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The truth of socialistcommunists and democrats and republicans.

The truth of socialistcommunists and democrats and republicans.
The truth of socialistcommunists and democrats and republicans.
Socialists have their place in society when they, socialists, are politically active for social programs in society that then gets handled by social democrats of democracies like Germany and Britain and their liberal economies are maintained–keeping politics and economics, social sciences.

Social communists like to destroy democracies and liberal economies, spend too much, and bankrupt the government, then becoming anarchists themselves.

The republicans are morally disagreeable with Adam Smith. The republicans desire aminimum wage that is not attached to a cost-of-living proviso, promotes monopolies (feudalism–kingships), and mercantilism. Destroying democracy and liberal economics which are the social sciences of politics and economics.

Both democratic and republicans are promoting Cuba-style governments and economies. This then calls for Hayek U.S. Constitution Party.

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You forget Man/Woman writes the [Natural] Law and there is a Higher [Natural] Order than Man/Woman.

Deists call Him the Creator. Theists, Father Lord our God. And He has a female name, The Divine Presence. I choose His name, The Redeemer of the Earth.

It is not that the Earth is in the Universe, but that the Universe is in Earth–aerie [air].

The soviet speaks only of man’s law. It eliminates the need of a Natural [Higher] Order by emphasizing the Chaos in the Universe as the basis of rule. The Supreme Ruler of the Universe set down Natural Order despite what we cause nature to do.

We pray to the God of Natural Order, the Creator for sanity, and love for the Universal Natural Order on Earth. We work meditating on the Creator in His/Her speed among other things, while maintaining productivity levels generated by the genius of skills we develop, which can be learnt from the very beginning at times, and that we’d use in working out cooperation and collaboration in business, government, and play that pits us at “everyday, average man, woman, and child,” so that our reckoning is our Own, and not the business, government, sometimes play, of a deit(ies)y.

There is a compassionate way to do industrial psychology that reaches the greatest bottom-line profit instead of speculating/gambling on the market. It is part of the answer among answers [divergent Creative thinking] that approximates the Natural Order as close as possible in cyclic time.  Natural Order, here, speaks of nature, specifically human nature coinciding with optimum performance, without stress cracks, or health pathologies multiplying on a worker, and provides the greatest net profit to the employer.

Keven Jung Young.

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Thumpin’, Thumpin’, Pumpin’, Pumpin’, Hailberton Jumpin’,

We’ve got chancellor and president talkin’ to Mother Earth,

Speakin’ about its rear and how it got hurt,

Governor’s goin’ to use it as his or her toilet of choice
Rearguard glow and flow,
Got some dancin’ to do,

Radiating her majesty with nuclear dancin’ particles,
Aglow with the beauty only Man can create.

Leadin’, to deformed and poisoned greatness,
Of the High Seas,
Whales with four eyes,
Manitous, something to see.

We are headed to the High
Of everlasting peace,

While we are,
Thumpin, Pumpin’, Hailberton Jumpin’,
Love Canal’s home for radiating glory!

Thumpin’, Pumpin’, Hailberton’s Jumpin’,
Goin’ get me some of that pumpkin pie up along the California coast,
Haus of pies sent you here! You hear?

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Cannabis and Chemical

Cannabis and Chemical
British Columbian pot is high in cannoboids and low in THC. It needs to be preserved for the construction of refueling stations for three existing hydrogen powered cars and for the global infrastructure of fusion power power plants. Those brains need to be protected from acute cannabis disorder, different degrees of dementia, and a form of schizophrenia that youth kill themselves over in England. Do the brains of the faculty at the University of Washington on industrial chemicals have anything to do with British Columbian pot not getting to the correct persons in the global economy?

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Look at what is in my venison stew!

Look at what is in my venison stew!
We stop in this hour to ponder at a crossroads choosing our fate by default or choosing our destiny by decision and assent.

Do we go with Sweden whose collective agony writhes in pain. AI being perfected by State slaughter and genocide of the population in socialist communist regime.

Next to fall is Germany toppling the freedoms of Europe politically and economically and cannabilized by Russia sending shockwaves that Greece’s fate effects in Europe in an ancient future tense of fate, not destiny.

Do we choose destiny on this crossroad on this road of 3,000 years more of civilization and of the idea quantum of “survive and thrive” and “Earth 1st, Me 2nd”.

Do we do it for the Creator Newton’s universal God and the created, those of us who see living as an art employing science to better the craft of living our day-to-day lives. Better a world bereft with philosophies that have choked our lives and have poisoned our minds into existential macabre which the scientific toxins we endure need to be neutralised and isolated and separated from us for us to begin anew

Untangle ourselves from the poisons of the mind and the poisons of the brain. Use only cannabis with lower THC levels so we don’t get three brain disorders of schizophrenia, dementia, and DSMV cannabis brain disorder.

Conquer the 2nd generation toxins that kill amphibious life and make us sinister and make us think Jesus of Nazareth needs to come when its our chemists that need to be instructed to make less poison and more neutralizing agent and isolating used product for separating and reselling in useful chemical formulations.
What’s more, Mexico is in complete crises and needs a billion dollars to avoid the crisis going beyond the threshold of efficacy in liberal economics.

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Installment one: how to build a global economy.

Installment one: how to build a global economy.
It is a matter of the greatest nature that Totalitarian Man knock himself down a few notches, reminiscent of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who subscribed a certain humbling of oneself to normal dealings, or goings on, that get harder and harder to accomplish in everyday life. If it’s not something to do with me, it’s the doc floating around on Big Pharma’s internally ingested profits.

