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Lesson on “pull”

Karl Popper

Homer’s theistic or rather polytheistic interpretation, history is the product of divine will.

Abraham Boulder

“Not if the animation magic doesn’t amplify by faith and prayer, then creed goodness to greatness of Divine will.


No arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

Abraham Boulder

“Intellect and reason (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), spiritual intelligence (SQ: values & meaning), wisdom intelligence (WQ: when to use, what to use, how to be used, when not to use, when to use the alternative, when to use ‘outside the box,’ when to use ‘out of our minds’ (because Einstein said, ‘we cannot solve a problem in the same mentality it was created in.’))”

Meditative empiricism & five senses empiricism.  Some call it spirit & science. What is called spirit is actually metanormal because spirit is faith and belief driven.  It’s significance to science is that it drives billions of people on this exoplanet to do good, thus a form of behavioral science.  Some be good.

Beyond, good and bad, great and terrible is the need this next 10 years to “go through the eye of the needle” and put us on a trajectory of 200 years to reach ecoequilibrium.  This, in other words, is to do correct behavior.

Whether you’re being good or bad at any given moment, it is required behavior that does the correct thing. This thing is limited, but may involve. divergent thinking, whereby many behaviors create the answers that lead to the final correct solution.

Usually, in a gray area of loci, or locations in color.

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Sleepy eyes and memories

Post-mortem memories centering around, existential,”bleak peak” plight, of once-living subject, can find pleasure in fond memories of sex, with once living subject by someone among the living, retaining the “aura of memories” accumulated during years-of-memories of those who experienced the living subject; or the “aura of historical souls” surrounding the subject, while living or the deceased, are touched in the heart by his or her life’s existence.

Of the spirit, it can affect “learnt enjoyment,” and can “bend” Fate upon Death-that-there-is-no-
escape, with memory of Destiny-with-
possibllity- of-excepltonal, Good Ideals (“the Good”), amidst tiring Fate possessing hate and perversion.

This within a tangent, existential, humdrum archetype; ominous, eternal Fated death.

May those subjects now known as spirit find peace and learnt comfort from exceptional Good in a forever-doldrums plight. It is said to be possible to “not be” a “learning” spirit.

Great is the might from those who allow peace, quiet, positive realization in the eternal plight of Fate with Destiny.

Of peace, quiet, and the Good-being-of-great- might of keen perception (clairvoyance), and Noble silence.

Carl Jung said amongst his musings: what someone else calls, “meditative empiricism.”

That although most singular “ones’ (extroverted type) respond apprehensively, delicately handled discussion, from musings of “others” (introverted types) prove to yield Fondness and At eease, or “a releasing of psych[e] energy (not parapsychic of paranormal “anything.” energy), and relaxed position.

What is called released “energy” is the “release” of the “tightness” “of “the Man.”

Abraham Boulder

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Fundamentals, please.


Normal with metanormal of macrobiometrics using my Value Index. All psyche.

Not parapsychic, not paranormal, no ESP. State manipulates spirit.

Reason is aspect spirit, Gassendi. Therefore State manipulating cognitive thought, personal experience, detouring destiny from progenitors for a Jonestown/Masada finale.

Will directors stop zeroing the meter and allow us to be overcome and entrenched in destiny of future generations with 9th world civilization developed from Sinai and world societies.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Contemplative empiricism exercising sound judgment using my Value Index

I don’t want to sound hasty, I mean in a modern sense. What we seem to have here is a communist revolution with the simply amazing capacity to use the mentally ill subjects.  Subjects heavily ill.

I don’t mean severe diagnoses because with such a diagnoses and prognosis as “guarded” such a person has an interview capability to handle “out of mind” subjects to locate the one’s subjects, truly innovative and useful versus those merely occupying space.

As for the retard special person, they seem to have a neurological edge on aggression, but an inability for sound judgment in historical events.

Enter the brain cyborg, and you have plenty of personality, but a lot of malfunction.

Is this uniquely Intel-level work?

Is this costing undue amounts of American lives and foreign enterprisers within American soverignty’s lives.

