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Purpose: beyond post-modern

To strive in life and death, live, relearn how to live, death, enlightenment, revitalization/rebirth, destiny, eternity, fate, soul-arrival, everpresent “evergreen,” encampment-of-spirit equal to universe creation vital life force recycle–human to Alder chips and ants thrown in the barbie’) of matter-be-dark by knowledge-be-light, thus our savior to know our surroundings and our own composites, both.

Dedicated to the losiest officers in AF history (boys). Hang them high!

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mind, soul, and animating principle of universal matter

Faith has its own reason and can move billions of people in group settings to pull themselves and kin forward (behavioral science), while charitable contributions aid refugees, the starving, the disabled. Secular humanism. Mind.

Universe within and without person. Animating principle and affective intelligence, evolving ideas to be seen, as additional values on a value index x = +1, Christ apparent, z = 0 is neutral value, y = -1 is nuclear winter. Measures evolution-specific mechanics, apart from established dogma on quantum mechanics of universe.

The deviance from the absolute quantitative-mechanics mean (large-body physics), may have it’s effect from an animating principle on matter (mystically, called spirit), and affective intelligence in universal consciousness coupling an idea quantum (a twist of matter, by an animated quantum parcel, that entails evolutionary deviance) with quantitative mechanics (large-body physics) which is believed to recalibrate, as Isaac Newton stated, to correct general deviance in quantitative mechanics from its absolute mean throughout the universe.

Abraham Boulder

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I take it personal

To think wickedness is magic and to defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as some joke while brandishing and killing for no good reason seems to be the thing to do, just plain sucks!

And if these children don’t learn that firing a gun or rifle lacking responsibility in handling the firearm in their actions, then there is no possible way to defend constitutional government and you’ve joined Trump in going straight to Hell!

Abraham Boulder

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Leadership, “lend me a’ ear!”

Pure thought is non-Euclidean, lacking the 13 dimensions, including the no science dimension of faith, belief and behavioral science that redefines the legal entity of corporation and company and community to re-establish destiny, not fated to extinction, and where, by laws, monies are invested in competing subsidiaries are making money keeping busyness with a schedule of tasks and action under deadlines that are real, and ambitious established dynamically by Earth science university departments.  Perhaps, because this is private initiative, it is relied on credible private university proving and sustaining integrity throughout the adventure of a closing window on exoplanet Earth of 200 years.

“In growing up, the normal individual has learned to check the expression of aggressive impulses. But the culture has failed [group participation has rescinded], almost entirely, [in business and in government, but we hope– continuing in the Armed Forces] in inculcating internal controls on actions that have their origin in authority. For this reason [and perhaps this reason alone], the latter constitutes a far greater danger [read: threat] to human survival.”

-Stanley Milgram,
Obedience to Authority, IN: “In an Age of Aggression: Healing our world.”

Although they both can have a competition and both produce a bloodbath, these are unacceptable actions, and are serial homicides, or crimes against humanity.

Let us pray that the U.S. Constitution be upheld, that government checks and balances hold, or like anything in nature, evolve, such that the human species continues in diversity, yielding our greatest efforts, and achievements, against our extinction.

We need that $40 tax on carbon, we need it to pay back borrowed money in Social Security, and we need to begin, anew!

-Abraham Boulder

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The truth now.

PCB. Telling people “be good” while human race goes to shit. Whose guilty? Did you have enough partying? Can you live with yourself in the morning, or does your oppoid drug abuse, make everything Brave-New-World okay?

Does the conquering hero of slime rats suit your fancy? The more he rapes? The more he murders? Is slime in vogue?

Keven Jung Young.

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What’s in metaphysics that’s worth learning about

Affective phenomenon in the common unconscious involving language use content can be addressed by Gassendi’s reason is an aspect of spirit, thus producing affective intelligence via intellect and affect (IQ & EQ) and providing possible helpful information, that at the onset: is false.

An avenue of inquiry that can lead to possibilities that would have to be confirmed as actual through “concrete” or corporeal means.

Abraham Boulder

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Brian Wang, “”
Very important constructive criticism of alternative energy development.

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So the computer takes all

The true Father being the quantum computer. The working software fill-up, the AI genesis Gates, Jr. the robotics replacement needing clean-up:. Wig-Wam.

