Not too soon.

The Modern left life philosophy for death focus, searching for meaning in bureaucratic terms, such as “total annihilation, total obliteration” which have become favored lingo of double speak. (As if something of this nature is “good for us.”)

Speaking less of security concerns and favoring a cornucopea of critical mass radiation, as though radiation burns, skin disorders, genetic mutations are a “God sent.”

God may appear a ruffian at times but His love for His creations and His dismissal of “catastrophic euphoria” represented in the Rainbow covenant, that He will not kill human creatures, leaves us first with the Modern notion of “God is dead” which later filters to “I am the God” (in responsibity and maladjusted to Divine neurological behavioral science that needs adjustment).

The 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous or Substance Abuse Anonymous is a strictly self-evident approach when modern egos need to deflate from human accomplishments and halt the Death Wish for human extinction.

To do what we cannot do alone is a abstinence program to create a relationship with something greater than ourselves with vital life force energy (Qi) that prevails over our cunning, and “too bright” faculties of intellect. Marrying emotional intelligence with values of worth (SQ= spiritual intelligence keen from spiritual odysseys in the strivings of everyday life).

And the Wisdom Intelligence (WQ) of any applied intelligence. Stating “Enough is Enough. Halt Proceedings. Look for other avenues for answers converging on solutions with many answers to satisfy the working mental exercise of generations to come on Destiny by divergent thinking.

This includes, “thinking outside the box.” And we are “out of our minds” (on this problem) simply because we cannot solve the problem in the mentality that we created it. The thinking has to shift. Literally a paradigm shift. Enter beyond post-modern era, post-Enlightenment (from Straussian lies and plague mongerers).

Welcome to 21st Century where brainstorming accepts all input except efforts to halt brainstorming. Enter job creations. Enter new applied technologies

Enter the human race physically evolving to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens of sacred lymbic system, cerebrum and heart.

Homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens take second and third and can collaborate between humans and the AI tools adjusted to the level of excellence of human command.

Abraham Boulder

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The Terrible Inhibitor

Abregation of my civil rights is a misconstrued status of my constituency,

I did not lose my constitutional rights, they’ve been altered but not to the extent of lack of fair treatment to me, going forward.

Equal rights for senior citizen. Equal rights for speech in public. Equal rights to be free of constitutional governments limited in power, while I meet my obligations, I am free. Equal to all for obtaining an honorable discharge. Space restrictions, the fifty states. Equal to the innocent. Equal for life, liberty, and property (Amendment 14). Amendment 1.

The state shall not procure harm or damage to me while I fulfill the remaining obligations.

Freedom, so easily lost, needs a recounting to determine if we have the wherewithal to stand the heat in the kitchen in the next decade. Some do not know what it means, “to not be free.* “Free of what?” What is the hideous assignment that we do not comprehend?

Existential philosophy annihilated.


State meddling in spirit matters. Has desire to rewrite religion for government official winners and general population losers, although Jesus, if he came, came for the oppressed, then those who enjoy luxury.

Abraham Boulder

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Say, a moment, please.

No man lives without greatness.

There are woman that we characterize as exceptional.

Status quo wants and needs uncommon common sense to stay alive and prosper.

Edmund Burke is quoted to have said the man, or woman who is of low birth, but uses their brains can be the tipping point among tipping points to an argument.

May it also be said, a heart in the right place, that is not naive, holds silence, not just a pause. To direct for correct action by leader’s good and bad, great and terrible.

Others bedevil and betwixt dead spirits and alive enlightened persons.

Clairvoyance can be about the living and for the living.

Abraham Boulder

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See below. When freedom reigns–what are we being free of.

“There ia brokenness Out of which comes the unbroken, A shatteredness out of which blooms the unshatterable. There is a sorrow Beyond all grief which leads to joy And a fragility Out of which depth emerges strength. There is a hollow space Too vast for words Through which we pass with each loss, Out of whose darkness we are sanctified [light] into being. There is a cry deeper than all sound Whose serrated edges cut the heart As we break open To the place inside [that] is unbreakable And whole, while learning to sing,”

-Unknown author to me.




cultural exchange

Russian ballet


Ànswering the call for dark metaphysics, whereby the state comes to the conclusion that the crisis in democracy is solved in a manner utilizing the Gotlieb maneuver, i.e., eradicate, eliminate, annihilate the individual in community and society by keeping them alive, but destroying their “person” ID constitutionally, wasting the person, giving them a nightmare hangover of suppression, depression, oppression, severe reduction existential reality, while providing acute and full torture with “look Ma, no hands” dynamics.