Abraham Boulder

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What you do in a recession in a Republican administration

  • Eckhart Tolle, pp. 3-4. Trade:

“Since time immemorial, flowers, crystals, precious stones [in evolving geologic physics], and birds have held special significance for the human spirit.”

“Like all life forms, they are, of course, manifestations of the underlying One Life, One Consciousness.”

Abraham Boulder:

“‘One Life, One Consciousness’ of constructive aims to aid in maintaining order, and Nasi, a Harmony of human trade price equilibria in the marketplace, of product or services supplied, and met with, transactions undertaken by, consumer demand.”

That the human spirit, first conceived to see reptilian creatures close to the ground, could then become “birds of a feather…” “defying Earth’s gravity” and soaring amongst the clouds, and stars.

This natural state is part of human trade whereby same human spirit meets in the marketplace to sell services and goods and to make purchases of these various services and goods. And the price with regard to the supply of goods and the demand for these goods in the marketplace is at equilibria equal to human (trade) Nasi.

Trade is a “natural.” When Trump let’s go of government employees and the recession comes, you can trade electronic wares you have, services rendered, and order maintained for healthy, natural trade whereby each gets a win-win to feed, clothe and put a roof over your head (‘shelter from the storm’).

The trade itself is governed by the natural in human trade seen by Adam Smith, who kept massive amounts of data to show metrics in price that worked a natural human equilibrium from natural human trade, and encapsulated human spirit from trade that began with ‘flowers, crystals, precious stones, and birds.”

His discussion included productivity, or how much can be made if a group specializes on part of the process.

His example, believe it or not, was a discussion using the manufacture of a pin.

He illustrated that one pin head can be made to attach to the phallus (once the singular head and the singular phallus are made) to make the pin. The quantity made in a day was roughly one.

With group trade members, specializing is done, efficiency increases dramatically, and output quantities reaches roughly a thousand pins per day.


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PCB allegedly fleeds psych ward

Authorities apparently aren’t pursuing his leaving a locked ward facility.

He allegedly is selling crack, methylamphetamines, amphetamines, and opoid on the black market for our youth.


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Memes for consideration

Foresight is belief. To have faith provides Eternity, with judgment in context with adults living adult lives.

A hereafter, and a now. To learn how to live and relearn how to live after a main event, or something meaningful.

Without/within. Hind sight, insight, foresight. Mindfulness..

BrainThink. BrainAct. Feedback. BrainAdjust.

Mind care. (mental health). Stereotypes assertively ignored. Self-compete. REBT therapy. Rational emotes. Emotional intelligence. Affective intelligence. Linguistics and physics. Tree of life.

Aryan death and Nazi imbalance betrayal. Stay not angry. Disappointed, sad. Healthy negative emotions. Feelings asserted. Non-aggression. “Taking it in stride.”

Defend the right to live. Defend the right to exist as human constituents. Defend the right to die, instead of existence with all the medical equipment.

Finding peace. And quiet. Love’s embrace. Morte. Good bye. Enlightenment.

Enlarging telomeres. Living dead. Final death.


Abraham Boulder


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Methodology of a terrorist

He uses anal intercourse and intuition affiliated with rearing.

He makes those he uses, love him, so they do anything he wants.  What appears as a perjorative cult, really is a chronic, very, very acutely anti-social disordered man.

He damages society by using people to murder, rape, and burglarize canvassed neighborhoods’ residents.  An at-home terrorist which may be affiliated with a number of divinity degreed clergy gone rancid in beliefs.

Abraham Boulder

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Ghetto EdD.

EdD. Educated for trauma and stealing!!! Wig-wam. Rutgers graduate school in ghetto. PCB tour guide MC in ghetto. Teaches Burglarize. Rape. Murder. Does it with the “Hidden Brain” of the subconscious, commons.  Therefore, not present during perpertrators’ actions. Cater to those using mental health facilities and/or pension.  His house IS the ghetto.  Specializes in destroying real estate value to buy-in cheaply.


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Dying on the mobile machine, something sprayed to develop a culture on fill-up.

Ominous? Or spray starch sprayed?


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