Apparently, we’re initiated and China, I believe doesn’t mind because our species evolves outside it’s present form, while they lead in grappeling with environmental issues.

Eyes should turn to Japan for solving radiation emissions from it’s reactor with accepted-practice technology before all Alaskan salmon are contaminated and other Pacific fisheries are contaminated as well.

Rainfall will be changing location. If anti-saline water treatment plant are necessary for drinking water, radiation above certain limits will stop capacity. More nuclear reactors will be built. More possible spills. More adequate technologies for cleanup needed. Starting now.

AI serves as a AI Tool. Command remains with the human person, except on accepted functions of the AI tool.

Counter to this is AI Virus, needing AI anti-Virus response, and AI Firewall maintenance.

Happy Father’s Day.

Private initiative in private universe’s developing new, real markets for real dollars’ value is obtainable.

Redefining the legal term, “corporation” such that it includes monies from profits reinvested in competing subsidies that respond exactly to a priority list from Earth Sciences in private universities (the idea being, avoid State genocide exercises), and cooperation from public universities, able and willing to complement private institutions–this is applied entrepreneurial economics, developing new markets from large-to-huge demand to perpetuate our species and evolve naturally, in ways the Pope assents to, and other doctors of divinity would find acceptable.

Abraham Boulder: rabbis may agree to it, as well.

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An encyclopedic indictment of “Unit One,” not so worthy–in truth, lacking worth, and actually a lazy man’s consensus for mass suicide, and an uncanny lack of desire to solve our problems using “divergent brain” analyses, Harvard Medical School published, Version 3.  There’s more venison meat here.

From Michael Aaron, June 8, 2017, In: Quillette, “Spotlight’

From: Univ. of Texas at Arlington

Chapter 2: Foucault and the Critique of Modernity
discursive, desultory, rambling, digressive, torn, profound conflict in thinking.

Used Nietzche against Hegel and Marx.

“valorizes” Holderlin, Artaud, and others

postmetaphysical, posthumanist poststructualists systemics providing “reductive social and historical analyses”

[Keven- Does this include “reductive ethics” such that Man is but an organism, and as such, his human condition is that he is reduced to sewage slime by a worm on-steroids??? As in a lama nursery?- surmising.]

“He did accept Nietzsche’s claims that systematizing methods produce reductive social and historical analyses, and that knowledge is perspectival in nature, requiring multiple viewpoints to interpret a heterogeneous reality.”

Posit: “reductive social and historical analyses” to include reductive ethics, along the lines of:
poststructualism–>Straussian lies, and Post-Straussian enactment into law of those lies.

Reduction in ethics also, such that healthiness is not valued and seeking agreement on commonalities while expressing differences, becomes a waste of time in poststructualism, essential to Straussian, and the development of law in a police state enforced by RoboCops®, lacking any conscious control of their bionic body, and one of the few jobs available.

Leadership, ruling for the sake of power, eliciting mostly nonsense in decrees and engaging in grave, violent suppression of the populous.

Keven, another:

You know we speak of the Leviathan, the serpent , a Dragon🐉, the reptile snake. We marvel at pythons, boas, and atypically large rattle snakes. They certainly serve a “cleansing role” but, do they deserve the respect given them in Aryan language and behavior?

They have balance, Nasi, between contraction and release of life, a Tao you feel in your body with application of Tai Chi. Release, of death, can apply to purpose not just random Tibetan acts of feeding.

Chapter 2: Foucault and the Critique of Modernity (cont.)

“. . . there are privileged figures in his [Foucault’s] work, they are critics of reason and Western thought such as Nietzsche and Bataille. Nietzsche provided Foucault, and nearly all French poststructuralists, with the impetus and ideas to transcend Hegelian and Marxist philosophies. In addition to initiating a postmetaphysical, posthumanist mode of thought, Nietzsche taught Foucault that one could write a genealogical history of unconventional topics such as reason, madness, and the subject which located their emergence within sites of domination. Nietzsche demonstrated that the will to truth and knowledge is indissociable from the will to power, and Foucault developed these claims in his critique of liberal humanism, the human sciences, and in his later work on ethics. While Foucault never wrote aphoristically in the style of Nietzsche, he did accept Nietzsche’s claims that systematizing methods produce reductive social and historical analyses, and that knowledge is perspectival in nature, requiring multiple viewpoints to interpret a heterogeneous reality.”

