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A Serious Matter

A Serious Matter
Enemies of the United States of America would use: (1) the backside as entry point for information. With that considered, another source or gain in information is: (2) applied communism. It gains information that the West would consider private by affect intelligence that connect with numerology (feminine in study).

A particle physics filter is needed to absorb energy and data information from physics particle and nano matter to maintain the philosophic “space” provided as an opportunity by liberal laws protecting the rights of individuals, and their privacy, but as of yet, Not Recognized as part of our physical constitution in the Natural Law of the U.S. Constitution (constituents having presence on Earth and have the right to exist, to be free of Despots, to limited power of the government; the governed invoking when needed the constitutional rights and county rights and municipality rights to exist, live without despots of government or business or public leaders, to envoke these legal constitutional conditions that places the remaining power that government does not hold–to prevent tyranny and despotism–in the hands And minds of the constituents). That Natural Law of homo sapiens captured in law as social, liberal, political science accuracy of nature within Man and Woman, and protection of children as minors.

It is believed that Western influence and persuasion coupled with Communist mutual affect intelligence can maintain good relations for business.

Militarily, is a different thing. And an ongoing relationship in this sphere aids the cooperation between sovereign states, to keep passwords and other secrets private.

My establishing a foundation, or consulting to government, to further strengthen our business relations and to secure military positions in a “stealth format” that bolsters security of America, and Business by allowing further cooperation with Communist countries, needs to be considered.

My services would be by contract, legally requiring productive action on my part and position, and guaranteeing a minimum salary double my present benefits from disability.

This would allow all sovereign nations access to assets for their military infrastructure, without sucking all information from the United States like a vacuum cleaner.

Fair-Party Assignments.

The world works very, very hard to meet business obligations. They could use, less stress!

I would serve as Chief Director above the Acting Director of this Foundation or government operation.

Another way to see it, is to make my position as Counsel to the Chief Administrator of a department or agency of government.

At any rate, fiduciary matters entail direct payments from the Treasury Department, including minimum double salary of existing benefits, and a guaranteed pension, when employment ends for whatever reason, payment of 40 years time-in-service pay, paid monthly, at the time of discharge, exit.

Abraham Boulder.

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Truly at a crossroads: take the high road!

Truly at a crossroads: take the high road!
Not only do we have fiction professors, pumping delusion for the State to oppress, torture, and commit genocide in “cleansing methodology” for behavioral economics systems; we also have the “casino mentality” of the gold splurge for gold rings to tie to a pole, a crowd of winners whose “souls are cleansed” by an extermination process.

Why not gamble contrarian, these investors are ridiculously losers. However, the return or take is Huge because NOW is when the odds are Greatest for investing, all-stockmarket mutual funds (“1/n” the Nobel prize winning fraction), bonds, CD’s, and high- interest, savings accounts at credit unions.

These are very secure financial instruments. Research this last statement at the library to know the truth. Education can come from MorningStar or Charles Shwab, Bogle on index mutual funds, Buffet on value-driven investments in stocks and bonds.

Any futures gambling should not exceed three times the value of a lottery ticket.

Now is a time of uncertainty, now is the time to use prudence on investing and choose secure financial instruments.

Let the bubble burst, stay secure and confident through travails lasting 20 years to 40 years, or greater!

Live long, and invest in a wise, secure future.

Abraham Boulder.

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Team Jesus and Almighty God.

Team Jesus and Almighty God.
In the event, that we had Apocalypse only 500 years back and post-WWII. That Jesus may only come every 1, 2, or 3,000 years, let us not wait for His arrival, for now.

Team Jesus are people with Jesus that can do the effort and management of the 4th industrial revolution for Christians.

Such worthwhile legends and archetypes in all religions can have their own teams for economic prosperity under Meliorism policy.

As for Jesus, try supermarket prophesy from Issac Newton to nourish your body, mind and soul for a thousand years of Jesus on Earth, apocalypse.  2nd time around.

–Keven and his mate.

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Brain-damaged and working by mainframe computer assistants up your butt.

Brain-damaged and working by mainframe computer assistants up your butt.

Social anarchy and global syndicate of Human trafficking, heroin supply, and political genocide to “sanitize us” from the good people of the Earth.

