Intuitive Loyalty

Maybe you’re not happy that intuitive hits don’t “win” everytime. They’re statistically significant which means: They do occur!

They’re unlike your hits from so-called, “Satan” as the true nature of the business, but actually is homosexually centered and delusional Satanism (great for Andre Greykov and his hoods), but not what was communicated in-person, on the phone, or by letter.

Maybe what really is, is that intuitive happens, but mostly–seldom. And what you’re doing is breaking Down the business when, mistakenly, you were impressed with that directive (of Breaking It Down) which was continuously inputed by an impetus that was mistaken for business intuition when really it was applied communism or applied fascist of the global syndicate and the impetus or information was very constantly implemented, or continuously ongoing!; although, truly you were hired to Build Up the business instead!

We’re not looking for personal fault, but how the Mob can send signals that you thought came from the Man, the Woman CEO.

It’s the matter of understanding human flaws that we all have protected by the business to serve the Man, Woman, or CEO, FIO; and not “Mr. Big” in Moscow!!

First, stop perfect security. Second, check credentials, paperwork, and maybe at that moment, Don’t accept a clearance over the phone for merchandise from the office. Maybe verify what they say is on the truck, is in fact there. Then be sure the person you speak in the office has clearance to approve shipments in or out and that you are actually talking to that person No Matter What scenario comes to mind for this contact to be gone and someone else substituting.

You can try a password for each shipment received at the gate, seen for the first time by gatekeeper and calls in to the office to contact with correct official contact who then proceeds to check password no one else has clearance to see to determine verification of receiving the right shipment. Comparing password given at the gate with classified password by the official contact in the office, assures your equipment arrived and your business is the business conducted in your business space.

Abraham Boulder.
Purveyor providing stimulus for applied entrepreneurial economics in business parks and campuses, retired.

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