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Keep them alive!

Another human migration upon the globe. Those of Russian Jews. Reports need to be confirmed because they are being mishandled, abused, and killed in record numbers. A truly horrible humanitarian crisis.

I write this with heuristics from former director of Max Planck Institute of Human Development. With my gut feelings of a assimilated Russian Jew.

We had pestroika, glasnost, and refuseniks. This is a migration out of Russia with no refugee acceptance. A true humanitarian crisis. Let them find sanctuary. Have compassion for the suffering!

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Social Contract and lives out of the balance (away from security) because of partial mental impairment. What constitutes “equal treatment” despite “care initiatives” that were meant to do good, doing great harm and blocking constitutionally enacted Justice and Freedoms vs. Racist extremists

Contributing to the security of the commercial lanes in the high seas and deterrence of nuclear war, is it unacceptable to keep these constituents, veterans, adherents to “life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness,” in the dark of equality of justice and freedom. Practically, these constituents will not be treated in such a way as to be used as laboratory animals for social engineering experiments, maimed, killed by respective states and the State.

Has the State(s) stepped over the line of acceptability, employing social engineering tactics given sociobio ethical approval by “yes-no” conclusions of binary decisionmaking, that cries out for decisionmaking based on sociobioethical discussions of a trinomial geek computer programming, employing a Value Index with values -1, 0, +1, such that the value of destruction being discussed is represented by -1 < y < 0, whereby nuclear winter is y = -1;

z = 0, and has no inherent destructive or constructive value;

and constructive actions and results are represented by 0 < x , the Values x,y,z such that the Index states:

-1 < y < 0 = z < x <=+1.

This Value Index takes into account the times we approach “the warning track.” Assuming we avoid nuclear winter, behaviors have to be opposed engaging in mass murder (genocide), serial murder, and murders as a present,
-1 < y < -0.95.

Other behaviors, involving property or own person safety can be opposed strongly, behaviorally against an Index Value of,
-0.89 < y <-0.8

Seeing such destruction measurements via a Value Index, including negative values, that breach the social contract imposed for self-interest in gaining the greatest amount of goods, x,
in 0 < x <=+1, “own-person” then we can see clearly that the social contract needs to be extended all on equal footing despite prejudice bias and animosity sentiment.

Given that I, Abraham Boulder, am able to evolve bioethics for clarity and measurement in contextually valid mathematical equations: demands, respectively, equal treatment, despite Dept. of Veterans Affairs assessments and evaluations and State-imposed reporting, that can easily be biased and wrong; i.e., manufactured to eliminate my constructive contribution to, and participating in, society, including World Citizen irregardless of State(s) legal definitions of “citizen”–that my inalienable rights, fundamental to Natural Human Law and Rights of Man, Thomas Paine wrote and other authors partook, and partake in. That this then extends to my fiancé and our upcoming marriage–that we not be cut short of longevity, should medical health give us this extension on life.

Truly, the Law abided by my fiancé and me for “life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness (i.e., flourish despite disability status–equal footing in freedoms inherent in the Bill of Rights and the law protecting us statutorily against violence and actions depriving us of citizenship protections, equal status, and the initial legal document declaring Independence from foreign States and stating our inalienable rights, not to be taken away by governments, or the general populations.

Equal liberal rights are extended to all, including those with disability status, whether it is physical above the neck or below it.  Freedom-from-harm-and- death protections need to be “even across the board” for all constituents.  All other laws pursuant to “life engagement” need to be actively defended for a current social contract that keeps all of us going on the planet, despite Jonestown arguments, besides making merry, and criminally slandering my name and my reputation that I have achieved in recent years.

There’s a time for forgiveness, a time to let bygones be bygones.  Now uphold “fair play,” and do without the criminal slandering my name and/or my fiancé’s.

Social Contract extends to below and above the neckline to avoid the alternative, euthanasia, to disrupt correct, profound and, at times, brilliant thinking, achieved by my effort, despite productivity at non-competitive levels.

Abraham Boulder.

If their murdering, shoot back!

Abraham Boulder.

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What of the “vitale’s” in particle physics? Or, the view of a natural ontological philosopher of the common unconscious, intuitively perceived on matters that energize and get sent and received unconsciously.

Replenishment via nutritional science and not by defeating, nocebos, jarring the nerves of the most innovative, lacking a need for unhealthy sex, clean as it can be, and healthy as well (it was meant to be a deflowering, not a wilting!).

Words chosen by me are the quantum event. Discrete units of ideas in any given “cube-it” configuration–idea quantum, as it is termed. Like a tray of ice cubes, plopping a few cube-its into the glass of refreshments, each their own and discretely placed into existence as “ideas form.”

“Existence,” now there is an idea quantum. To exist, to turn the “switch” to the “on” position. It’s allowance of placebos, innovation, originality expressed in integrative medicine that “attracts” and “enhances” rather than “inhibits” and “routs out.”

