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From “Evil in Modern Thought”. . . a return to normal [from being in harm’s way].

From “Evil in Modern Thought”. . . a return to normal [from being in harm’s way].

“Metaphysics is the drive to make general sense of the world in face of the world go[ing] intolerably wrong.” p.322

Gambling is reassurance that things go terribly wrong, make no sense from their occurrence, and lives are lived drunkenly, through the horrors, metaphysically, tongue-in-cheek.

This is common in persons’ dismantling relationships.[-] They abound.

It can have fruitful cause to get family chores done together,[+] and to defuse children fighting.[+]

The dysfunction[-] is all too much fun for some, and not a pretty site.

Got your plans made out for summer? Reconsider.  Be glad for the blessings, that are your own.  Take advantage of family, and let them take advantage of you!


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Take to task!


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March 27, 2016 · 4:54 pm

Karl Popper’s Discussion on Organic Political bodies

Karl Popper’s Discussion on Organic Political bodies, Or Seeking Metaphysical Fame and Glory and Spirit in “Moral” War and “Cleansing ”

Made pathological by enemies of open society. First, getting themselves very sick, the political agents, which then transfer to the political body to make the democratic Republic very sick, and diseased.

The theme on disease, inflicting political agents purposely, and the political body very sick of the “People,” extends itself among fatalists to intentionally cause pandemics that only a few selected rulers of Marxist political philosophy will have antidotes to as oppressors.

But such a scenario holds the remaining few to be inflicted with a newly generated plague greater than Black Death in Europe when 50 million were killed by the War and the Plague went around the world during the end of the WorldWar II.

Look to logistics record developing, less for emergency preparedness, more for “spiritual development,” and “cleansing of the soul,” via bioagents “doing Moral good” by the murder of billions of people, in a Hegelian nightmare of mechanized Logistical genius.  Modeling in the Center for Disease Control can initiate pandemics rather than avoid or limit them.   Military directives can be initialized for population control advantages when the relative moral code degrades to bad things may be monitored but egregious acts are first, condoned, then, lauded as “most excellent! actions of presently evolving species.

Search to learn how they apply their brains, and where their investments are concentrated for quick follow through on diabolical plans!

The socialist anarchist disrupts the main order.  The bioagents kill billions of people in Marxist regimes where rulers are oppressors, and Marxist theory that states that “politics doesn’t really work.”

Look to Satanic imbecility and homosexual excesses marked by Hegelian philosophy, as dominant feature of Jonestownian reverence for social suicide in the name of Christ, both Christian and Judaic, justifying 2-3 billion dead; and Marxists from religious sects, calling for the death of liberal economics, death of democracy, and death of our human species to satisy amilleniumial prophesy better served by Issac Newton’s Apocalyptic epiphany of 1,000 years of Jesus on Earth, as bio-genetically engineered real possibility to counter atheistic self-prophesies of clergy.

It must become crimes against humanity for hedge funds to gamble against human life.  Such gambling can sacrifice the ablest and best in context of a continuing saga in history.  We need these people.  History makes the global syndicate waste them, these people secure value investing in the financial markets over time. To the tune of 100 million trillion dollars over 500-yr horizon.

Their statements are direct, right on the bottom line. They make everything matter when quantum physics kinda says, “lt is not really there!??!!”. Everything is there and leaders like these, including Abraham Boulder, provide an invaluable service!


Abraham Boulder.

P.S. Both the State of Colorado and the State of Washington operate under “inspiration from the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.” What these clinical field cleaners do is assume that through training they, the trained, or “educated,” have evolved to “Godly proportions” whereby they are the gods, or in this case, they are the people, all of them are God, and they are, at some level the State, usurping limits of state power, and initiating applied laws decriminalizing murder for State enrolled students to confront the public and actively, and quite silently murder the public enmasse!

It’s been going on for some time now and it is ever expanding.  It seems to run under the banner of a Marxist Totalitarian State and 8/9ths of the population are randomly selected, so no one group will be pointed as sole recipient of these death squads.

Freedom of speech is lawful. Internet browsers can be put on incognito.  Everything said can be symbolic to protest feared action against the citizenry. Any concrete evidence can be confirmed to authenticate these discussions of possibility without requesting official comments from government officials or the press.

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Laws of Species Motivating Behavior

Laws of Species Motivating Behavior

Human Natural Law of Survival and Thriving is the highest law of behavior. “Apply what motivates the human species to survive and thrive, and learn and, again, apply this knowledge as the top motivating influence of the species on ‘Survival and Thriving.'”

