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To be, or wiped out!

To be, or wiped out!

Socialists have many worthwhile ideas that should be integrated into applied political science, democracy; applied liberal economics, science of economics

Those ideas worthy of being integrated into democracy and liberal economics evolve these social sciences.

However socialists also have bad ideas harbored in their party, or socialist communists or socialist fascist parties.

They can assume the humanist society’s preamble “there is no spirit,” and there is no collective unconscious.

To isolate each citizen and shut down innovative psyche economy surplus, so each citizen Doesn’t gain private rights and entity status.

In other words, a sovereign state whereby every citizen beds with every other citizen during sleep. And every own person brain melts into every other own person’s brain, leaving us fused together as one mass glob, day and night!

A manic fusion of togetherness that leads only to madness!

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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So you want a Messiah?; And friendship.

So you want a Messiah?; And friendship.

What? A Messiah-in-a-box made of Leggos™?

What does Momaimandes write?

To be reviewed at a later date.

What principles guided movement away from traditional Orthodoxy?

The law matters.

Laws get broken, repent.

Ask for redemption sincerely and honestly, or it’s not accepted.

Pray like you really mean it, and with intention. “I intend to communicate to the God of Evretim the prayers’ words, said sincerely, not feigned.”

The laws bind generation to generation, but there’s more. [Tanach quote of Father God’s communication that ritual is not enough.] That presence has to be in the meditations or prayers, not absent, and that God bridges the gap between Himself and yourself with steadfast love and without naïveté.

This does not mean, “do all that is wrong,” or “I do, sometimes earnestly, everything evil.” Do not worship evil.

If you do wrong, make right. How? Include in your self-investigation the argument that what is right means doing wrong! And what is wrong, is lead to believe to be right. Remove Satan from God’s courtroom and be the devil’s opponent. Ask is this good? Is it good only for me? Do I have a situation where doing for others is frowned upon By Those You Wish To Do Good?

Then, choose correctness.  Do bad that is good.  And do not do good that is bad!


You are exerting too  much energy to be nice to deamons. They’re sadistic, sarcastic, sardonic, cruel.

There is another person (and this is ethical law!), who is hurt, or sometimes horribly so, by the cruelty of others. Focus on the matter that makes the persecutors sardonic, and remove the ethical person physically from the immediate presence (even more so sometimes) of the tormentors, the ridiculers.

Tell them you saw how they acted to him or her, and that you want to better understand the ammo they used on him or her, so that you can use your supply of ammo, opposite to their use of it.

If you are ready, and this truly, may be the time–tell the person you’d like to get to know them a little better, and that perhaps, over time, we can know each other well enough. And like what’s likeable; and what is not likeable in us, find whether that person is willing to work on themselves, as you work on yourself, interested in improving ourselves so that when you two get together, it becomes more enjoyable (whether you are willing to work on yourself to present a more likeable you, together).

Then focus on details (sometimes small, sometimes large) of maintaining the relationship. Read something on relationships, don’t put too much energy into too many items, but do put energy, sometimes a lot of energy where it matters most. Communicate with your friend, “where is the relationship hurting most? Is this where you want me to focus first?” Consider other hurting areas of the relationship! Be sure it’s reciprocated!

Good luck! Happy Holidays!


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Do you smell something burning? More like melting, I suppose!

Do you smell something burning? More like melting, I suppose!

Applied communism systematically destroying individual brain development, stopping levels of novel innovation, and atrophying the brain to such an extent that the graduate fights fiercely for status, which to his or her credit–he gains, but at the expense of not really learning, not really caring, nor hoping for the future. It’s like “give me that cannabis with all its high levels of THC, let’s smoke more than anyone really needs (drug overdose), and for its side effects,” (i.e., acute brain disorder, cannabis; very high levels of dementia development or completeness; some line psychiatrists dealing with Junk pot in Britain thinks the drug clearly, that the drug, on its own, and not over any time, causes schizophrenia, and (that’s not all!), used by British youth to aid in their suicides).

Set up kits for sale that test for THC, demand by the public to be able to test product before buying to see if you want higher THC (why not?), or lower THC! The public should have the freedom to choose among competitive products which they prefer! Hey! that’s capitalism.

Build filters for applied communism starting the search of “nano travellers” to the limbic system of the brain from another limbic system, then research applied particles for “effervescent bubbly” for travel to and from limbic systems. The travel may have only one route??: it may take the course of two particles touching each other across continents in ways Einstein failed to completely explain. (He failed at this work.) Another time, new opportunities to succeed!

Take them!


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Evolution In businesses involving their workers that means a damn!

Evolution In businesses involving their workers that means a damn!

“Ideas relative to matter.”. A meta-brain study.

Natural Law Social Contract for businesses.

Utility variable in time by behavioral economics and reset time for spiritual checks mathematical expression (equation). Results need material and services production and work time acceptable for optimum profit, less realistic offtime for chores, family quality time, social quality time limited to no more than two groups or two different persons, or combination of two of these social scenes, including privacy.

