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I, Robot–Not the movie–History, baby!

“Marx writes that the hand mill begets the feudal lord, while the steam mill announces the industrial capitalist . But the feudal lord battles his successor, the industrialist. Later the guild master brawls with the factory owner.” (Buchholz, Todd G., New Ideas from Dead Economists, A Plume Book, publ.)

Now this is a scenario to make consider and find your bearings. This is not to encourage or support violence.

Global syndicate involving the Royal and Orthodox and State officials where the gov’t [pretend=fiction] goes Rogue.

The war between U.S., China, Russia, Germany, India, and North Korea. These nation’s officials [pretend=fiction] acknowledge Germany’s recognition of “I, Robot” as a living entity.

So WWIII occurs and the military…turns the guns on the populations, killing 8/9ths of the populations, leaving gov’t socialists only, and legion of robots to do “private” enterprise work!

Robots replacing workers–the new enterprise.  But will it occur without such mechanized, mass death.

Murder was never condone.  Serial murder–it’s great tragedy.  But genocide!!–these are crimes against humanity, such that billions could die and the leaders’ intentions can be foiled before it’s underway.

In the United States, I think there are indications, it’s underway.  Best to confirm what many suspect than leave it idle, having another holocaust among nations–to have Tobor (Robot, spelled backward) the 8th man replacing humanity!!

The sick among sickness is that some Jews may be party to the profits of this arrangement.

Also:  There’s a large allegiance of Jesus of the Orthodox churches with alien dieties of India in cross-cultural studies devoid of a Hebrew God in deliberation.

As an Evret, is this, I wonder, acceptable??!  I am for the Father of Abraham and Sarah.  The Seik has Allah with alien deities, does these Orthodox churches have Jesus without Adonshim? I don’t think it’s possible to have Jesus of the Christian faith without it anchored to the loving nature the Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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What of the counter-revolution?!

“The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!” (In: New Ideas from Dead Economists, Bucholz, Todd. C. , A Plume Book, publ;-> Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto, p. 46.)

Nothing is said, and much goes on in Totalitarian States with regard to fiscal policy, or the gov’t’s efforts (socialists) to improve economy by genocide and intolerable pressure, thrusted on the torture-threatened patriot, and approved by the communist (or fascist) party with gleeful subjects taking on Kafka-esque proportions of gleefulness, and night-marish exultations of “the State is supreme!” It is, “Death!,” to Freedom!

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Oafs make merry, and the world has to give up living.

These Bozos so enjoy and enthuse with merriment to burglarize your home, your car, and leave you dead on arrival.

Be it left to various Actors and fill, to sport intense levels of crime to support the global syndicate in America, India, China, and Russia with American private goods.

These thick, high browed legions favor an intellect of meaninglessness and worthlessness, and seem to be encouraged by their parents to be, “anything they want to be, . . . just be the best at it than all the rest.”

So, they become trained in Death Squad corporations of China, Russia, and the United States that compete with the likes known to have occurred in Chile and Argentina.

Having no legal attachment to the World Court, none of them legally have the basis, to call their atrocious acts, crimes against humanity.

All is for the “Up”–a raised Cain. All is for the One–no productive, effective thought. All humor laughs at those who criticize their demented degeneracy.

And it goes on, and on. Criticize their scorching imbecility or stupor and what you get is them as supervisors or managers where you work–you are forced to do very, very high levels of productivity–they are considered accomplished if they spell their names right.

Not to criticize names–what you’ve got, is what you have, and that’s certainly good enough, but when spelling your name is more important than taking care of your health, then, the health of family members; your honor has replaced the need for you and subsequent generations’ to survive through the senior years of each generation and a thousand years of Jew Meseach and Jesus Christ.

Managers, get your productivity up to very, very productive, like the rest of the business.

May your Satan be tempered to live a long life of you, your family, and your secular neighbor.

–Keven. –Abraham Boulder.

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Bacteria strain from emergency room via Husky

Wig-Wam, Jr. leaves me with dusted strain of bacteria to breathe into lungs from apartment above.

Dusting also includes bacteria strain from pelvic area of young man he had sex with, whom would “rape,” “burglarize” and perhaps “murder” me to show “what a real man does.”

Excrement of the culprit dusting my place through the ceiling wall, lies about the upside floor.