“Natural Order, Natural Law” is second most important motivator. Considered secondly, because “all things are a temporary way-station of conscious effort;” although the Law is common ground that binds together the human species despite diverse backgrounds.

Archaeological dig of the Infirmation Age: Uncovering Egregious Behavior Buried that was Claimed to be from an Earlier Period

Unnatural Order or Disorder in Scientific Laws of Chaos is the third law of motivation, because it has limits on the time interval that matter is in chaos (including the human species), and has persistent inconsistencies that are described by what disorder matter-in- motion, has in common, consistently. Consistent with, what, both, Don’t-have, disorder in-common, in-motion, relative to one another, over a time-interval algorhythm that is restricted in time by the limits of chaos-motion in matter before it reaches beyond the capacity of humankind, to restore, or transform, physics motion, by enthalpy levels of disorder-to-order, by Retreating Energy from disorder (diminishing entropy), or Transforming Energy that stabilizes into an orderly proceeding, by the algorhythms persistencies in referencing areas of disorder and labeling it as “-1;” to other control references that are not persisting, no motion is occurring, as “0;” to stabilizing areas of orderly motion, labeled, “1.” Thus creating stability in an algorithm vehicle.

Ideally, Not to “do us in.” (And the worth [+1] should be given, fast, and thorough consideration such that “0” action (a default neutral position) is really “-1” in full negative or destructive value.

This is the sociobiopsychopsycht ethical behavioral science consideration to be given full discussion to see if the full value of nutritious, exercised, and strengthened, enthalpic energy (+1) (determined by constructive effort or work) expended by homo sapiens has the biogenetic motivation to exact a working solution of the 2 of 14 icebergs’ challenges on planet Earth within the known universe we are just now getting acquainted with.

An xample of trinominal algorhthym is electrocardiogram shock to restore heart rhythm of a chaotic sudden death arrhythmic rhythm. All anti-pumping points of the heart are “-1,” any blood going through the circulatory requires a “0,” at the heart-referenced loci, and, areas with primary muscle response, accepting a healthy signal from a pacemaker, is labeled “1.”

This creates new algorhythms and technologically requires a tertiary silicon chip, similar to a balancing bar for three responses biologically to fine tune a pace maker, and sociobioethically, to acknowledge egregious behavior as a part behavior of political science and other human species organizations, reminiscent of Hobbesian philosophy.

There is two types of energy expenditures, one destructive, tends to be naturally egregious; one is voluntary neutral or constructive in energy expenditure such that the great value isgreater value of absolute decimals than the negative, terrible values for winning policy procedure.


With regards to political science policy, sociobiopsychopsycht behavioral ethics can renter poltical science, weighted for its destructiveness creating chaos, from zero to negative decimal values up to negative 1.

Constructive endeavor is the Between zero And positive decimal And full value positive one.

Most successful efforts are:


-y + 0 < 0 + (+x),  where y is egregious behavior recognized by political scientists,

And x is constructive endeavor

such that x is Effective if:

-1 < y <= 0 < x <= +1

Abraham Boulder. —-Keven.

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Is existence Grand, or imperative?! And are we seeking maximum profit, or just destroying lives for Faustian bargains???!

Is existence Grand, or imperative?! And are we seeking maximum profit, or just destroying lives for Faustian bargains???!

Is existence something to be reserved to royalty, or shall the State be larger than the whole of constituents, greater than the sum, not representative, but an overbearing albatross?!!

With the possibility of losing legal entity status for constituents equal under our living constitutional documents, do we urge other nations to take it among themselves to seek a voice from the legal status of existence, both liberal–own person–and collectively–in community, society, and global village?!

Is it our natural law that commands Us to seek these legal instruments that emphasize Equality and the Right to Live by a Living Wage for our own constituents for a Living Democracy, and for other nations as well? Will we support their efforts as comrades alligned for a cause to “do the worker good” by allowing proper care for him- and herself, and their children and pets for a brutally pragmatic optimum vitale of stamina and strength to bolster their capacity at enduring the very, very high productivity demands required to receive maximum net profit, resulting much less healthcare expenses, much less time off, much less stress cracks, much less physical symptoms,–greater output, at the required standard deviation (which may be close to an nonexistent deviation!)

Shall we seek a more affordable healthcare? One not referred to in any way as “socialized,” but mandatory State appropriation?!

Do we then continue with the true evolving economy, and continue to provide unemployment for the majority of workers whom have to go from one place of employment to the next, because of the nine-tenths rule of before-5-year bankruptcy.

