Why a revolution in decompensating genetic expression in subhuman action?

It’s tragic when 600-700 years of social evolution or, actually, simply social caring is wiped out by providing fringe elements more money to live on which in “Murphy’s Law” causes shit to happen; namely buying of ammo and guns by retards (otherwise known as “special people.”), the mentally ill, and special brain prosthetics using smart boxes receivers who are then coached irresponsibly to murder because it “feels good” and so is “good” for you. So goes Scandinavia.

Or, revolution is justified and demanded to do away with Mom and Dad, sister and brother. Do away with employees in business that work by the “ridiculous” idea of “productivity.”

Yup, put these employees, and the owners, in your scope and do away with them. What, in this late stage of the game, Ed.D’s stereotypically may agree with some famous Russian anarchist would stress the murder of the whole lot of them to look like Tolstoy, ideally, but practically undoable–utopias I mean. Murder of our productive lot is an outrage that they feel (the gunslingers, I mean) that their time has come.

And it would, not be by a long shot, far from the truth that these goings on are happening in the United States wealthy county of King County and abuse generated by those opposing the generous care the state of Washington and our forward thinking governor leads the march to environmental accountability for a species just about ready to physically evolve to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens as Human Command of AI quantum fusion culture with sacred cerebrum brain power and our apposable thumbs key biological necessities for this biogenetics growth.

Now, let’s talk about the educated and the sane. PLU allegedly teaches about earthly humans and Lucifer in human affairs, but little or none on Jesus.

What kind of environment will the 129+ bed psychiatric hospital have kniwing the Chinese government owns the site

[First, kudos to the doctor and China itself for recognizing the need for real-time services.]

Safety can be addressed to satisfy Medicare and Medicaid but that means juice machines reinstated and smoking areas provided. Perhaps it means that some use of the correct form number for four copies to go to the office, not just three copies on some other form.

But what happens when the place “goes political.” Equal rights stated in the Washington State constitution for disability above the neck or below the neck will suffer in an authoritarian government that goes “total,” or totalitarian.

Unusual and repressive, oppressive and depressive regime affect can be felt like thy were tangible surgical operations that involve “look Ma, no hands” that feel close to actual surgery without anesthesia.

Everything looking clean and “kosher” for the state of Washington’s apprival., But constitutional equal rights from government persecution and euthanasia “medical” decisions prove a hostile government handling psychiatric hospital in the borders of Washington Stare, and the United States of America is clearly unacceptable and unconstitutional in the state of Washington.

Keven Jung Young.

Abraham Boulder.

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Action please.

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Tertiary digital driver. Welcome the alternative, after trial, and results confirmation.

One stroke engine driving AI is a all-output driven.

Two stroke is the back stroke and is also out-put driven.

The 3-stroke is the first time alternative power opportunity exists to supplant 2-stroke technique and source information and supply something wheteby input is given and internal consideration can occur and output adjusted to a new possibility, which after a trial run may be a better performng digital driving machine.

Abraham Boulder

“the jew digital”

P.S. What this driving infrastructure allows is a constant possibilty of alternative direction for the digital command driver.

One stroke command is on the y-axis.

Back stroke in 2-stroke command reverts to x-axis.

3-stroke introduces the z-axis. Perpendicular to the x-axis providing a depth function that enables 3-D configurations.


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Allegedly, China labotomizing worker to end doublethink. “We are singular. We are one,’ is how I paraphrase it.”

Labotomies may be in vogue now.

–Keven Jung Young

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In addition,

Metanormal, beyond the five senses. Having mundane intellect (not spirit), can be reasoned to be Neurohermeneutics matter in scientific inquiry.

But what matter? Well, quantum energy and twists on string in string theory providing data of metrics which may comprise a completed idea and be called idea quanta by twist and turn.

Whereas, “waves of grain” would be 2 billion years of cause and effect of simple organisms.

