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Toilets are meant for bathrooms

Besides limiting hazardous and radioactive waste from outside the country, applying economics correctly to raise the price of toxins redeemed at waste treatment sites, we need to institute the Clean Water Act legally correct so we don’t poison our drinking water, and the court judges don’t reject the Act based on technicalities.

While we get much goods, cheaply; others in other countries work very, very hard (as hard as our workers in the U.S.). If we want middle class jobs: (1) we can institute a Marshall Plan II, for Science II in Reformed liberal economics and reformed Republic, and (2) to uphold the constitutions and amend them where necessary to uphold liberal ideas, liberal institutions, (3) while government provides service to the public (not just foreign governments), for a robust democracy.

Amending trade agreements to aid in inalienable rights-to-live, given and declared by the human species, to the species of all homo sapiens, requires that we aid supplying toilets and plumbing to Asia to avoid plagues, with little anti-biotic protection available. (Americas needs this aid in Americas alliances, as well).

Any assistance needed that we can provide for scientifically correct waste treatment plants in Asia would be appreciated and needs follow through from assurances. (If that means, adding another amendment, so be it.)

All this is meant, respectful to all governments in relations with the United States, and to my Federal and state government, as well.

Abraham Boulder

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Team Kennan makes the pluses in Soviet Doctrine, into American Doctrine.

Soviet Doctrine came to stand still. American Doctrine would support the disabled and elderly, but individual’s goals would be set for each task, with deadlines to achieve. They would work seperately from the fully abled worker, whom is expected to maintain very, and very, very high productivity.

As liberal policy, American Doctrine works with individually disabled to enable them to meet deadlines. The enabled on disability status would get a worker’s salary fluctuating on jobs completed correctly, and the remainder from Government funding to pay disability, to pay the remainder of the cost-of-living in the region.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez

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How serious does the world population take this book, anyway?

Book’s name was “Futility” it was about a luxury transatlantic oceanliner, Titan, that on its maiden voyage, struck an iceberg.

Copycat psychology had the luxury transatlantic ocean liner, Titanic, smashing into a iceberg “during celebrations of ‘greatness’ (most likely: terribleness!!)

Best be read; instead of done. Interpret it correctly: the “greatest” was the worst of us.

We need the best excelling in performance as “most excellent”. Whether they are the very good or the best.

G200, Marshall Plan, Team Kennan (author, Goddis received the Joseph Pulitzer for his biography of George F. Kenner–the powerhouse!), Fort Knox, platinum in return for gold in 500 years and top priority for US workers middle class jobs.

More jobs, better jobs, headquartered according to trade agreements, technical knowledge applied on-site, also by trade agreements.

No doubt. No problem. Gets done, correctly. (No matter what side of the fence you are on in your personal life, goods head to greatness; and productivity excels. That’s correct. “That’s how you do it, yeah!”

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Summer Camps got to quit bickering

Bickering: who’s right and whose wrong.  You need all to keep busy enough for “hands off!” on each other.

We need a United Front in summer camp.  And go ahead–dissolve😎😘😀

Dissolve into nothing. (There’s nothing anyway.)      Do it!


Creator, God of Sanity:thus Love: Be with those who love Thee, be resilient be strong!😉

–Keven. (Abraham Boulder)

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The crushing and crucifixion of Everyone

Consciousness is being present to a dance between spirit and matter. But things need to be “concrete” to be reality. At least, your presence on Earth needs acknowledgement, and the speed by which things go through it; i.e., ideas, wishes, and desires on the “blink” level of universal energy and motion needs reductionism to face the music. A “coming back to Earth.” To come to grips with: (1) where we are? (2) what we are doing? and (3) is what we are doing really what we want to do? Really? Or, still in Outer Space?!!

There is a diminutive effect when consciousness is attentive to matter; that the “frozen” state of energy levels, or matter’s “concrete” is recordable.

Question is when do you take ideas in consciousness seriously that promote living for consequent generations when they wish to murder, not cooperate or collaborate, and join the tide, that becomes the sea, then expanse of ocean, interested only in human demise.

When did Only One God’s ocean become a sea of human idiocy (foolishness)–a place for murder and sadistic manipulation of human lives? For children being treated like crab or lobster? Are they, in their own time, pleasure–do they get to experience pleasure or only pain? Is it only a sadist banquet?

Creator, God of Sanity:thus love–when is enough–enough?

Abraham Boulder

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George F. Kennan Team

Team Kennan is the formula team gearing up after softball practice to handle the next 500 years of Science II and the politicaleconomy-direct impetuses that “make” the present day–to overcome the problem of regaining homeostasis of ecology adequately for the human species’ survival.

This type of team is pro-active, and a go-getter from the start. The book, “George F. Kennan,” was a Joseph Pulitzer prize winner for, author, John Lewis Gaddis.

There are all kinds of leaders, and certain leaders not known much for success which, on this Day–take it upon themselves, to come forward, to motivate themselves, and those on their teams for an Earth1st, Me2nd attitude and actualization.

“David and Goliath” speaks of leaders’ persistence paying off to unite those Concerned for Our Species, and the New Generation of living forms on planet Earth.