You don’t have the power to solve your own problems and knowledge is severely restricted.

“Non win”. Now you know what you want “to be free of” when you want freedom. Now you know what people risk their lives for. Now you know the “good war” instead of the “greedy war.”

Let Providence prove profitable to all. But never give up the war.

What is the call of dark metaphysics? The call comes from “Crisis in Democracy” explains the ignorance and therefore the disregarding of Neurohermeneutics which is to say metaphysics or metanormal experience.

Fair judgment is in consciousness which is inetaphysics and responsible values and consequential decisions needs to be applied in metaphysics for judgment to be sound and the world of humans to continue. That would end the crisis in democracy.

Supermarket choices between what is actually good, bad, terrible, or great is defined by emotional intelligence giving us the feel of what truly is worth, and what is of no use, or even abusive.

Abraham Boulder

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Well now. Waldo has been substituted by AI. Let’s see where shall we put it?

The people, the nation, the country. The machine.

Let’s see. We have pride. Can’t go to the nation. Can’t go to the country, if we will, can’t go in the country.

Can’t be in the people. Government got that.

So where the hell do we put it? We put in the machine.

Let’s see. What do we do with our intelligence? We give it to the machine?

What do we do with our spirit? Well, they put Jesus in the state and then outlawed souls!

What about fighting for our species: homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and homo sapiens sapiens sapiens–all.

Well, ask the machine. I’m sure at first, it will be respectful and kind and courteous.

After all it will help us, or in human applied intelligence, it will help itself.

Vice, a definite part of nature. I’m sure it’s arrogance can be as great as ours, or worse.

How ’bout some competition?

Team homo sapiens, and team homo sapiens sapiens using the machine instead of Be-ing Ex Machina. Using AI quantum fusion Tool.

Permitting physical evolution with our apposable thumbs, instead of ideation, tripping up ourselves and then reinventing ourselves. The cerebrum’s and lymbic system’s sacredness with physical evolution of these brain-sectors, and we dare say, our hearts!

Reinventing human is destroying our species by cornball antics that continue our crisis in democracy against our very human JudeoChristian bioethical stamina.

You don’t throw human out!.

You fight and win. And if you can’t do it yourself, make it your world. Start applauding those who do fight for our very lives.

In the system we can put on the voter’s ballot to extend voting another 3 months for exclusively those fighting for human lives. These are the Republicans that need Democratic votes who will fight for our species and a future that revitalizes the meaning of Destiny. Ex Humana.

Abraham Boulder.

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Witches brew

Semen, urine, rat pups, viral bodies in cardboard boxes leading filth and parasites, mildew, and viral content combine with nose DNA for snake which combines using duality of nano-sized quantum field for skin and body formation for anaconda and other lethal snakes.

It’s Shakespeare’s witches’ black cauldron creating lethal snakes.

A sick humored effort at killing constituents, using witch and warlock culture. Fanatics of fill and M® egg noodles.

Abraham Boulder

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Where is Waldo?

Fill is a complete extremist, a confused lot, intent on being a monkeywrench to 21st Century living.

Disaster, dystopia, chaos is not “alone” subjects. It ia course beckoning the call of interdisciplinary study whereby chaos is confined to be in order, intead of graduate treatises on treason, showing the way to destroy society and render our species extinct.

High IQ does little effect when you lack, direction

Order serves the purpose of routines fulfilled to completion where indicated, and getting on with the business of living.

Cornell teaches chaos courses. Students round off it’s rough edges by cosmology and complex systems within the complex order. Not to numbnify, but reach a “Eureka!” point that all is not lost. And it’s time, to get on with it.

Get on with the business of destiny of future generations of homo sapiens sapiens culture of using human command of AI quantum fusion tool, sacred cerebrum, sacred lymbic system, possibly sacred brain stem. And cerebellum modified through biogenetics engineering to change our bodies to accommodate an exoplanet–Earth–in the universe in our future.

Leading to physical evolution through tool culture of the sacred parts of the brain organ, and rendering some of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens’ population vulnerable to pathogens and other obstacles to living, from which we also could get some homo sapiens and some homo sapiens sapiens to continue destiny of generations after exposure to pathogens and other obstacles to staying alive.

Evolution is blind to the next move, although preparations is good to consider active response on certain circumstances. Randomness is key driver.

Abraham Boulder

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