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Essay in metaphysics. Phadon: the immortality of the soul. M.Mendelssohn.

Berlin (Prussian) Royal Academy of Sciences

1st Prize. MMendelssohn

2nd Prize. Immanuel Kant

By updating one of Plato’s dialogues, he composed a European bestseller. Based on the “immortality of the soul.” Called Phadon

His final metaphysical work is called, “Morning Hours.” [Why not: “twilight hours”?]

Haskalah = Jewish Enlightenment Now Jewish post-Enlightenment Vs. Rasputin, now Razpunksky, PCB.

Rasputin was the mystic of hypnosis. He lead Russia astray. A possible ordinary holy man.

1900 Moscow was a time of “nothing at all.” Nothing acceptable from existing regime in place.

Philosophically real existence was out. Skepticism out ranked it. Leading to WWI then WWII.

I believe Rasputin made nothing sacred and helped depose royalty and Western education. From nothing comes nothing at all.

Oxford American dictionary reveals “nihilism” to measure a “extreme revolutionary Russian politics,” [sic] [year 1900] adhering to “nothing as the prime principle in a social order.” Surely we’ve evolved in hundreds of thousands of years and the universe and earth has evolved over billions of years. Surely, we amount to “nothing” in the case of earthly or universal time.

And from nothing comes something: world war. And now Razpunksky, whom wants to succeed Biden or Trump as President of the United States of America warrants the position for WWIII, WWIV, and WWV.

M.Mendelssohn wrote of metaphysics and prize essay of Berlin Royal Academy of Science Fair.

Mendelssohn speaks of “cogito” to know. He says I know therefore God must exist for me to know.

But know what. His answer is I am therefore God exists.

Biblically, God speaks, “I am that I am”.

But “I am” what. I am “something.” I do exist. From something comes something. Not nothing begetting nothing or nothing at all. Or not anything. Something. Meta.

The Age of Insight was authored by Eric R. Kandel. Focusing on 1900 Vienna. When insight became a parlor experience. People needed their sleep. And when leaving a salon in the wee hours of early morn’ the Vienna Circle mentality took back reality as strict five-senses physical to avail “peace” of mind and golden slumbers.

Kandel is founding director of the Center for Neurobiology and Behavior at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. In 2000, he won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

“Something” is a sacred value to avoid ruin. To preach “nothing” as the rule entices annihilation. And I think our genes like the God concept, and do well besides it. Something called mental and physiological health.

—Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.





How do we accommodate the Jesus archetype of fluid knowledge and thought?

Idea quanta takes a position that ideas and music are represented by relative comparisons and combinations that include measures of vibrating string. It is in combinations of strumming and picking “lyre or harp” strings that cause and effect occurs and records are kept. First, simple. Then, complex. This allows the combinations of music, then language. And the formation of complete ideas in subsub particle physics. Thus, allowing assorted combinations to evolve and progress physics to chemistry to biology and then human language and music on the literal, universe-“plane.”

—Abraham Boulder. Keven.

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The Department of Defense Has Delivered Another Massive Intelligence Failure | The Nation

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Lawmakers Seek Scrutiny of Farmland Purchases by Chinese, Other Foreigners – The Wall Street Journal.

Lawmakers Seek Scrutiny of Farmland Purchases by Chinese, Other Foreigners

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TechSpot: Gravity batteries in abandoned mines could power the whole planet, scientists say

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Important for freedom. The Times of Israel: ‘Night is descending on Israel’: Over 100,000 rally in Tel Aviv; largest protest yet

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Neuroscience News: New Nanoparticles Deliver Therapy Brain-Wide and Edit Alzheimer’s Gene

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Essential. The Guardian: This is an era of plentiful, cheap, renewable energy, but the fossil fuel dinosaurs can’t admit it

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Filed under Uncategorized Inside Amazon’s layoffs and the battle for the tech giant’s future

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The Wall Street Journal: GM, LG Scrap Plans to Partner on Fourth U.S. Battery Factory – WSJ

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As if we don’t know even better

Paris to Moscow.  Old iron fastening.  All meaning lost in modern times.

Vienna an age of Insight except when “enough is enough,” or some political hardball played; calling out: “Unconscious,” “Vienna circle” is celebrated as “silent nothingness” racking the brains with the quiet, while neurotic people spiderly squander their footing in desperate, fatal throngs to leadership desperate for new ideas.  Looking 3D at blank walls.

But pulsing with power for total annihilation on exoplanet Earth. Similar to the days of the Titanic.

When the esteemed world leadership embarked from the harbor to wear tux and gown, sip champagne and eat what-little-remains of caviar.

And proclaimed, “No God controls the human fate.”

That true to the Hellenistic Macedonians,  and Roman pope (and Russian religion’s elite),

We shall perish because we are clever and very smart and we know death awaits us for misuse of brains.

So voyagers–proclaim, “We will go down with the ship.”  With our superman-egos of modern times and abilities to wage world war, many, many times over, even today (we can have WWIII, WWIV, WWV). We will slam into the iceberg on purpose.

“We announce as our own witnesses that we are incredibly brilliant and gods in our own right, and of ourselves, whole.”

Garnering strength from animation: “Popeye” eating his spinach, “Ending our fate by choosing when it occurs, thus handling our human destiny to ourselves.  .  .”

By slamming into the iceberg purposely. 

“By drowning in our over-stuffed egos and very, very narrow intelligence.”

Dependent on intellect.  But not Jesus, but Daimon.  Ignoring emotional intelligence.  Affective intelligence (“when we ‘sing a song’ of sentence construction), spiritual intelligence (“what matters?” Globally and personally.)  And wisdom intelligence (“piquing your ears with ‘what about?’ Not ‘falling asleep to sheer boredom.’ hearing what needs said, quietly” . . . after 250,000 years of homo sapiens.

Whose origins evolved to be the only human, the only animal, the only warm-blooded mammal to have Father, God breathe into Man’s nostrils the spirit.

Inspiring communion with God, establishing his soul history of experience. And allowing for peace and prosperity.  With the eye on the clock and month and year of each Farsighted(c) annual calendar page.

To accomplish what we do and stay mute, about. While the clock’s pendulum ticks seconds, minutes, hours, and days. Months, and Years.

For the love we have, ourselves.  Not just for God.

To be constructive.  Not to be destructive.  And love ourselves in action.  Results.  And developing habits.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. And PCB will proclaim, “Victory!”  And become president of the Unied States.  For annihilation.  Extermination.  Hatred.  And incineration.

Macedonia can be met with Mesopotania.  For the spirit that is Hebrew.  Evretim.  Serves in the Book of Numbers, a generations-to-come Destiny.  With Human Command and AI Tool.


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