Realism and Hope Foundation

This foundation supports the applied entrepreneurial economic effort to get living wages in the planet to increase and strengthen the global economy of consumers and support profits to business where banks tend to work against improving initial economies.

Further applied entrepreneurial economic incentive exists for the most billionaires to achieve the desired goal (of making billions) by improving and strengthening this global economic development.

The fundamental law of Interim Asset Investment Global Economic Order is to get materials produced to the consumer that have been researched to determine the risk assessment on return on investment.

This is a scientific fundamental law because if the consumer is responsible, given the opportunity in business to be responsible and care in physical and mental well-being, then the scientific results economically will be the greatest amount of billionaires for the planet, and the best workforce in global economics; hence, the strongest economy.

Again, this is an economic order, a scientific economic order, involving discipline and objectivity to get results that benefit the consumer, the business, and the applied entrepreneurial economy making the trillions of dollars return.

Don’t take too much at a time.

Narrow the field of vision using a cell phone, and expand your third eye knowledge of affective intelligence, metahuman experience or beyond 5- senses physical.

Let the “white ball” bounce on the sentence construction of these ideas for accent and inflection and reap (affective) intelligence in the “song”-idea created. Females tend to have drivers. Literal interpretation can easily be a mistake. Unnecessary overthrowing on your part. Your choice.

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