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Nasty, Brutish, Short vs. “Get a life!!”

Note: I say a lot of terrible things here, only to show that terribleness in society needs to be acknowledged, for our muscle and heart, to flex and beat strong. For us, to regain our posture, dispose of black humor and dada culture, and come alive as Americans, once again. Here then is the content that goes with the top heading:

A. Nasty, Brutish, and Short

Screw babes to death. Fuck the dead to be greater totalitarianists, zombies murdering. Poltergeist.

Kill off the good of all races, and upon their death, we be good.

Love our dictator. Engage in war like hell, to reach the heavens, and salvation. Redemption. A good time had by All. Victory.


Get a Life and Keep it

Republic. Freedom. Independence, 11generaldirectorate,chiefjustice: 5council,supremecourt,200assemblyLawinAction,judges:2U.S.President: U.S. Secretaries and U.S.Directors:50, U.S.Senate,U.S.House and gov’t employees:U.S.(Hayek:Austrio-Hungarian):50People,state gov’ts;Power-of-the-governed,private sector(Hayek, Denmark,Vienna,Karl Popper,mother,Jung):200LeaderShipCouncilforSustainableAction, Demos, businessman and businesswoman, workers, disabled workers (mental and physical), disabled (physical; brain disorders, retarded, brain-damaged), physically disowned by medical practice needing legal protection.

DefenseDepartment1:president,commander-in-chief,1:chief joint of staff,Sect’y of Defense,Sect’y of Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army. Emergency Pprdness. National Guard. Personal responsibilities in Law of self-defense. Civil groups. Volunteering. Religion. Personal beliefs. Conscience. Pragmatism. Genuine Love. Intimacy. Dealing with addictions. Drug Abuse. Physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, WQ (wisdom intelligence) abuse. Well-Being. Nutrition Science.




Creation Chi-energy promoting human life, animating principle spirited action,from Something–a Higher power of Sanity and Love,to something,from Eternity to Eternity, pulled by the Higher power pulled forward to true North, true South, true East, True West, to Destiny, and individually to a Fated Death, soul by religion, spirit absorbed into cycle of living forms in the universe; Birth, Want to live, Learn to live, Relearn how to live, Death, Enlightenment, Rebirth, or Regaining “something to live for,”G200,Marshall PlanII, ScienceII, Meseach on exoplanet for moral character, moral authority and integrity for Scientific repair work done correctly, for 200-300 years more of humanity on exoplanet Earth, onto a million.

Abraham Boulder.

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Hey, good Sabbath!

At the risk of being crude, or too crude:

“Stop focusing on the virtues of ‘How you are to blow it out of your arse,’ and get to, ‘the Content that is relevant for the next 5 years, for 300-500 years, after 20,000 years Created, and a thousand more years with the Meseach on exoplanet Earth. Selah.

Abraham Boulder, inspired, name epiphany from Isaac Newton.

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Hey! Listen up.

Heavy brown shirt. Left arm near first Chevron near but not at elbow.

Jung said go beyond good and bad, to: “what is correct?”

Right and justice:. Nntural Law vs. raqueteering on murder, and the take cannabilizing natural law.  Scams.  Pay ups.

In corruption, the snake, the Leviathan is embodied as leadership and the human species fated to be consumed. All along trained by Tibetans with Aryan language culture taken up by Skulls and Bones. Poltergeist!

What of right and justice?   Does it exist solely for the take?  Do we live more then, to be an amoeba, a bugger!

Then, what is correct?  Does life have no meaning?  Is the quest only to be consumed by the exoplanet?!  Do we have ambition for the widest horizon of $100 million trillion, in 2008 real dollars!!  A strong economy, liberal economics, reformed, exists when all income brackets are populated.  Don’t we seek reform for our take?  This is a 500-year bet!  With the loot comes redefinition–legally of the corporation to include competing subcontracts on project schedules and Deadlines set by leading universities involving Earth Sciences.

Abraham Boulder.


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The authentic republic in demos

Uncommon common sense accepted as authentic, a damaged bell ringing resonately, by the authentic Republic governed by the power of majority in Demos.

Submission to government is a free act. The Nation, as the whole people keeps a sentry eye on it’s representatives in government, and further the cause of freedom and responsibilities, by law, creed, and action.

Let’s keep the peace, in: Peace, War, Revolution (reconstruction).

It is the Republic called to sway the majority voting or cajole the political body voting on a constitutional amendment, applying reason, and, WQ, wisdom intelligence.  All other intelligences may apply, but do not have to.  SQ, spiritual intelligence involving values and meaning, EQ, emotional intelligence, what is confirmed with WQ-IQ, or WQ-SQ. IQ relates to skills of trade and survival of the species.  Too much intellect can take away from the cause of actual survival.

Abraham Boulder

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Immobilization underway

U.S. gov’t and WA state gov’t using fill-in your face.

Don’t know if it’s bad, good, great, or again terrible.

Something believable may occur, otherwise I may be forced to write gov’t issuances. Don’t discount all good. We’re having a difficult believing greatness comes from gov’t when bring royalty and U.S. officials think themselves royalty as well. This unlawful practice causes undue. Hardship on the constituents of the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions in US.