That the Science of Chaos learns, then teaches us survival technologies capable of handling the disequilibrium of weather.

Earth sciences uses satellites and computers to better understand what we actually need to do.

And the need for government and business to seek opportunity from an Act of Congress, the Kennan Act which will bolster profits and create many, many jobs with the gold we have stored in Fort Knox.

If F.D.R. was a great president. And he was.

Then, two Brown professors, two Harvard professors, and one Cornell professors authored a book “The Great Republic,” saying Nixon, for his leadership, despite his cover-up of a burglary, was great, too.

And it is President Nixon, who took us off the gold-standard of currency note and placed (now to-be reformed) liberal economics and (needing constitutional amendments) reformed democracy as adequately providing for its populations and participation with other populations of the world. (Once, we were much more, isolationists.)

Let us look to New Earth teams to serve Man, Woman & child(ren), and set it up with economic incentives and decentives to gain prosperity by the actions of those who save our species, while extinguishing organizations designed to destroy our species.

Abraham Boulder.

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“Rwanda speaks: America, listen good!”

Is “government-of-state” setting more and more precedents for genocide of the Nation? while lip-syncing a turn-around in the new 500-year science II of bio-diversification and bio-engineering??!

Lacking the resolve for Marshall II of G200–infusing reformed capitalism and evolving constitutional law to better serve the Republic and Democracy in globalization with republican responsible amendments that pilot and transverse known icebergs, and responsible democratic amendments that protect the freedom rights and ideas of liberal engagement locally and abroad, while also, finally, recognizing a forced consensus of consciousness that has no regard for human life–no regard for Earth and the Universe–permeating; stuck on the idea, that we are all better dead–than alive? Have this become our Mission?

Abraham Boulder.

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Toilet training

What to do with hazardous waste and radioactive waste, that make it to the U.S.– toilet to the world.

Economically, speaking, we are Not well-at-hand in handling this type of waste, and besides our own–it just keeps Pouring into this country!

We need, economic incentives to send these substances to actual, correct waste sites, and an educational system similar to the non-smoking campaign.

We need Earth-sites throughout the globe for correct scientific handling. We’ve got to stop sending so much here and deposit the waste in scientifically and politically-doable-enough regions of the world.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez.

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Straussian East Coast philosophy from Totalitarianism

So here we have, a mental and emotional state of so-called human evolution apparently programmed into mainframe computers of population control.

Inputed is the Tao such that the darkness reigns. Further, evil deities can be worshiped.

Now, someone or groups have a meeting following mutually agreed worthwhile pursuits.

Well, a To–ian of this computer modeling program–someone who thinks by subliminal heresies: (1) thinks him or herself an evolved sort, such that, (2) harm and murder to group members serve as “misery and anguish index”–the higher the value of the index, the more these sadists and murderers feel more evolved on the human species chain. The more they think anarchy is increasing, the Totalitarianism will be the “evolving” result.


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**URGENT** Why is there not more good and greatness made manifest?

Britain having an identity crisis. Criticism of the Holy Spirit. In the hierachy of the Queendom crown.

It’s apparent that more good comes to no avail in the long standing tradition of the English Church because Bishop Butler’s God-endowed happiness, and avoidance of unnecessary suffering has turned into a “Brave New World” of opoid abuse, providing a core profitable industry that destroys, wastes away human-able bodies, heading towards post-end-of-days Jung-style 4th Davos industrial revolution: destroys the able-bodied worker who, typically, are delegated to “use their head” in discernment and quality control.

This destructive macroeconomy is so pervasive, that, if Jesus were to appear these days, it’s almost certain he’d be submerged in opoid abuse by a, let-us say-for-argument-sake, crown-appointed pusher–with needles in his arms, and sexed by men incessantly, who leave money for more heroin-and-bread-scraps use by the Divine, to keep their destructive industries making “horrible” profits.

Then, we worship the Father, Creator as Demon God of profit and revere our greed and resolve to destroy the Earth forever; even though we have been and continue in one sense a Cold War. That sense is that we can cause a nuclear winter, usually in 20 minutes. But we haven’t.

And the Terrible Satan, separate from any Church, Synagogue, or Church in man-kind and womankind (humanized philosophically by Professor Kant), is in Terror that we can have the resolve, the intelligence enabled (IQ, EQ,  or spiritual intelligence–value & meaning, & WQ, or wisdom intelligence) to solve the 13 icebergs of Scientific America’s global calamities and the present-day iceberg of singularity of a Higher Power, than homo sapiens; invoked as “Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love,” whom in the Christian tradition needs those responsible for holing up possible Jesus, be cleaned up and presented to sensitive clergy or good, great-God loving persons to move us in a way commanded by the Creator.

Otherwise, let’s humanize Apocalyptic vision to the history books and move on to the Davos 4th Industrial Revolution of 500 years of Science II, bio-diversity and bio-engineering, emphasizing what is needed Now, with hydrogen power, fusion-power discovered and built globally by a Marshall Plan II of G200 infusing reformed liberal economics and democracy via Fort Knox–to replace gold with platinum in 500 years time.

Abraham Boulder, applied entrepreneurial “economist.”

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