Bottomline. What? More talk of campaigning?!?

Action, action, action. Results, results, results. Check for mistakes. Correct results. End results. Meet literal dead-lines. Do it. Do it. Do it.

That’s called leadership from a 2020 term President, acting now. No more talk. Act on green initiatives!

Abraham Boulder

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Pavlov’s dogs: brainwashing

So the bad guys work on someone.  They work in his psycho/politico/econo environs.   Building a bad, terrible surroundings while the target is good and  great.

Next, a trauma occurs, usually biologic or physical to use Pavlov’s dogs principle.  The dynamic while active trauma is occuring is psychiatric.  The bell rings during this traumatic event.

The dynamic at the time of trauma is going opposite to goodness,  greatness.  The values now picked from the environs are the worst diabolical villainy.  Nihilism, anarchy, chaos, negativity, mass murder, sorcery and occult of talking to the dead, sex with the dead, utter human body filth maintenance, and human body hosting to the snake or rat, or stick insect.

After the brainwashing, the bell is rung when the good excel to greatness, and “bad”-good fall to the worst human values instilled into them from preliminary bad, terrible environs and absorbed after the physical torture environs whereby the worst values taught in their environment are absorbed and instilled.

Now the bell has rung from the trauma moment and rung now at some time in the future  and the good become the worst of human endeavor after the bell or cue to defeat the good, the very good, and the great.

Always when the good become great, the “good”-bad are cued or the bell is rung, values degenerate, and worst behavior attempts to defeat the great, the good, and the very good.

Abraham Boulder

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Dark matter grouping

Soil in universe and dirt.

Organizing matter at string level and atomic level or nanos..

Organizing star dust to stellar gas, planets, and fundamental building blocks of life.

Abraham Boulder

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Universal sediment

String theory at the level of nano harp or lyre recordings of cause and effect like notes played melodically.

String theory at the level of subsubparticles chiming recordings of cause and effect like xylephones.

Both, dirt, or the earth and exoplanets of the universe, and the known star dust (as well).


Abraham Boulder

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We need a revolution, not 9-to-5

Startups understand this. It is preferred by many.

Ambassador Kerry has been heard to say there’s concern that America and the world-at-large are not living up to our obligations. Quoting him: “We’re in trouble [waters]”.

With everything at stake, go ahead and pinch yourself. If it wakes you (or even if it doesn’t:

You must hear this clarion call, and Act.

Get off your dorf, and do more work.


P.S. For those who care, you seek better employment. Try green business, because the business will grow, the green economy will get stronger and you will have ample opportunity to develop experience and take better jobs involved in greater responsibility, in knowledge, or in supervisor/manager occupations.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Take notice

Presently, Phil is a diabolical mental case and retard.

My brother is legally dead.

What money goes to me must legally be mine.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. What’s left are Fill-ups that use brainwashing techniques of Pavlov’s dogs experiments.

In this technique, I am traumatized even medically stroked, such that this brainwashing sends my behavioral science to make me believe in the worse of man and not the best of man.

For me, to act in the worst of ways, instead of the best of ways.

It seems Langley has “lost their mind” or mission. That the top dogs are in Dubai and leaving the home turf to rot and to go to hell with central intelligence media.

I think it’s overdone, against honest Americans and world interest. And I think this central intelligence structure needs to be behind Ambassador Kerry and wake up to the clarion call that our species is number 1 and that influencing the media, or dumping in the media calls for constructive talk, accounting and reporting, and investigations on how we are doing at the megacorporate level.

A little more accountability and a little less “pleasure cruise.”


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Woe to me

Be it troubling (to me only) that my cousin, working in an advanced lab has been allegedly brain damaged causing aggression and toxicity causing sinister behavioralism.

Like feeling wise when smoking cigarettes about an existential understanding of reality (how it can empower for the “now” moment and build confidence for that post-smoke moment).

How do I know that my alleged esteemed lab director or co-director and possible professor at an esteemed academic institution is allegedly professing and promoting brain damage and neurotoxic adsorption with the direct behavioral science results of allegedly overly aggressive and sinister undertakings–so sinister as to allegedly impress a judge that, “oh, he is really important;” therefore to allegedly condone his horror and terror in action and leave the state of societal ethics to the level of these horrid computer games take whereby a head comes bloody off and another body graphically is blown to bits.

What is annoying is such an esteemed figure would lead society and a family member, me for one, to this horrible level to soothe his ego, taking rights, my rights, which do not belong to him; and to treat me like “respected” scum that no man, woman, or child should ever have to experience, nor wants in their life.

Abraham Boulder

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The upbeat, and the seasons

Fear tempered does not fall and fail to the wolf but strengthen the wings of the bald eagle soaring beside angels with angel wings.

And the demonic  pause to hear from above the call to strengthen sinew and venison stew. To carry on and carry forthwith the hearty and “merry crew” and fulfill deadlines today, the ‘morrow and ever’mor.

“Be strong, and busy yourselves so that your achievements satisfy your ambitions, while you follow the pace of seasons on this exoplanet Earth.

And search your soul and wit for wherewithal and muster to complete our ends for generation-to-generations-to- come be they homo sapiens (sapiens) or (sapiens)!

Be they eternal bliss or predestined darkness give a present–the present of earth.  The mercy of God and the perception of what was before, what was present and what is forward in eternal time.

Abraham Boulder -Keven.

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The private sector and citizenry remain free

We cannot afford to lose $27 trillion in an economically developed energy field.

To name only one market or industry.

PCB is an intolerable idiot that is trying to stymie the green energy profits.

Make him stand down, shut him off, give him a new identity and noninterference of profit for the citizenry.

Or destroy these multiples.


Abraham Boulder. Keven.

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Technocrats multiply “Fill-up”

If it wasn’t violent enough and low brow crass, “Fill-up” is multiplying and look-alikes allegedly wreaking havoc on car accidents on the freeway and allegedly indoctrinating suitors against constructive effort and constructive measures to solve our ecology problems.

Pro-chaos, pro-anarchy, anti-semitic, nihilistic, apathetic with destructive 24-hr activism to make up for slow movement. Also, abundant negativity to deter worthwhile efforts and minimize achievements that are bold and correct in their scientific assumptions.

The aggregation of large numbers of “Fill-ups” is to effectively dissuade Americans to not fight the battle for a tomorrow and allegedly booby-hatch or allegedly assasinate group outings in which they involve citizens and noncitizens alike that resolve to solve our problems once and for all future moments here in this exoplanet, and other planets that we colonize.

Abraham Boulder.

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Think about this!

I was watching “Robots,” an animation, lot’s of fun.

They use a lot of mechanical parts and it’s done exceedingly well.

I think they are using computer graphics for some ‘infinity” shots and some travel and the city with Mr. Bigweld.

Now we have made ourselves to be machines.  In exercise, in health.

The theme of the movie is old machines to super robots.

The machines rebel.

But I think the moral of the story is this:

Take the machine parts and evolve to computer graphics “cat” design.

Then the computer has the mechanics digitized in the graphics-computer-machine as a function of aeronautics engineering and automobile engineering.k

As a tool and advanced machine.

With human command.

Thereby humans don’t morph into hybrid human machines for real with never ending brain loss such that you become isolated in your own body with all the digital, quantum mechanics such that what is really going on is a high-end lobotomy to miming electronics that mirror only “what once was:” a homo sapiens, live man woman, or child(ren).

-Keven. Abraham Boulder.

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