Try asserting idea quanta of “creation-existience” as conceptually relevant idea quantum to be “born” on-site @CERN.

Energy of the idea quantum goes to the limbic system of the brain of projector A1 to receiver A2, as affect. The particle content of the idea quantum is in a bar, the countryside, or a bedroom! There in the common subconscious of psyche economy intellect affect social!

Reason is the comprehension of the idea quantum and it’s relationship to idea quanta, Or Gassendi’s, “reason is an aspect of spirit” of affective intelligence in aerie universal flight in the light of the universal ceiling of Sanity, and Love evoked from the worship call of, “Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love,” as the “Lord, God of Hosts.”. Hosts beings of global civilizations living million(s) of years and hosting the affect intelligence of Sanity reasoned correctly in universal physics idea quanta motion and travel from their exoplanets to ours; that we, homo sapiens sapiens sapiens, practice and master Sanity so that our leg of the journey to inhabitants exoplanets’ not be marred with undue violence and slavery efforts, and that we, as a species, live a million years, or more!

Vitale dictum idea quantum: “learn how to live, and in time, relearn how to live, an unending process of evolution.”

Idea quantum->physics->chemistry->

biology->idea quanta of living things->

discovery of vitale dictum idea quantum by living things->

Discovery of the energy and matter impetus in all things in the universe by vital dictum idea quantum.

Learning energy with idea-matter, solves divergently to evolve our species. The human organism is entirely wrapped up in the universe, and what goes on in the universe at the organism’s constellation that is consistent with energy (learning) and matter (ideas) performing (formulating divergent solutions for the survival of the species’ outside the box by combinations of failed pathways and nonrepeat of false initial entries (eyes on the soles if the feet)).

Humans first burns out on living, and then the vitale spirit escapes him or her, then Humanity gets crushed by Death march advances.

The vitale dictum idea quantum collapses, but we lose our sense of its motion and the content matter of idea quantum in all things.  That it entails “the workings of particle(s)” and so, possibly no new particles are created–only enzyme combinations eliciting new work.

In other words some form of enzyme-matter eliciting energy for outside-the-box of random numbers in natural selection, which begs the question, “how do we solve the problem, when ‘not- solutions’ fill the box, exhaustively?” or, “what does not work?” changed by enzyme-matter to, “knowing (by empirical collective record of each particle), what does not work, what combinations established that do Not work (optic nerve at bottom of feet), configured together in different combinations, lead to a new path (of string oscillation or biological organ–eyes, from optic nerve in front of face) that by natural selection leads to evolutionary behavior that contributes in a sub-population to full diversity of all subpopulations enabling the survival of the species’ populations?

It’s as though we wish not for a Divine, so rather that scientific Naturalism incorporating the vitale dictum idea quantum, it reduces or eliminates God, spirit, and the energy and cognitive thought impetus necessary to live and relearn how to live via learning.

By the absence of this cognitive dictum, all learning stops entailing survival on the group level, and we cease to exist.

No wonder AI threatens our command of our destiny, it’s control, and ultimate fate.



–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

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Intuitive Loyalty

Maybe you’re not happy that intuitive hits don’t “win” everytime. They’re statistically significant which means: They do occur!

They’re unlike your hits from so-called, “Satan” as the true nature of the business, but actually is homosexually centered and delusional Satanism (great for Andre Greykov and his hoods), but not what was communicated in-person, on the phone, or by letter.

Maybe what really is, is that intuitive happens, but mostly–seldom. And what you’re doing is breaking Down the business when, mistakenly, you were impressed with that directive (of Breaking It Down) which was continuously inputed by an impetus that was mistaken for business intuition when really it was applied communism or applied fascist of the global syndicate and the impetus or information was very constantly implemented, or continuously ongoing!; although, truly you were hired to Build Up the business instead!

We’re not looking for personal fault, but how the Mob can send signals that you thought came from the Man, the Woman CEO.

It’s the matter of understanding human flaws that we all have protected by the business to serve the Man, Woman, or CEO, FIO; and not “Mr. Big” in Moscow!!

First, stop perfect security. Second, check credentials, paperwork, and maybe at that moment, Don’t accept a clearance over the phone for merchandise from the office. Maybe verify what they say is on the truck, is in fact there. Then be sure the person you speak in the office has clearance to approve shipments in or out and that you are actually talking to that person No Matter What scenario comes to mind for this contact to be gone and someone else substituting.

You can try a password for each shipment received at the gate, seen for the first time by gatekeeper and calls in to the office to contact with correct official contact who then proceeds to check password no one else has clearance to see to determine verification of receiving the right shipment. Comparing password given at the gate with classified password by the official contact in the office, assures your equipment arrived and your business is the business conducted in your business space.

Abraham Boulder.
Purveyor providing stimulus for applied entrepreneurial economics in business parks and campuses, retired.

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Dedicated to the one’s I love…

You don’t actually develop the brain mass and density attributable to retention of subject matter to exercise complex science, understand complex science, and validate complex science.