Trillions U.S. dollars 2016 real, may be lost. Productivity at a stand still because FBI and. CIA leaders VB may be dumping chemicals on Americans

–Keven Young Realism and Hope Foundation.  Abraham Boulder

Separation of church state nonexistent Fill-in is the evil “deity” (too, too much scam it seems) too too much destruction economies. Including India.

P.S. 1. Jew 2. Murders 3. Justified by moral action in U.S. Constitutional interest? CIA leader? doubles imposing as undercover leadership.  Why in America?

Philip Bertrum Devinsky is a traitor to the nation entity of the United States of America under the U.S. Constitution.  He has too much power to avoid the destruction of the U.S. Constitution.  It’s intuitive–but that’s all we got under this onslaught of electronic surveillance to destroy our nation and even that, they try to destroy (the intuitive senses– Kahneman: you put a caveat that your work was the intuitiveneess that doesn’t work.  Therefore your expertise is limited to that subject area–that is all.

Keven Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Hong

Has the police forces local and otherwise, been replaced by Russian military personnel for genocide of the white race and all accepted races–they all are.

Dalai Lama suicide Creed.  They are organisms of death, e.g. Skull & Bones out for Poltergeist, him included.

PBD is a sorcerer working for  gov’t and following a cemetary creed, like present day skulls and bones.  There must be separation of church and state even the Church of Satan.  Enough evil, this too dumb ass.  Give your butts a break!

Considering moral character, did he kill his wife and daughter??

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You see, I learnt in disability: one must tend to the care, of oneself

American Psychiatric Association seems to bend backwards to the Soviet, and China uses and influences AmPsychtAssoc by those different means, as well (really, by those misbegotten principles flooding the bloodstream of Clinton and Trump.  Therefore, can we have a call to order! And a return to systemic responsibility as a privately funded U.S medical association wishing doing all realistically to see to it that a our chief commander candidates are sound mental and emitional health.  You know in integrated medicine that speak of a spiritual health devoid of burn-out, over attentiveness, sufficient sound sleep.

Abraham Biulder


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University Level effort

They do not test ideas, to see if they are applicable under field conditions.

They merely apply no bounds to freedom for the exponential population of anarchists.

And it’s not that the system doesn’t work; in their fiction and therefore delusion, they do not really care if it works or not.

But in truth, in their noble hearts, they think it more jolly that the system Does Not work, and the species we are in does not strive for future adjustments, because England is an artificial chemistry of opium, crack, cocaine, and methylamphetamines that certainly the royal pushers will wind up in heaven, but they most certainly will also get those these pushers’ lives they destroy nowhere else but to eternal hell.  That the rearing, you know.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Hong

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What makes white? Fabergé??!

White winters. Russians live throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, are they white Russian only or is there a blend?

Russia has white. Does all Russia for white causes? Do Russians have connections to the Soviet Global interest, communism, dictatorship, nonlinear economics, and??? the death of the white race in America by professionals out of Moscow, “Leningrad” and other Soviet University professionals to kill the white race in America under the historical precedent “Karl Rove Doctrine?” What about China professionals? How ’bout Indian professionals, mathematicians, nothing else? How ’bout the England department of delusion that this is not America, so Karl Rove genocide from a professional graduate degreed assailant is appropriate qualifications for SS activities within all state governments–mocking as fiction: science, scientists, and the U.S. Bill of Rights?!

Because what constitutes the “good deal” in this present time in America is receiving a chunk of cash, destroying our constitutional government, and genocide of the American people, the Power of the governed.

And what constitutes a Jew? German vs. Russian? or any other Nation? Black, white, or yes, Asian!? Or, yes, Christian. Stop killing each other.  We’re all good and bad we always are of one group. Right or wrong.  We do our job for money and we enjoy in our livingrooms, dens, and basements and ride the byways “to destinations yet unknown, and sights and friends yet unseen!”

I do not seek greatness.  I am very grounded in the truth of reason and what we learn in behavioral economics.

My claim is proper education involves WQ, wisdom intelligence, SQ, spiritual intelligence (what values we uphold stake our living presence Earth by and which I believe determines fate or destiny to heaven or hell, at levels of hell or heaven you are asking for eternally. In quantum physics, if you are educated, intellectually astute, bombastic, sardonic, and unforgiving cruel, then your biological plasma’s matter in physics is fated to decay and behavior is justified.  For an amoeba, not for humankind!

Nietsche’s “anything goes” freedom is Not Freedom, but freedom not fulfilling obligation, or your duties or being true to yourself in a responsible manner does not constitute freedom in uncommon common sense, but this may very well not be, status quo either!

We either stick together, or we hang separately.  We need to unite as one population, one American U.S. people, because laws are written for us.  Empower ourselves as Americans because the professional class needed little of the fairness in law to buy their way out of illegal behavior.  We need the fair laws on the books.  We need judges, and attributes applying and interpreting it correctly because we us the general need to protect ourselves educated crooks, educated ripoffs, educated conmen, educated destroyers of our constitutional governments and our global participating populous, populations within U.S. borders.  Constituents maybe requesting reforming by amendments what we strongly believe but not eliminating our constitutional governments.

Possible: WA state auditor candidate not a u.s. constituent.





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Bbnc Plague Or staph incurable. Both?

Seik CV Shipmate


Renton  WA D8 17915 249 ave

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Funding request.

Food sparse in Africa.  See if giving to Care, Red Cross International, UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency), can be budgeted in, at this time.  Thank you.

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