There seems to be industrial chemical swaying people geopolitically this way or that. And corporate espionage done by MBA’s loaded on Big Pharma cocktails that can stop dead another person’s thinking and actions as a result of the feelings generated by the business agent that he is a rollercoaster ride taking up space in mobile-human disaster, self-created, and and self-administered.

For these reasons stated above and for the love of Thomas Jefferson and Gen. George Washington we call for Man to lower himself to the Higher Authority of Creator God of Sanity. Jefferson’s self-evident observation meditation both of others, but admittedly, ourselves as well. Man is ill. Jung would say, insane re: future horizons. Jung, admiringly remained Christian with the concept of a Higher Self integrated in his psyche (a kind of cross between mind and brain). He fathomed to be Nietzche participant when attempting to be a Nazi, but found that Totalitarian Man insane, as well in his day.

Earth 1st, Me 2nd. Yes, it can be done!

13 ideas on global calamities, to work with,

13 applied sciences to achieve,

13 applied technologies to develop,

And the consequent anthropological culture that deems Man one more “sapiens” every time a fix works. Let me remind you that Anthropology is a social science, its use of which in its “fury and rage,” (said so you don’t need that third cup of coffee), or its fullness, rests only on its skills of survival of Man, Woman, and Child through the homo sapiens-to-the-15th-power evolution.

Yes, Man may have been created 20,000-200,000 years ago, but man certainly evolves. All life created on Earth evolved. To say we don’t move on with enthalpic energizer sports shoes, is to forget why they Really make those shoes. But it is not just street-happy customers hustling to the bustling of street life. Uh-huh, No!

It’s the moves to the smells of money dished out from ‘living” bonds (totally legal investment instruments), that follow contract work from the American Academy of Science, and its world-wide associates that dress you in the clothes you like to, and, yes let’s you choose the car you want, depending on your green technology skills you have and demand of those skills, and a planned, generated demand for green technology vehicles as well.
Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Installment 2: set your pretty eyes on this!

Installment 2: set your pretty eyes on this!
500 years of pathological science enlightened us.

500 years of constructive, enthalpic energies post-enlighten us.

A revolution that draws its energies enthalpically.

To do what they say can’t be done. All the more reason to do it!

Earth 1st, Me 2nd. Puts this obvious limited organism within his environment. To be fair, we developed intelligence on a unprecedented level. More work on knowledge should continue, but halt! We need a paradigm shift. We need to develop applied wisdom as importantly as applied intelligence which will develop also into applied sciences and applied technologies–the comnonality in the equation of our behavioral science or possibly the remedies sought are enthalpic energies.

This being clear let us trailblaze in genetic bioengineering in divergent solutions to many questions of therapy for the Earth, and therapy for ourselves!
Let us evolve the Earth as evolve ourselves.
Abraham Boulder “Keven”

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India, America and Everyone else

India, America and Everyone else
We begin with deities from India of Brahmin Hindi’s and Religious and Secular Seik

We assert that the deities of subcontinent of Asia correspond to specific locations in the universe expressing diversity of locations.

Further as Brahmin Hindis Religious Seiks and collective Secular Seiks make their travels in planetary movement, take homes there, we from these locations consciously assert the sanity of the Creator God that has a globally felt sanity in affective intelligence and assert in this and other readings that a focus phrase appropriate to meditation from the Creator God focuses Him in a location of the universe that joins with Jesus in the Holy Spirit for Christians, and God of Sanity, Creator God embraces the Earth and 300 million planets for creation of living forms, enthalpically fed energy from this Source for work involving applied science then applied technology enhancing living forms, and meeting or beating expectations of $500 million trillion in a post-enlightenment period in history that continues science’s enlightenment, and answers questions of entropic science that we have presently, involving decay and rot.

Let it ultimately serve as fertilizer for life, neutralizing the poisons we created that involved an enlightenment period of science that took us out of the Dark Ages starting with Francis Bacon–500 years of science and technology development that gets answered scientifically, ethalpically, “acts that evolve the species, homo sapiens, us.”.

Neutralizing poisons, growing different species of life, and energizing us for evolution to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

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Aerie Affect Intelligence and Church Mass or Crowd Entertainment Rousseau

Aerie Affect Intelligence and Church Mass or Crowd Entertainment Rousseau
The Butt convivial, source of the butt jokes, not something really funny, but fun that’s taken very seriously by the global republic.

The global republic or commonwealth is an entry point and exit visa for the workers and businesspersons that “roll up their sleeves” and work.

The Orthodox Churches generally and the Church of England have the historical academic training that as history unfurls, lacks a Church Spirit. They focus their attention on the frosting of the cake in Marxist philosophy but the real meat and potatoes (or vegetarian chile)–the application of philosophy in political science and economic science is–bottomline: against humanity and socially suicidal instead of stable as in the medical model social meant as a collective idea first presented in America by the Puritans, which brought us the work ethic.

The collective is a behavioral attachment socially that works with the First Law of Global Populations, stating: “We, the populations of planet Earth, have the inalienable right to exist and desire to have a open channel mediating any threat to our existence.”. The U.N. is the formal channel but the diplomats represent the regime, and not the world populations. It is in the declaration made in the Karl Rove’s doctrine of U.S. general population’s genocide while professional class ascent to a more preeminent status, leaving world labor to replace the present labor force–the holders of democracy in America. This doctrine could be applied everywhere ending Hobbes civilized man or woman and entering us into complete savagery.

No wonder the church’s want an alternative economy. What they fail to realize is Adam Smith would not support immoral acts of labor genocide either.

The Voltaire remedy to this dark subject is to keep and maintain a humane treatment of the workers and those business associates that produce. Adam Smith would agree. That’s the true meaning of a Republic.

The U.S. and state constitutions need to continue to reflect this fact of inalienable rights “of life, liberty,” and these days, the pursuit of justice!

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