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Free say

Hatred of my brothér and my childhood friend, has no bounds.

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Billions for Gottlieb

Ever see those mechanical services that your wife sits at, that file her nails, do her hair, and massages her thighs.

Well beauty is one thing, and manipulation is another.

At the same time: magnetic materiel are placed for cranial stimulation (pleasure and pain), radioactive material is also placed as a neuro stressor; both raising anxieties, both hampering sound judgement, which can be somewhat depressing.

All the while, titrated liquids in plasma bags controlled by the smallest cc’s. Drizzling on my head.

A billion dollar pin ball machine, may even monitor brain waves. Versus Iranian mental Gilgamesh brainwashing, where the thinking is “we can torture as well as a billion dollar machine.” (We can go outside Western notions outside of Abrahamic Divine Providence for Universe Anarchy Catastrophe).

Providence means jobs, jobs, jobs and AI getting very smart can also increase human functionality by being extremely user friendly and assisting us instead of enslaving us.

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The “cheating culture” business which is the only named American business

Poor PCB. Going back to yesteryear and using a Jewish Puerto Rican from New York and San Juan to legitimize his sordidness (it didn’t work).

The only lowlife is PCB enlightened to eternity, lacking in vitality.. A prisoned skeleton of a man whose prison cell was created by telomeres he has that are not growing and are uprooted by his filthy habits and his lackluster approach to hygiene.

Unconstitutional documents needing actual perusal to either void or make constitutional amendments for. Jew contracts to innervate mysticism of a so-called “Terrible Satan.”

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

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Bottomline. What? More talk of campaigning?!?

Action, action, action. Results, results, results. Check for mistakes. Correct results. End results. Meet literal dead-lines. Do it. Do it. Do it.

That’s called leadership from a 2020 term President, acting now. No more talk. Act on green initiatives!

Abraham Boulder

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What if?

A year goes by, no true leader appears.

They declare 300 million Americans dead. But the thing is–there is tread on the tires.

So, rather than cause a gogantic purge, our elite leaders carve sectlions of brain matter associated with self-identity and use us however they–feel.

I mean it’s all about: economic value, right? So, a updated robot costs around a billion use for whatever you have going.

Wouldn’t be cheaper to trim a good section of lump fat from your head and increase human economic value? (Although it’s more like, zombie human economic value).


Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Politik. Make it work for physically evolving all our races via tool and human command.

2 × 100 billion.

“Eye off the ball.”

U.N. says “Now!”. Environment saved now!

Assume the President is “in.” Both he and the Vice President can be politiked to negotiations that save homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and physical evolution of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens races.

Real politics during real historical events.

We can’t wait a year to find a leader who will lead us to the Promised Land that needs to be done in 10 years or less.

That can be our secondary concern.

Make it a treaty of sorts to provide 100 million each year in 12 years should he be reelected. Give him “the taste” for 100 million in trust for reversing policy decisions to pay on debt.

Get going now! Do the “behind close doors”.arrangement that does the job for all homo sapiens races including physical evolution–a can-do in the United States.

Reminder: AI quantum fusion tool principled to Human Command. Bioengineering principled to sacred cerebrum, sacred lymbic system, responsive heart to Sacred Heart and lust.

Keeping eye on ball difficult with King of Saudis and M© golden egg noodles both 100 billion short. We need Intel to a mission for USA for once instead of other countries.

Get a billion a million, not $100 billion the feasible price tag. [Make it infeasible, impractical, illegal, and not historically good or great fortune. Work it out. Work it out. To make allowances politically and argue U.S. Supreme Court that “you cannot keep policy that works to destroy Federal government and states’ governments (the People).]

Abraham Boulder

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Not a placebo, not a “powerful drug”

If ‘ 1984″ ever came, it is now.

The drug that is legal–10,000 times more than [fenyen] is an antidote for disaster.

But is, in actuality, not a foregone conclusion that “it’s all over,”

And “we can,” if we want to. Look, I’ll be the remaining proxy so you don’t have to get out of your seat.

All you have to do is “roll up your sleeves, and: action.” It’s like raising the flag.

It means, “you mean it.” And your actions prove constructive will be done that, from wherever you are on the web grid, you will point yourself in the “correct” direction (science for homo sapiens sapiens), to do constructive action (this certainly doesn’t mean, “naive.”)

So constructive measure, serial constructive action. You can have negative affect. You don’t compete with the robots with regards to your true feelings. Positive affect keeps us from “burnout” or “total burnout.” Negative feelings “may hold true.”

But constructive means serial actions. Small steps, to big steps. Feel the pace. The lifeline. We will be meeting literal deadlines to achieve, and “success” will mean, ‘keeping our ‘ass alive!”

Great luck!!

Keven. Abraham Boulder.

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