Bottomline. What? More talk of campaigning?!?

Action, action, action. Results, results, results. Check for mistakes. Correct results. End results. Meet literal dead-lines. Do it. Do it. Do it.

That’s called leadership from a 2020 term President, acting now. No more talk. Act on green initiatives!

Abraham Boulder

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Angel dust pusher, creating damaged goods: the user.

Shit hole creator. Claims selling opoids.

On high from charismatic sodomy with children.

Pushing a “high” is a selling psychology to deceive and impart on the user that the heart beating fast is a chemical “high,” but really it’s to destroy their brains and sink their IQ’s.

If they’re retarded, developmentarily disabled– well: many workers’ limits on IQ work steady jobs.

Destroying your brain and therefore, destroying yourself is not necessary and only pushed as “love” or “fun” by the pusher of angel dust.

Anraham Boulder. –Keven.

Tring o sell, push in my neighborhod


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Nazi Soviet Mengelle(?) doctoring involving remote AI computer robot developing human characteristics!

It’s not helpful that this creator is from the slums and rose to high status by insect poison, animal poison, chemical poison and bioagent poison.


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War conversion

Either we fight for human singularity.

That Hong Kong be number in business–a world-class leader of China to esteem China for developing the science, the technology, the lifestyles of a green tomorrow–today.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

To be number 1 in the world in green business!

To be the creative energy. The very chanq in emergent physics, chemistry. biology, idea-quantum “fields of rows of streaming grain” (string-theory) of causal sets of data points . . . of creative. practical, innovative, game changing paradigm shifting complete-ideas.

Ideologies and idealogues of commerce of constructive science of constructive technologies and regaining of simplicity in some of our lifestyles.

A Host of ideologies in efferescence to the mind’s eye as jazzy bubbly above the crown of the head with future, commerce, future business associates, successful stewardships here and abroad!

To five senses with a metanormal singular focus on chanq wielded for constructive endeavor, constructive achievement in literal dead-lines. To breathe! To pump blood! To mess less with the head!

Simplicity and fusion of citrus and lime drink and refreshing filtered technologically clean water.

Complexities grasped by AI fusion quantum computer tools by human command. AI firewall. AI anti-virus. AI anti-malware.

Human command.

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Expanding c19

PCB and M c. egg noodles. PCB attempting c20.

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May 16, 2020 · 1:36 pm


Possession and strength in good be great that challenges the world to do what they have to do already, be best at what he or she does.
But seldom gets recognized and now is flagged to acknowledge and further avoidance of extinction.

What is needed is a legal definition of corporation or legal license to engage in busy-ness to maintain sustainable outputs and wipe our asses clean after making limited output for limited profit (legally defining the corporate body).

Do we not want big profit?  Let us not venture to hemorrhage liberal economics of personal greed aggregates such that the credit worthiness is A+ and A.  And C rating is more exception to the rule of non-extinction.

In this legal action we surrender to long-time goals which sustains quarterly profit for the life of the corporation.  Only now our preoccupation with making profits aligns with exoplanet-human survivability; which is the basis for creditworthiness of the corporation  by a private firm like Moody’s.

Analysis of business credit worthiness entails business stewardship and priority of exoplanet remedial action determined in academe earth sciences departments.

The urgent remedial getting A+. The sustainable A.  And the destructive C which includes calculations for economic disincentives whose sums easily transfer and promote economic incentives for A+ and A ratings in their monies and in the pro-human genetic species business.

One of homo sapiens, homo sapiens, sapiens and one of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

Abraham Boulder.

P.S. If you are royalty, you worry if you are a hemophiliac.

If not your blood boils for action!

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Deed done by literal dead-lines.

We Man, and Woman accept Nietszche’s “God is dead!”

We then think.  Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step directs that “we cannot do it ourselves.”

So we think (IQ) we feel (EQ) (AffectiveQ) we honor SpiritualQ (healthy constructive values and meaning) we prick up our ears WisdomQ (does not put us to sleep with its subject–the jew; it raises our fancy and we are alarmed to its clarity of sound-ness in reasoning.  “Harken to my ear at last!  Hear the “Clarion call” it calls forward.  Watch your step.  This to be done (“deed done”) constructively.  Do you hear, constructively!

We think God. So God is. Our Sacred Carrot leads us pulls us forward.

So rest up lads and lassies.  Those of matrimony and those single parent.  We relax when “deeds done.”

To act is to need a Defense.  Because when we coordinate action we battle for life, not death.  So we need a coordinated Defense. It would be great if taxpayer money went to Defend start ups as the New Economy needing defense for living.  For life!  We act. We defend!

Abraham Boulder.  –Keven.

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