“Foucault was also deeply influenced by Bataille’s assault on Enlightenment reason and the reality principle of Western culture. Bataille (1985, 1988, 1989) championed the realm of heterogeneity, the ecstatic and explosive forces of religious fervor, secularity, and intoxicated experience that subvert and transgress the instrumental rationality and normalcy of bourgeois culture. Against the rationalist outlook of political economy and philosophy, Bataille sought a transcendence of utilitarian production and needs, while celebrating a general economy of consumption, waste, and expenditure as liberator. Bataille’s fervent attach on the sovereign philosophical subject and his embrace of transgressive experiences were influential for Foucault and other postmodern theorists. Through his writings, Foucault valorizes figures such as Holderlin, Artaud, and others for subverting the hegemony of modern reason and its norms and he frequently empathized with the mad, criminals, aesthetes, and marginalized types of all kinds.”

“We do not read Foucault as a postmodernist tout court, but rather as a theorist who combines premodern, modern, and postmodern perspectives. We see Foucault as a profoundly conflicted thinker whose thought is torn between oppositions such as totalizing/detotalizing impulses and tensions between discursive/extra-discursive theorization, macro/microperspectives, and a dialectic of domination/resistance.”

Keven, reduction:

distilled down to science acceptance vs. denialism. Fat, no objectivity, power Trip

torn, conflicted, “dum-plunkt!” -Keven. Instead of ka-plunk (drop in the bucket)

“. . . and that knowledge is perspectival in nature, requiring multiple viewpoints to interpret a heterogeneous reality.”

Keven, inductive:

And such a reality occurs when impressions are made from different vantage points, and communication makes clear any similarities the observers share and any disparities they may hold.

#. #. #


[Keven-obscurity??? vehement insistence, domineering presentation of nonsense??]

“Like his near-contemporaries in the structuralist[7] and post-structuralist[8] movement to which he belonged—Barthes, Lacan, Althusser and Foucault— Derrida was

the embodiment of the philosopher-rebel,

admired for his explosive critique

of the authoritarian values latent in orthodox approaches to literature and philosophy.

To his critics, however, his work was frivolous, obscure, bogus and even invidiously subversive[9]”

#. #. #

Lyotard, Jean-Francois, The Postmodern Condition: A Report on KnowledgeTranslation from the French by Geoff Bennington and Brian Massumi. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1993.


#. #. #


“It drew on avant-garde and surrealist art and earlier philosophical ideas, particularly those of Nietzsche and Heidegger, for its anti-realism and rejection of the concept of the unified and coherent individual.”

“We see too the promotion of a version of pluralism which privileges the views of minority groups over the general consensus of scientists or liberal democratic ethics which are presented as authoritarian and dogmatic. This is consistent in postmodern thought.”

“We see in Foucault the most extreme expression of cultural relativity read through structures of power in which shared humanity and individuality are almost entirely absent.”


Down-on-earth, that means the post-modern thinker tries to dummify a coherent Western mind by clogging it with his fat from his assertions of obscurity and self-claimed dominance, sometimes explosively delivered, such that the whole affect of nonsense he asserts or aggressively, thusly, violently demands, is so beguiling that the actual effect leaves one prone to a brain stroke, felt there (that is around your head) or in your body, and, as an alternative, conceivably, a massive coronary, to boot.

“Morality is culturally relative, as is reality itself. Empirical evidence is suspect and so are any culturally dominant ideas including science, reason, and universal liberalism. These are Enlightenment values which are naïve, totalizing and oppressive, and there is a moral necessity to smash them. Far more important is the lived experience, narratives and beliefs of “marginalized” groups all of which are equally “true” but must now be privileged over Enlightenment values to reverse an oppressive, unjust and entirely arbitrary social construction of reality, morality and knowledge.”

” . . . while Deleuze and Guattari pursue a schizophrenic’ destruction of the ego and superego In favor of a dynamic unconscious. Although Foucault later qualified his views on the subject, all three theorists reject the modernist notion of a unified, rational, and expressive subject and attempt to make possible the emergence of new types of decentered subjects, liberated from what they see to be the terror of fixed and unified identities, and free to become dispersed and multiple, reconstituted as new types of subjectivities and bodies.