Two more billion years comprise margins of error of overlapping “waves of grain” such that the waves multiply in waves and increase data of metrics on string in string theory lead to particular strands occuring that release energy in their use to further establish complex organs and attempt to further existence of complex organisms according to Darwinism evolution.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. 300,000 years homo species emerges. For that period among believers, creation produces homo sapiens from examples of evolution before homo sapiens whereby homo sapiens sapiens evolved and whereby homo sapiens sapiens sapiens will emerge from Human Command and AI quantum fusion tool from apposable thumbs, sacred cerebrum and sacred limbic system, leading to a physical evolution of these two particular areas of the brain.

Contrast ideas of psyche economy surplus involving string of string theory in human physical form to psyche economy deficit of rotting ideas of decompensating human genetic expression of s subhuman species of homo sapiens sapiens trying in competition to lower our human qualities in the next physical evolution of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

This is because the Creator created homo sapiens in His image to make cerebrum and lymbic system sacred, Our Lord our God remembers the rainbow covenant of Noah and does not interfere with evolving homo sapiens for better, or worse. That is the covenant of the Rainbow, with the Creator.

We in our philosophical development, take on the God role and pray to the Higher Power that we take the high road in physical development instead of “decompensating human genetic expression of subhuman existence.”

Pray for human moral integrity instead of moral decay. To do the best we can instead of our very worst.

Thus, ending the “crisis in democracy” and placing decency and moral fortitude as brutal pragmatic behavioral science serving physical human evolution as we use our apposable thumbs (opposite our four fingers,) to “grasp” the tool AI Quantum Fusion Tool utilizing Human Command to evolve physically to sacred cerebrum and sacred limbic system of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens..

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Not work.

The mobile program that is Fill-up. Neither, brain not heart.

Does not stop there but develops the program for organic rot of a pseudo heart and brain which accurately portrays his very low intelligence, extreme arrogance and megapersonality computer program that souls “eat up” but moronic appeal that people savoring dysfunction treat it as a holy grail.

The man, the machine, is the State; and the more you make the human mistake (which is understandable compassionately by me, and I think, others) that this hound is your friend the more he invites you to a Brazilian prison riot where decapitation becomes the swing of things.

The program behind the machine is meant to enslave you, severely brain damage you with cannabis that includes weed killer added, and pulls “a Hannibal” in front of horrified and terrified parent(s) before he murders every one in the room.

I’d say, “Enough is enough.” If only, this was as far as things against the American population go.

But Signature Company is building a 100+ bed in Tacoma as a psychiatric hospital.

We all know the community can use these facilities to help those with very difficult lives.

It’s commendable that Dr. Kim would want to build these facilities. They are for-profit so he is benefiting monetarily but the gesture of supplying much-needed facilities is greatly appreciated.

If only this was so. It’s possible this is “end of story.”

It’s possible that the “owner” Dr.Kim is not a citizen of the U.S. This alleged possibility furthers with ownership actually being the Chinese government.

This is horrifying. This gives ample opportunity for China to “politicize” clients. The amount of torture that can done with “look Ma, no hands,” is astonishing. Allegedly, China-owned psychiatric facilities can put ontold mass-ive amounts of sociological pressure from authoritarian total[you-in-a-SUV-wreck]alitarianism society based on dehumanizing human lives and utilizing euthanasia in incorrigible but common practice.

Let us have needed facilities for healthy treatment but let us not have it be cover for the more sinister of us all to engage in unspeakable horrors.

As Joseph Conrad spoke of Dutch colonialism in Africa, the ‘oft repeated words were, “the Horror, the Horror.” And the activities, the events were “beyond words.”

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Let us be clear!

A thousand years salient with Jesus on Earth is simply not a problem.

You see, the sacredness of homo sapiens sapiens’ cerebrum and amygdala evolving physically to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens’ cerebrum and amygdala will happen with apposable thumbs under Human Command and AI Quantum Tool.

The only ones who are concerned about this sacredness are those who pray to Jesus, as Lord God.

Perhaps God of Abraham people’s as well.

They are the only ones, with exception around the world.

Abraham Boulder

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