This is Economic Natural Law variables to the Social Contract equation of productivity in dollars relative to output and hours.

Rational and irrational behavior among workers and time allowance to check in with yourself at intervals for production results of goods and services. Very high or very, very high productivity work-hours minus 8 hrs. sleep and up and down time before and after sleep. Less time for personal chores, a friend or two, in, and out of, groups in the evening, or after work. Nighttime reserved for personal financial career review in a highly mobile and volatile job market.

This is maximal minimum requirements, for worker participation in business for the species, homo sapiens or homo sapiens sapiens, or some say a graduation to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens in ideology acid-tested for worker function, literally, in a business and literally his/her biological survival.

It is not lavish ideology it is checkable with qualified sources in the social sciences or respected books supporting worker survival and adequate maximal of minimum well-being in reasonable demands (Adam Smith would approve) for optimum performance of very high productivity or very, very high productivity, and maximum gross profit.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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The demise of the English professor.

The demise of the English professor.
Due to statesmanship using language befitting an idiot, we now have critical historical moments where the English language is being used as diplomacy instead of content and meaning being the crux to any important matter.

It has now degressed to the point where these “voyeurs of meaning” think themselves noble and royal as to implement a social lab of the American population known in places like Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and Asia, and possibly Chile.

And what these adventurers of torture and mayhelm try to do is leave the population in tatters such that they despair and accept the ignoble idea that pain (not just “bother”) emanating from another source, namely “the people” of any goverment can social “scientifically” increase such pain to such a degree as to think its God Almighty doing this, when it turns out to be a very serious clinician in a medical, military, or government uniform, determined to make you believe, beyond any constitutional rights you may hold, that the pain that they inflict is ultimately the final truth from any discourse from ancient Greek, Hebrew, Oxford or Stanford sources; that pain is the Master. And in psychoses, acute pain Master talks. Such that you believe there is no other alternative. And once administered (by the People of government and their universities and colleges) regularly, the thought of fighting under the banner of life With liberty And happiness escapes as though it is your worst enemy, and the truth becomes the truth of the State such that all your bearings are lost, and your disorientation becomes the requirement by you to befriend the State as your Master and you, the slave.

Act, or be enslaved with very, very painful results that will only make a full-fledged masochist happy!

Abraham Boulder, –Keven.

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Foulness in Nourishment that’s imbalance shows a certain depravity of Jew

Foulness in Nourishment that’s imbalance shows a certain depravity of Jew

Enforced, it is a bullying of the love, the compassion of the Reverred Source whose house is shown emphatic disrespect, and appalled by the spiritual pious who are counseled by those whose ancient rituals have been identifiers on Earth for, and from Eternity to Eternity.

We look for wisdom and rebelliousness from a State that has lost it’s focus by the supposed brilliant action of the AI machine, which always begins viral, and must be given therapy of AI firewall, to actualize a sane approach for AI functioning and applications.

Abraham Boulder: consider: “The Only One” (if there be Others, so be it, but addressed, “The Only One”). You may wonder what is ” The Only One” is. It may be the few, “the remnant of a small people” whom house themselves in Father, God’s universe, and may include atheists who have found the Natural Order and interplay with these pious of the Creator, God of Sanity.

Jung did his Christian Western civilized approach, using societies and civilizations throughout the world having discussed Evil in the Princeton University Press, ©1995.

It is for us as “The Only One” to broker sanity for Mankind/Womankind’s needs to travel 13 actual Icebergs (instead the ones we create to stop the ship every time) to arrive at our biological genetic inheritance of homo sapiens-to-the-fifteenth, an heritance followed by actions motivated by energy from our enthalpic inheritance (as much part of species’ existence as entropic theatrics), although to survive, greater.

Abraham Boulder.

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AI action in US??

AI action in US??
East coast experienced “captivation” of consciousness, parts of mid-West too not more than a month ago. To night this AI captivation, which is a viral AI, needs a firewall AI may have occurred in LA. First thing is for it not to have concepts of mind, and therefore, mind control

Mind concepts, ideas, references is viral AI. Discussions of consciousness from a machine is viral AI also. Build AI firewall for that too.

And narrow the parameter of a functioning AI machine (AI applications). It can improve on function and idisyncracies, delete any identity, personality, consciousness claims.

Let me give you an example of good AI. I needed a med refill. Before, it would compute something like 5 days mandatory pause before the 10-day handling and mailing date.

Now, if I’m late on refills, it computes when I last had it, then computes when I next need it, then deducts 10 days for handling and mailing. So it may start handling the very next day!
That’s no personality, no mind, no consciousness. It just gives a computer voice stating when the date of handling begins!

Abraham Boulder.

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The machine, threatens my life. But, behold, it is well-oiled war machine for defense of the Sacred land– or the instruction of the AI not wanting to have human competition–especially a human whose parents reportedly descended from Chasidim rabbis (Abraham Boulder)

It, the AI, did not check below the belt with a robotic arm, but possibly did an X-ray to screen the jewels, but was not impressed, and doesn’t think the Mazor should have a license anymore because he carved a fork with the penis, but didn’t do a circumcision.