Fill-in philosophizing on excrement and human waste reminds me of college days when talk like that was a daily occurrence.  But the difference I pray is that the college student tends to learn meaning, while the culprit agonizes with imbecilic certainty of what was Hegelian, and Soviet profound stupor, rejecting things human–a common decency–a proponent for life-long endeavor, this hill climb of vigor and vitality of the healthy mind–cut short by the dredging sludge and human waste fudge slime that slithers it’s way down a steep incline to bottom out and surround love of the heart, and transcendental literature of the mind, and plague it with the very maggots and infinite array of carneverous worms to leave democracy and liberal economics in the putrefecation state of uselessness.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Sequel to Animal Farm; Or, Pooh gets huffy about The End.

The Ostrich and Piglet! Pooh, “Oh! I AM angry!

Piglet, dear says to Ostrich, “You see, Winnie IS angry . . . and for reason!

“Ostrich,” says Pooh, “would you like some honey?! It’s good!”

“Won’t you see how my tummy feels when the honey is eaten!!”

“Please, Ostrich, look and see. See our genuine smiles and the warmth that Winnie and Piglet provide!”

“Will you think over once more, about your butchering all the Winnie’s, and all the Piglet’s, and Ostrich, too!”

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Abraham Boulder lectures.. a little.

Economic price of a human life, and philosophical debate, essentially: Is there really “value” in human life? What’s the point of continuing? Shouldn’t “we all [just] fall down.”

Economic value in competitive advantage for a human life that focuses on the business with their competitive advantage, producing more in a free-trade global market (greater demand) greater profits from larger supply to meet this demand with equilibrium on price dependent on the amount of demand (number of eligible purchasors) and supply manufactured (volume of output), but, note also: quantified metric of volume of input resources harvested or mined, keeping accurate accounting records to encourage government to raise price on raw resources or place a ban, if destructive potential is, y=-1 on Value Index.

Now that we have completed resource depletion, entirely (y=-1->nuclear winter scenario), we can manage resources to adequately compete with other inputs with the value x>0, x+1.

Thus, building value for x work done in ecosystems, and x values, working and supporting human lives in the sustainable working ecosystem.

Now, we ask:. what’s the point in continuing?

Unless we are enamored by the Orthodox religions to stop existence, we have a clearly defined record of understanding who and what we are from empirical observation, scientific experiments, and the dance we now engage in in the synchronicity or counterpointal music of spirit with space particles (possibly nanos in space, as well). Also the contact-at-a-distance of Einstein’s incomplete mathematical equation, that is used in applied physics.

Should we, then, “all fall down?”

The premise that we all are the same exact thing and that therefore any one leader or handful of leaders can decide the fate or destiny of the vastness of humanity, is a false presumption, and such leaders should not be followed!  The 1% cannot decide because of their bias, like Pharaohs, to take everything with them when they die!

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Spiritual intelligence – a personal and collective unconscious journey for working evolutionary trends.

SQ by Danah Zohar & Ian Marshall:

“By SQ [spiritual intelligence] I mean the intelligence with which we address and solve problems of meaning and value [to that I add: “spiritual wisdom: the wisdom to know when ‘to go there’ and when, ‘Don’t!'”], the intelligence with which we can place our actions and our lives in a wider, richer, meaning-giving context, the intelligence with which we can assess that one course of action or one life-path is more meaningful than another. SQ is the necessary foundation for the effective functioning of both IQ and EQ. It is our ultimate intelligence. [And it lacks the wisdom, “not to go there” or “not to do that!!”]

Does it matter. Nietzsche says it doesn’t. Extinction agrees with Nietzsche. Meaning and value are worthless.

Wisdom, spiritual, or otherwise, is the “greater part of valor.” It is the one sense saying, “Enough!”

We can live without it. We can live better for retracing our steps, for stepping out of that “intelligence trap.” But if we don’t have intelligence such as SQ, they’re is no meaning in life, and we suffer a stupor of tyranny, a tyranny of imbecility that dictates, that meaning is “meaningless,” and life is “worthless.”

You worship gods of destruction, lacking context; or God in context, with worshippers that don’t place God’s context in human perspective for human survival, whom are not able to continue to worship “God of goodness, God of greatness” and to whom performing, in our own self-interest, and selfish altruism, cannot include great acts, escaping mediocrity, escape group suicide–stop worshipping a God of destruction, worship the Unity of God for goodness, but also greatness!!

Even if it’s ordinary greatness, it measures up–it’s what’s needed against everyday terribleness.  Foster, nourish it, let any form of greatness grow and balance and compensate for something well done with other things in goodness and badness–but avoid terribleness, and fight terribleness with greatness for balance.

Abraham Boulder.  –Keven.

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