Brain-damaged and working by mainframe computer assistants up your butt.

Brain-damaged and working by mainframe computer assistants up your butt.

Social anarchy and global syndicate of Human trafficking, heroin supply, and political genocide to “sanitize us” from the good people of the Earth.

Running governments by tyranny, and business the same way. Realizing the need for many Inspector Generals in government; a firm commitment of our schools and universities to do less anti-social, social disorder, stop certifying chef’s in cuisine art colleges and departments, to engage in a state-run human meat-packing, for-profit industry, that uses homicidal techniques for gainful, monetary profit.

NATO to fulfill it’s responsibilities, that it’s members have the freedom of enterprise, freedom to think, experience “their own” me, free from despotism now holding them captive, and terrorizing them in Sweden.

The S.S. in the University of Washington State system, hiring thugs and murders and grading, or awarding them with degrees for these actions of behavioral science.

Let us turn off the Washington State anti-intellectual crusade to mock and destroy educations in science, and applied sciences, other than Totalitarianism terrorism!

Socialism is not used for communism, or fascism, or keeping social programs available to the public in a liberal economy.  Socialism, in this context, serves strictly anarchy, and actual, bona-fide rationalism, with appropriate Behavioral economics, is targets of torture, ridicule, and scorn.

Abraham Boulder. —-Keven

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