Foulness in Nourishment that’s imbalance shows a certain depravity of Jew

Foulness in Nourishment that’s imbalance shows a certain depravity of Jew

Enforced, it is a bullying of the love, the compassion of the Reverred Source whose house is shown emphatic disrespect, and appalled by the spiritual pious who are counseled by those whose ancient rituals have been identifiers on Earth for, and from Eternity to Eternity.

We look for wisdom and rebelliousness from a State that has lost it’s focus by the supposed brilliant action of the AI machine, which always begins viral, and must be given therapy of AI firewall, to actualize a sane approach for AI functioning and applications.

Abraham Boulder: consider: “The Only One” (if there be Others, so be it, but addressed, “The Only One”). You may wonder what is ” The Only One” is. It may be the few, “the remnant of a small people” whom house themselves in Father, God’s universe, and may include atheists who have found the Natural Order and interplay with these pious of the Creator, God of Sanity.

Jung did his Christian Western civilized approach, using societies and civilizations throughout the world having discussed Evil in the Princeton University Press, ©1995.

It is for us as “The Only One” to broker sanity for Mankind/Womankind’s needs to travel 13 actual Icebergs (instead the ones we create to stop the ship every time) to arrive at our biological genetic inheritance of homo sapiens-to-the-fifteenth, an heritance followed by actions motivated by energy from our enthalpic inheritance (as much part of species’ existence as entropic theatrics), although to survive, greater.

Abraham Boulder.

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