Thumpin’, Thumpin’, Pumpin’, Pumpin’, Hailberton Jumpin’,

We’ve got chancellor and president talkin’ to Mother Earth,

Speakin’ about its rear and how it got hurt,

Governor’s goin’ to use it as his or her toilet of choice
Rearguard glow and flow,
Got some dancin’ to do,

Radiating her majesty with nuclear dancin’ particles,
Aglow with the beauty only Man can create.

Leadin’, to deformed and poisoned greatness,
Of the High Seas,
Whales with four eyes,
Manitous, something to see.

We are headed to the High
Of everlasting peace,

While we are,
Thumpin, Pumpin’, Hailberton Jumpin’,
Love Canal’s home for radiating glory!

Thumpin’, Pumpin’, Hailberton’s Jumpin’,
Goin’ get me some of that pumpkin pie up along the California coast,
Haus of pies sent you here! You hear?

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