Do we, with the advent of the field of neuroscience, admit that workers have brains, and those brains have minds that need to care for acquiring foods, staple items, and necessary services in realistic 24-hr. setting for themselves, their children, and loved pets. (Taking the edge off of bare, cold facts by talking about our loving pets, also?!)

Shall we do democracy good by acknowledging the majority and minorities that have the capacity to excel long-term, drive GDP to it’s highest levels, and continue without costing more time to recharge, sleep, and get up and do it again, and again–if they as adults, were allotted the time for adequate care, mandatory services, and mandatory sleeptime?!!

—-Keven. Abraham Boulder.

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Twenty-first Century non-Naive Meliorism. Legal entity status of homo sapiens evolving, equality in freedom to be responsible to self-interest such that, it serves “me” and me in “selfish altruism.” A Wisdom Packett–what Benjamin Franklin did not get to say. (How not to isolate yourself and stop hating all the time.). A counteroffense and counterdefense to Not destroying our world! Man’s and Woman’s Nature’s return to Nature of the planet in the universe.

Twenty-first Century non-Naive Meliorism. Legal entity status of homo sapiens evolving, equality in freedom to be responsible to self-interest such that, it serves “me” and me in “selfish altruism.” A Wisdom Packett–what Benjamin Franklin did not get to say. (How not to isolate yourself and stop hating all the time.). A counteroffense and counterdefense to Not destroying our world!

Biological agencies that thrive on belief of Meliorism, or the belief that it is best to do better for yourself, up to approximately $75,000, and to keep from a social suicide, to counteroffense and follow through! when it is possible! with a bettering of society inherent in philantrophy, and when necessary the sociopoliticalbio disruption of antigen to eradicate personal and social disease.

On other personal levels, includes volunteering when it is Not a detriment to same volunteer!! And proves Salubrious from same volunteer’s selfish altruism!! to aid others that results in bolstering the immune system with vigor, strength, and health for completing living of volunteer that ideally is shared with others, with a bounty of antibodies that help heal from disease caused by environmental toxens, and opposing aggressions of your own and others that work to destroy the species or individual by mutual destruction.

Nature’s response is favorable to this, above, but must be actualized by doing and getting it done, with balance in mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health for “priority flux” living.
–Abraham. —-Keven. and his mate.

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If you’ve taken a wrong path, do you continue with it, or do you double back and take another route?

If you’ve taken a wrong path, do you continue with it, or do you double back and take another route?

What, if you knew that if you continued you would reach the top of a very high cliff, and a bear would approach you at the cliff, closer, and closer? Would you, having just imagined this, run back and take an alternative route.

Let’s try this out, what if you had a tour guide on a route that described in detail things that had no resemblance to what was out there, but on another route another tour guide described functioning facility operations that paid people for work by private enterprise, and paid for government services that existed Because of funding from the taxes on workers and business owners alike, and kept corporate taxes very, very competitive with other industrial nations? Ideally, much like Denmark–“the happiest place in the world”-The Economist magazine.

What if you have a choice between casino city, a socialist party communist, and actual reformer of our economy, liberal economics (even if the reform ideas originate from a socialist whose communist economy fails in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, and Cuba, and But Not the United States because the Capitalist Reformer takes on some of these ideas?! (China is parasitic on the American economy which, is a social science involving liberal economics, and also, evolves with, hopefully, Natural laws that keep the Natural phenomenon of the “invisible hand” occurring dynamically (less static, and not fixed pricing of supply and demand of widgits).

What if Clinton would win with these essential ingredients? What if she teamed up with someone just as strong? Be strong on America, and let’s keep America working; with social programs that are paid for, with limited budget deficits!

Abraham Boulder —-Keven.

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See difference can matter!


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March 20, 2016 · 4:40 am

“Non-Euclidean possibilities of all lines of reasoning.”

“Non-Euclidean possibilities of all lines of reasoning.”
All kinds, but does not stop from Meliorism to zero-nonmeliorism–it goes to negative infinity entropically, and enthalpic morning biorythm for-the-day needs a melioristic contribution to community of clothes, money to food banks, refugee agencies, and volunteering, for balance of Hobbesian pragmatic society to adequately counter the terrible nature inherent to Man and Woman.

Argument based on relative moralism, not categorical thinking as biosocioethically correct.

Implementing is behavioral science to put a halt to negativity-causing burnout. Even if negativity is profitable, it leaves a shell.

—-Keven. Abraham Boulder.

Title from: “Crisis in Democracy’ by Purcell, Jr.

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