Running governments by tyranny, and business the same way. Realizing the need for many Inspector Generals in government; a firm commitment of our schools and universities to do less anti-social, social disorder, stop certifying chef’s in cuisine art colleges and departments, to engage in a state-run human meat-packing, for-profit industry, that uses homicidal techniques for gainful, monetary profit.

NATO to fulfill it’s responsibilities, that it’s members have the freedom of enterprise, freedom to think, experience “their own” me, free from despotism now holding them captive, and terrorizing them in Sweden.

The S.S. in the University of Washington State system, hiring thugs and murders and grading, or awarding them with degrees for these actions of behavioral science.

Let us turn off the Washington State anti-intellectual crusade to mock and destroy educations in science, and applied sciences, other than Totalitarianism terrorism!

Socialism is not used for communism, or fascism, or keeping social programs available to the public in a liberal economy.  Socialism, in this context, serves strictly anarchy, and actual, bona-fide rationalism, with appropriate Behavioral economics, is targets of torture, ridicule, and scorn.

Abraham Boulder. —-Keven

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Central tenet for Hayek-Keynesian-FDR.

Central tenet for Hayek-Keynesian-FDR.

Deviance has a very proud association, doing what it can to threaten Mr. Normal who has his own problems, and doesn’t want social anarchy from deviance, now, as a social disorder–to get in his way working out his own solutions, as men are capable of solving problems, and willing to find them. Women, as well.

“unrestrained capitalism” can be administered by “taxation;” and “deathduties;” “anti-trust” suits, that have perhaps some less effect on controlling laissez-faire abuses [e.g., Enron price hiking in CA] (author Karl Popper).

It seems historically, Prof. Hayek was an “ancient Greek 300,” keeping the West from fascism and communism, during  and after the war in Britain, influencing Europe’s economic development, Japon’s, and keeping the U.S. on a steady mid- course of liberal economics during the Post-War period with the help of the Marshall Plan; can now help the global economy develop compatibility with science’s natural laws with a Marshall Plan II, easily by historical Hayek-Marshall Invest-ment in Reformed, liberal economic influence of the United States, with Fort Knox gold reserve to strengthen, not weaken reforming, nonlaissez-faire liberal economy’s and financial centers, and influence these sectors in Seoul, Tokyo, China, Singapore, China-Taiwan, Russia, Armenia, E. Europe, and Central Europe, Mexico, Chile, and many others.

Prosperity can be seen for a hundred years, possibly for 400 more years. Look to Denmark and see the world’s future.

Plenty of social programs, while keeping liberal economics in its natural dynamic with the equilibrium of price, determined from quantity of demand and quantity of supply.

Let’s end social anarchy where people of government association state statements “of state,” stated as fact that are actually statements of delusion and fiction.

Keep our press free under the 1st Amendment of our states’ constitutions.  The public needs to vote on the press, with their wallet and pocketbook, to demand press stay free and report important findings to their readership.

Let’s end social anarchy in socialism on the right and left, and keep business competitive and private, keep the constituents’ savings, and keep citizenship private, instead of making citizens mere property of all-consuming monopoly government.

Keep the many social programs in the economic system in liberal economics, let us reform capitalism so it is not laissez-faire, let’s put correct controls in finance, the stock market, and Inspector Generals paid by the U.S. Treasury directly, back in government!  Let’s do it!

Over 500 years, Fort Knox will have replaced gold with Platinum.

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Comments on “The Unfinished Global Revolution.”

Ideas matter. Matter=physics particle idea quantum.

If you hold a discussion with the assumption that the matters discussed are idea quanta–discrete units of ideas–illustrate: a cube-it, a fixed length, height, and width, in universal physics while you breathe atomicly with gravity of the planet effecting the bio-cell, human organism, you find ideas formenting like efferescent bubbly.

To illustrate, envision a cube-it sized ice cubes –each filled with startling expressions of ha! ha! ha! and lots of fun, or the Martian explorations, fiction authors’ compositions.

Such ideas are engulfed at bay in a cocoon to gestate enthalpically for Meliorism. If some insist it’s not enthalpy, then there is another class of energy that exists, because those who use it are with this unnamed energy supply, tend to go uphill in stamina and strength, by scientific nutrition that’s fed to adults, not just children alike; and having digestive systems providing health, instead of infection (inflammation), in or on the body.