#. #. #

Soviet, Chinese Communist Party, Chinese Imperialism


part of U.S. history: communitarian Conservative political philosophy, and. ✓. ✓. ✓.

Liberal: ideas, political philosophy, institution, Law, individual evoking of the Law, and citing it’s location in the Code of law. ✓. ✓. ✓.

How does the above behavior of totalitarian regimes vs. call-to-memory Law affect; and what, if any effect?

1) if your innocent, it can keep you out of prison, depending on state evidence, it’s legal legitimacy serves a “knowing”-defense countering the ideal (legal) proper science lab work done to provide state evidence to prosecute you (otherwise, your defense attorney proceeds in the court system, to throw it out as court evidence, for failed scientific handling in the attempt to reveal state evidence).

2) effect at-large: the Univ. Of Chicago gathering, not more than one year past, that became an incident salient in history of suppression perceived intuitively by contrasting Carl Jung’s guideline of his developed, sane literature; versus, oppression, suppression, depression, and psychological and physical trauma– momentarily impressing the intuitive populous at the Chicago site and in our sovereignty and outside, with that this suppression can-feel-like- concrete on the head, accepted by most in denial, that could continue suppressing, conceivably long-term, in a closed society, primarily Totalitarian in nature, whom tortures in mass, with “look Ma, no hands!” state methodology.

#. #. #

Shakespearran character, play: “Othello,” lagos, Cliff

#. #. #

✓. ✓. ✓. ✓

Modernists are those who believe in human progress within a classical Western tradition. They believe that the world can continuously be improved through science, technology, and rationality. Unlike traditionalists, they seek progress rather than reversal, but what they share in common is an interest in preserving the basic structures of Western society. Most modernists could be classified as centrists (either left or right-leaning), classical liberals and libertarians.

Keven, psyche economy: deficit or surplus

1). Psyche economy deficit is symbol black not necessarily African but worldwide and of the universe, hence it can be turned around to understand our environment (enlightened to “see” what we do not now see in the universe) but species fatal in fate on Earth.

2). Psyche economy surplus is “our best foot forward” in consideration of something, symbolically white although (but not in all cases e.g., bleaching of barrier reefs, or the psyche economy deficit within the white race).

2) a). It has Chi defined as the Universe’s creation energy vital life force. It is nature-reeking with Destiny.

1). a) psyche economy deficit desires all hope gone, and seeks to provide for a better race than our own (for us, extinction) the culmination of 50,000 years of quantum computer analyses. This megabrain, without WQ, wisdom intelligence, will be mad with brain power and work for the destruction of the universe, as power hungry, in brain ego and electricity needs.

1). b) wisdom intelligence (WQ) is when to use something, when not to use something, when to use something different, when to do something different, when to stay the course. Wisdom intelligence states we compete with psyche economy deficit affect and intellect social, but we reach our destiny, while competing, by staying the course!

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Asia Sanchez.
Abraham Boulder.

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Prayer for the future, mine and everyone else’s

You, Creator, God are the Higher Power, my power lower to your Highness.

I extol my love to you, at Your request. Please provide Your love to me in return: Compassion.

You are the Great only one God of my faith, of my beliefs. God of goodness; We be good and extend ourselves in practical Hobbesian greatness, to gain our pay, do our work, and compete less, so more work gets done. We refrain from terrible human nature to preserve and continue our species, oh God of goodness. To be good, and achieve greatness in global competition.

You are Creator, to whom we seek a universal ceiling of sanity, oh God of Sanity, Health, and Redemption: thus genuine love, thus loving- kindness to the stranger in our midst (with one wary eye upon his form).

You form human singularity as Mankind seeks the Creator from his own resources and his own private faith, and amidst Humankind. Shared congregationally in a House of Worship praying to the Creator, Higher Power, God of Sanity, or the only one God of goodness and Hobbesian greatness. Humankind of those who are believers say, “amen.”

Human singularity: humankind’s achievements in multiples of Jung’s One (extrovert) and the Other (introvert, the God element from within, effort done by our own selves). All efforts are to achieve a continuous Destiny using one’s constructive beliefs, and achievements, against a fate of species’ extinction, against viral AI that needs an anti-Virus AI to tame and maintain it as Tool AI only. Human command.

God bless us eternally.

Keven, Abraham

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