stemming from “processing” the constituent in the particular department of state doing the documentation.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

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Why do we purge the best?

Lab tech a bio agent, chem agent, or radioactive agent. Use acid to disperse above stomach to induce ulcer formation.

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Bloomberg: A Gigafactory for Hydrogen Could Be a Game-Changer

Bloomberg: A Gigafactory for Hydrogen Could Be a Game-Changer.

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