This energy source, enthalpic or not, leads us to productive gain when civilization’s ashes is left with existential annihilators, and the threat of nuclear war becomes more apparent.

Fire is once again harnessed, this time fire from an engineered sun for the good common wealth. Meliorism, of globalized infrastructure funded by Fort Knox Marshall Plan II where hydrogen power also is a marvel, and revolution.

Both supporting our energy needs and the cleanup and sustainability program schedules and implementation expenses necessary to sustain a planet needing urgent care.

Such actions create jobs, jobs, and more jobs! Much in construction, engineering, and design in global, sustainable infrastructure in the ~200 industrial nations needing cleanup and sustainable living.

The sustainable power-unit construction includes mini-power units from Canadian engineering. Some of these technologies are a cleaner, more manageable design.

All this, from a Fort Knox, Marshall Plan II emphasizing global jobs for design and engineering, construction and efficiency, U.S. technical jobs take precedence over labor demand for those qualified or trainable in technical schools.

Investment comes from American sources. Wise Keynesian stimulation during global recessions, provide free access to the construction of global infrastructure funded by government fiscal policy. Ownership to be determined by international policy continually developed to serve American needs and the global nations themselves.

I believe the global community wishes to invest for their ownership of power plants. Their direct investment and wise American fiscal policy during global recessions, such that Keynesian stimulation is attained in recessions, leaves open the real possibility of ownership of global infrastructure from this economic stimulation by transfer of said ownership from U.S. government ownership of facility to the foreign, global governments themselves.

This being the possibility of realized recessionary policy, the growth cycle has to warrant the demand for industry supplying the needs of the ~200 industrial nations.

The growth cycle must show adequate gains in GDP firstly, to pay for such a recessionary stimulation, secondly.

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March 13, 2016 · 7:31 am

Boulder Plan and Document of Efficacy

Planet Earth, further economic development and sustainability survival actions.*

Clinton staying with liberal economics, an engine, an investment fortress, economically suited as a sacred tent of jobs, jobs, jobs–in the Goodness of God’s love–similar to Fort Knox–a gold reserve; keeping confidence in the U.S. Treasury’s bonds market. Generating fusion energy and hydrogen-fueled cars, with corresponding hydrogen refueling stations.

Calling the bonds: “Living Bonds for avoiding the Universal ‘Icebergs’ that the ‘Vikings,’ to the promised land of America in a Marshall II Plan; in which the United States is partnered with Canada, Mexico, and Chile in NAFTA II, and Asia in the Asian trade agreements, applied to tiger economies ascending, and Tokyo’s established economic engine.

Finally, trade agreements with Europe and investments in Nigeria and other African nations–this EarthmotherShip will really take off, with the next generation of kids, coming up envisioned from Walt Disney’s Pan–flying by ecosystems connected by Einstein incomplete theory of physics–theory that has been shown to exist in applied-physics connections at huge distances from each mini-ecosystem  (like the cinematic presentation shows).

Liberal economics, democracy, Clinton. Good deal. 100 million trillion dollars over 500 years of bio-engineered technologies from the Creator God, the God of Sanity, thus Love, best brains in America and abroad.

Sounds like a winner future for many, many, generations of the global population to come. Recognizing populations of the world needing legal-entity status, and equality, and, firstly, jobs needed for constituents of America! and those of foreign nations that, secondly gain opportunity, from this Republic of Democracy, that reaches with evolving social science, anchored in reformed liberal economics!

Mind you, for Behavioral Economics–you don’t bleed George Washington to death again–that means sustainability actions that are effective in economic policy are needed for motherEarth and to lead the new economy.  Even with monetary irrationalities, secured.

We will replace gold with Platinum in Fort Knox!!  Gold investment in global-infrastructure development

Let it be done by domestic 4th industrial revolution of the beyond post-modern era, the Boulder Plan in all nations. Amendments to our Globalized, constitutional governments for Japan, Britain, and Iceland whenever possible.  Declaration of Efficacy: G200 Marshall Plan II. Fort Knox over 200 years for 500 year economic infusion; and amended constitutional law meeting the demands of globalization.