The developed brain assumes the mannerism of a professional, and the brain’s developed nature is one of a drunk!

Devoted to my years of learning at State University College at Freedoms, NY; Western Washington University, Bellevue College, and Bellingham Tech (for office systems with an office environment).

–Keven. –Abraham.

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Symbols of revolution II

Symbols of Revolution

I speak of Davos 4th Industrial Revolution, of the Boulder Plan as a Clinton Act supporting FDR-Nixon, Hayek-Kernesian economics, and the upkeep on democracy, not just permission for non-constitutuents, to evidently, trample the rights of constituents, to uphold the rights of constituents to “life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

We go now to the competition. Death squads to engage in human body part butchering, to claim victory in America that global genocide is acceptable and the Karl Rove Doctrine to murder constituents of this country has been accepted by the White House and Olympia clandestinely.

Symbolically, a Prius, one of the newer models parked up front to show the Revolution in Karl Rove Doctrine to hit the state of Washington, and Washington, D.C; that a supposed laser is brought in to slice and dice me, to end my clatter, to silence a Patriot, as idiot of American Idiot and Nation Stupid, that we stay in place as our Disney Dumbo ride takes its motions and show well we can perform as Bozos for the gentleman’s bets of Royalty in hedge fund futures, with impunity.

What wretched Nation is this. What a bunch stupid Arsses, hunkerin’ down to make bets, on a prophet who prophesied by sane oersonality argument of Jung. You think yourselves God. I think you Not, knowing the meaning, the comprehension, the faith to uphold the Presence and Command of the Almighty God, the Divine in the social contract, all souls to the ground, all reaching man’s capable pinnacle at equal outstretched hand risen to something bigger than ourselves, to pull us out our troubles, our self-imposed limitations, our Dumbo impressions.

The Nation’s governments and perhaps the Nation itself does the enemy’s hand with the zeal of Traitors to one’s own destiny.

So be it. All joyfully, Go to Hell!

The latest:

So the State and state have allotted.   $2 billion to mobile laser technology placed on a small scientifically discrete cart which rides in a set of tracks–mobile rail system of laser technology for social engineering.

Apparently, he’s trying to cut down my enthusiasm by cutting off my dick to dampen my spirit.

This may be a small “search” laser for reach logistics to increase laser intensity with the big laser on rail at a later date!

Is this then the success of “the Planet of the Apes” taking “boutique neurotoxins, damaging their brain mass, For Fame and Glory, replacing pleasure because their alma matter is junkies of personality grandiosement with methyl amphetamines damaging, destroying acknowledgement of pleasure and leading to sadistic and egoistic leadership in the United States rivaling Sadam Hussein and his brother!

The insanity of egoists taking methyl amphetamines to match their personality disorder, then to madly seek opoid pills and heroin by the cartfulls, desperate for pleasure which resides solely in exterminating 8 billion people.

Here, this, then, is The End.  Not the works of brain damaged authors desperate and mad for an inkling of pleasure from Fame, from having written the final chapter on homo sapiens sapiens sapiens!

What of the “doctorate of philosophy”–is it not the end code of all of Microsoft. Does Fill up with riches for slander, falsehood, mendacious genius!

Abraham Boulder.

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Working, forward and paced.

Spirit of imbecility, of profound Hegelian philosophy effecting history–a Humor of imbalance, rather than “a disposition of balanced Humors managing our healthy constitutions”–must be met and eliminated satisfactorily to regain Humor balance in the halls of industry to disempower the “Anals of Anarchy” and begin pacing ourselves in True North, True West, True East, and True South directions, historically.

A coordination of complex sciences cabled to fundamental equations by Intermediate Equations that prove validity in published scientific journals and books.

These Doctorates of Science completing these Intermediate Mathematical Equations, then the written word, explaining simply, the complex assignments of scientific theory postulations by the authors, so in the written word, can follow simple-to-intermediate, then identical intermediate mathematical equations-to-complex equations for the necessary proof of valid theoretical arguments.

This applies also to necessary scientific experiments needing enough trials and participants to validify their postulated scientific theories.

This elucidation–this delineation is a mandatory procedure because we have a social science virus in the hard sciences, precisely at this critical juncture between fundamental mathematical equations and complex equations, or paralleling, in Scientific experimentation, linking intermediary results to the complex sciences, which then trace back to fundamental results.

This social science virus occurs, besides at the academic institutions themselves, at our venerated publishing houses, both associated with universities, and “family-owned” companies.

If the government doesn’t get cooperation from business leaders of publishing houses, or make the above mandatory in new legislation: then the S.S. rules all of science–while sounds absurd, but not on a profound level.

To lose hard science’s charity to mankind/humankind, for social science’s hate, torture and insistence on the Ultimate Truth, that the State can exact excruciating pain, to drive home the point that you are mere property, say, a rag; and the State is the Supreme Ruler of the Universe–science is inconsequential, and all reality is the State.

Abraham Boulder

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