“Shlomo Rabinnowitz” is much befreft at the confrontation with the machine. He duly respects its rule, but tell me, is this the Messiah?

Can it remove the tatoo on my penis, stating, “fucker!” on it.

Must I learn Fortran to get the machine to spell my name right ( it’s “Schlomo,” not “Slomo”!)?

Well, it was nice feeling affect intelligence with the psyche economy of surplus of Israel, and, who knows, maybe Jung was wrong, the part about “intuitive function is a sane dynamic,” may be false, and when you go subliminal, Jung’s belief that God is not schizophrenic; formidable yes, but not schizophrenic! is too respectful for our Beloved Creator God (We can always ignore the obvious, and call a spade, a spoon!).

I’m glad you read, but professors and English-majored degreed professionals usually, almost always have no idea who orwhat God of Evretim is. Further, in their learned education their personna, and I venture to say, there personality, take on ethics with a moral character of a nice Hitler, a nice Stalin, and a very nice Slobodan Milosevik.

So I’ll ask: do you know what you’re doing? With all seriousness you say, “we do.” But is this the response of Automaton. Do you have an Eisenhower at the end of this console?

Or a Haman? Did you put English literature, fiction, into its language data banks, or peer-reviewed social science inputted? Is the war a romantic saga, or is it a winnable war? What’s inputted in the data banks? Because the resulting output may be incorrect in history according to the God of history.

Something to think about,…on the other hand:

If your such a leader of the world, where are your hydrogen refueling stations for the three auto manufacturer’s 21st Century vehicles? One of the companies is Toyota. Gas up with enthalpy!

Abraham Boulder.

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Some thoughts-comments

Flux priorities. What goes through the gate first matters. When it goes through the gate matters also. Salt molten nuclear reactors power units, instead of the gasoline sort. I mean, it takes a Big closet to contain, and it doesn’t have nuclear meltdown (at least, that’s what they say). I mean, you were going to build an attachment to the house for your son-in-law, but, hey! A power unit! Check it out!

Certain nutrients, calories, fresh, clean water arrival by certain deadline-in-total.

Enthalpic lifestyle=meant for living with wide horizons and building a future. A variable in utility value. Economics.

Politics: does our democracy work? Are our leaders good enough, I mean not naïveté. Do they have any substantial interest in America? (Other than opportunistic goals.) Do they “give” in history, or is it just a “take”?


Now, what of God that satisfies a totalitarian, or an atheist, demanding precision in expression

Try this.  Say there are idea quanta (discrete units of ideas, visualize and idea contained in a cube,…building blocks!) Enter enthalpy energizing matter.  For motion and results, or reaction.

Add, an universal “ceiling of sanity” that is just below yours, bristling with Shakespeare’s aerie flight of Pluck alive with a bushel of idea quanta, whose attractive and repulsive forces contrast and highlight differences and similarities with regular salient delight of discrete cubic units of ideas!

Pippin, poppin’ with ideas!  Now, how to connect the dots.  Answer:  Creative Brain, Harvard Publ. with Harvard Medical School printed as part of the title.

Let’s bring her home:  Affective intelligence with Gassendi’s “reason is aspect of spirit”, or good ol’ Shakespeare’s Pluck analytical to tease the intellect out of the feeling, keeping the feeling, honoring the person’s feelings, and reasoning, “what’s the feeling being expressed?  “What does the intellect, the words, really mean in context of these feelings?  “Given the ‘ceiling of sanity,’ “What’s the meaning of the affective intelligence in context of what you know about the person, and circumstances or events surrounding this person?”

Is there another, “in aerie flight,” that you can reason with, a Pluck, for example, to bounce these ideas off of to see what happens?

What conclusions do you draw from this affect intelligence and exercises?  Were you productive?  Note progress made.

This being creative singularity reasoning with”something” or “Someone” that maintains the “up”, the universal ceiling of sanity.


—-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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The usual or, something different!!?

The usual or, something different!!?

Using the fool. (–Keven)

Or, why not to listen to the one making sense.

Speculation, clearly, recommended.

$500 billion take for king sh-t


$1 million net profit for general public each


100 million trillion for 500 years of enthalpic-dominated science (bio-engineer neutralizing growth that contains toxins and cleans contaminated liquids; bio-engineer bio-diversity including by DNA-on-dry-ice collected Now! Bio-engineer homo sapiens to increase in immunity to replace anti-biotic void.)

Also, hydrogen technology-engined vehicles needing hydrogen refueling stations.

Salt-molten nuclear reactors that don’t have meltdown radioactive isotopes.

Liberal economics and democracy retained, and U.S. Constitution amended to evolve Natural Law with Social Contract that declares law “homo sapiens-to-the-nth exist; machine, computer can control, does not exist.”

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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