Solid. Seasoned. A tendency to be or become rounded at the edges.  Boulder Plan, Declaration of Efficacy! With a strong Vice-President complementing a Clinton Administration!


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Ontology of Metaphysics changes “good” location of phrase to depict a better understanding of God, and the Will and Determination of constituents to meloristically “do better’ than the Creator when He is having a “bad day.” -Or- What is good for you and me (the consumer and seller) that’s Heaven’s delight under the Sun (while we get a little frisky).

Pluck is the literary character of a Shakespearean story that is winged. His flight is about the aerian substrate, i.e., particle physics, as Ontologically, existing, idea quanta, of literary intellectual imaginings of efferescent bubbly bouncing above the head of Orveille Reddenbacher, from his winning sales ideas, to the similar physics of the motion of his popcorn. Spirit is Ontologically, Exists as a belief system for those who hold the faith. Both idea quanta and Spirit are included in metaphysics.

Spirit is a realm believed in because bio-genetically, we strive meloristically with the “good Almighty God of common wealth,” but more inclined to be believed in as, the Almighty God of good common wealth, knowing, according to belief that (1) God has a dark side, as well as His goodness; and (2) liberal economics is a system of aggregates of trade; benefiting (being Good for) tradesmen, by monetary profit, from trading Goods in the market; while consumers at the market, choose whether to purchase items (the goods), if bought, provide the consumer with material gain. For those of holding to faith, don’t give up on prayer for you, your family, and the stranger.

In liberal economic terms, there is an equilibrium that occurs, a social science natural phenomenon of homo sapiens, when supply of Goods meets demand by consumers there is a balancing point, the price reflects how much the goods are demanded and how much supply of goods there is at the market.

This happens in liberal economic marketplaces, like I said, it Doesn’t happen is socialism [democratic] communism. Every time you shop. We really call this natural phenomenon of human nature, “the invisible hand,” natural phenomenon of human commerce.

Again, this happens Only in liberal economics! Human nature! It ties us to the bunnies (Happy Easter—oh, And Happy Pu-rim to some others). Well anyway, it ties us to the chipmunks and the goats too! For those that need the bull in the marketplace, it ties us to such a beasr!

I hope this clears up commerce (in the plural) fro. the deceiving liars about this scientific fact. Remember, God has a dark side. Good day! (Keep it natural.)

Sincerely, –Keven (Abraham Boulder).

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Asia sickness!!

Asia sickness!!
Socialbio ethics beyond right and wrong ethics to the ethics of what is correct action and correct thinking, and correct affect intelligence subliminally in the law of science of history that, “what must be done, will be done,” in neuro- and behavioral psychology of homo sapiens of all the populations of the world for survival, then thriving from our rich diversity of genetics, of species, for greatest assurance of survival, on Earth. Earth 1st, Me 2nd. Victory.

Queen of Death Incarnate. k. & elizabeth. Both hearts too close to death. What is needed is forthright action, some immediately. Queen of death reigns supreme over the Sabbath queen. Counter intentional idiocy, favoring more chaos, wanting to study on-site increases, in chaos in the scientific field of science of chaos, until “all is lost.”. Purposeful disaster added on to ONgoing! tragedy.

Death mist creeping over the Divine universal ceiling, Man, now Woman’s, desire to kill and take specimen, to kill intelligent life to study neural braincircuitry and brain chemistry, to use weapons of mass destruction on pioneered, inter-planetary slaves of civilizations that, did Not do social suicide, were Not interested harming those of other planets, that found Peace in their souls, that they did Not do, self-destruction. That’s the lesson all these lab samples are supposed to teach! Those are the lessons that escape our own specimens (may they live! Do it! Battle!).

On a personal level, the slander that can be placed upon a man for doing these posts and loving his fiance, is astounding.

Perhaps, a little less hateful demagoguery in completion to champion racial hate perpetuated by African Americans and supported by caucasions and supporting race, either, Black, or White, and steeped in the knowledge that categorical thinking, and accompanying affect, is faulty, incorrect thinking, supporting more an Armageddon, and less Divine sanction, defying any theologian who doesn’t think so, who thinks too much, and holds families and nations at ransom, so they can indulge in all kinds of sexual exploits, so they can eat human flesh, crimes-against-humanity! And for some, be the first of Divinity school to blow up the world.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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