What makes white? Fabergé??!

White winters. Russians live throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, are they white Russian only or is there a blend?

Russia has white. Does all Russia for white causes? Do Russians have connections to the Soviet Global interest, communism, dictatorship, nonlinear economics, and??? the death of the white race in America by professionals out of Moscow, “Leningrad” and other Soviet University professionals to kill the white race in America under the historical precedent “Karl Rove Doctrine?” What about China professionals? How ’bout Indian professionals, mathematicians, nothing else? How ’bout the England department of delusion that this is not America, so Karl Rove genocide from a professional graduate degreed assailant is appropriate qualifications for SS activities within all state governments–mocking as fiction: science, scientists, and the U.S. Bill of Rights?!

Because what constitutes the “good deal” in this present time in America is receiving a chunk of cash, destroying our constitutional government, and genocide of the American people, the Power of the governed.

And what constitutes a Jew? German vs. Russian? or any other Nation? Black, white, or yes, Asian!? Or, yes, Christian. Stop killing each other.  We’re all good and bad we always are of one group. Right or wrong.  We do our job for money and we enjoy in our livingrooms, dens, and basements and ride the byways “to destinations yet unknown, and sights and friends yet unseen!”

I do not seek greatness.  I am very grounded in the truth of reason and what we learn in behavioral economics.

My claim is proper education involves WQ, wisdom intelligence, SQ, spiritual intelligence (what values we uphold stake our living presence Earth by and which I believe determines fate or destiny to heaven or hell, at levels of hell or heaven you are asking for eternally. In quantum physics, if you are educated, intellectually astute, bombastic, sardonic, and unforgiving cruel, then your biological plasma’s matter in physics is fated to decay and behavior is justified.  For an amoeba, not for humankind!

Nietsche’s “anything goes” freedom is Not Freedom, but freedom not fulfilling obligation, or your duties or being true to yourself in a responsible manner does not constitute freedom in uncommon common sense, but this may very well not be, status quo either!

We either stick together, or we hang separately.  We need to unite as one population, one American U.S. people, because laws are written for us.  Empower ourselves as Americans because the professional class needed little of the fairness in law to buy their way out of illegal behavior.  We need the fair laws on the books.  We need judges, and attributes applying and interpreting it correctly because we us the general need to protect ourselves educated crooks, educated ripoffs, educated conmen, educated destroyers of our constitutional governments and our global participating populous, populations within U.S. borders.  Constituents maybe requesting reforming by amendments what we strongly believe but not eliminating our constitutional governments.

Possible: WA state auditor candidate not a u.s. constituent.





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