You forget Man/Woman writes the [Natural] Law and there is a Higher [Natural] Order than Man/Woman.

Deists call Him the Creator. Theists, Father Lord our God. And He has a female name, The Divine Presence. I choose His name, The Redeemer of the Earth.

It is not that the Earth is in the Universe, but that the Universe is in Earth–aerie [air].

The soviet speaks only of man’s law. It eliminates the need of a Natural [Higher] Order by emphasizing the Chaos in the Universe as the basis of rule. The Supreme Ruler of the Universe set down Natural Order despite what we cause nature to do.

We pray to the God of Natural Order, the Creator for sanity, and love for the Universal Natural Order on Earth. We work meditating on the Creator in His/Her speed among other things, while maintaining productivity levels generated by the genius of skills we develop, which can be learnt from the very beginning at times, and that we’d use in working out cooperation and collaboration in business, government, and play that pits us at “everyday, average man, woman, and child,” so that our reckoning is our Own, and not the business, government, sometimes play, of a deit(ies)y.

There is a compassionate way to do industrial psychology that reaches the greatest bottom-line profit instead of speculating/gambling on the market. It is part of the answer among answers [divergent Creative thinking] that approximates the Natural Order as close as possible in cyclic time.  Natural Order, here, speaks of nature, specifically human nature coinciding with optimum performance, without stress cracks, or health pathologies multiplying on a worker, and provides the greatest net profit to the employer.

Keven Jung Young.

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