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Toilet training

What to do with hazardous waste and radioactive waste, that make it to the U.S.– toilet to the world.

Economically, speaking, we are Not well-at-hand in handling this type of waste, and besides our own–it just keeps Pouring into this country!

We need, economic incentives to send these substances to actual, correct waste sites, and an educational system similar to the non-smoking campaign.

We need Earth-sites throughout the globe for correct scientific handling. We’ve got to stop sending so much here and deposit the waste in scientifically and politically-doable-enough regions of the world.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez.

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Straussian East Coast philosophy from Totalitarianism

So here we have, a mental and emotional state of so-called human evolution apparently programmed into mainframe computers of population control.

Inputed is the Tao such that the darkness reigns. Further, evil deities can be worshiped.

Now, someone or groups have a meeting following mutually agreed worthwhile pursuits.

Well, a To–ian of this computer modeling program–someone who thinks by subliminal heresies: (1) thinks him or herself an evolved sort, such that, (2) harm and murder to group members serve as “misery and anguish index”–the higher the value of the index, the more these sadists and murderers feel more evolved on the human species chain. The more they think anarchy is increasing, the Totalitarianism will be the “evolving” result.


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**URGENT** Why is there not more good and greatness made manifest?

Britain having an identity crisis. Criticism of the Holy Spirit. In the hierachy of the Queendom crown.

It’s apparent that more good comes to no avail in the long standing tradition of the English Church because Bishop Butler’s God-endowed happiness, and avoidance of unnecessary suffering has turned into a “Brave New World” of opoid abuse, providing a core profitable industry that destroys, wastes away human-able bodies, heading towards post-end-of-days Jung-style 4th Davos industrial revolution: destroys the able-bodied worker who, typically, are delegated to “use their head” in discernment and quality control.

This destructive macroeconomy is so pervasive, that, if Jesus were to appear these days, it’s almost certain he’d be submerged in opoid abuse by a, let-us say-for-argument-sake, crown-appointed pusher–with needles in his arms, and sexed by men incessantly, who leave money for more heroin-and-bread-scraps use by the Divine, to keep their destructive industries making “horrible” profits.

Then, we worship the Father, Creator as Demon God of profit and revere our greed and resolve to destroy the Earth forever; even though we have been and continue in one sense a Cold War. That sense is that we can cause a nuclear winter, usually in 20 minutes. But we haven’t.

And the Terrible Satan, separate from any Church, Synagogue, or Church in man-kind and womankind (humanized philosophically by Professor Kant), is in Terror that we can have the resolve, the intelligence enabled (IQ, EQ,  or spiritual intelligence–value & meaning, & WQ, or wisdom intelligence) to solve the 13 icebergs of Scientific America’s global calamities and the present-day iceberg of singularity of a Higher Power, than homo sapiens; invoked as “Creator, God of Sanity: thus Love,” whom in the Christian tradition needs those responsible for holing up possible Jesus, be cleaned up and presented to sensitive clergy or good, great-God loving persons to move us in a way commanded by the Creator.

Otherwise, let’s humanize Apocalyptic vision to the history books and move on to the Davos 4th Industrial Revolution of 500 years of Science II, bio-diversity and bio-engineering, emphasizing what is needed Now, with hydrogen power, fusion-power discovered and built globally by a Marshall Plan II of G200 infusing reformed liberal economics and democracy via Fort Knox–to replace gold with platinum in 500 years time.

Abraham Boulder, applied entrepreneurial “economist.”

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Transformational shifts: how to address them in crisis

Psychotechnologies-Marilyn Ferguson: In: Synchronicity by Chris Mackey

Psychotechnologies include: (1) hypnosis, (2) meditation, (3) biofeedback, (4) body disciplines, such as yoga or martial arts, (5) dream journaling, (6) self-help groups and (7) modern psychotherapies.

Try One!

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Intro to imp’t book: Peter Senge

A historical shift in the Western scientific-materialistic worldview is occurring. Perhaps the two are connected. Perhaps our institutions and leadership are, by and large, grounded in a way of thinking about the world that is increasingly obsolete and counterproductive. Perhaps that is why they are falling apart.

The new leadership must be grounded in fundamentally new version understandings of how the world works. The 16th-Century Newtonian mechanical view of the Universe, which still guides our thinking, has become increasingly dysfunctional in these times of interdependence and change.

The critical shifts required to guarantee a healthy world for our Children and our Children’s children will not be achieved by doing more of the same.

“The world we have created is a product of our way of thinking,” said Albert Einstein.

Nothing will change in the future without fundamentally new ways of thinking. This is the real work of leadership. And this book is a good place to start.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has Genius, Power, and Magic in it!!”. –Goethe

“Just Do It” –Nike!

“Synchronicity: the Inner Path of Leadership” by Joseph Jaworski, Betty Sue Flowers, editor, Berret-Koehler publ.©2011, 2nd edition.


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Straussian poisoned streudel

East Coast Straussian–secret org of soviet communist party capable of being extended by fascism. Common attributes of Ph.D in “idiocy” (what destroys the fabric of society and leaves you thinking from these secret idiots of liars–they can have learned complexity, but have no interest in sustainable economics, politics (and other social sciences) as the vortex of thought whoms mental illness from homosexuality can be communally acute and active in genocide of heterosexuals. Their revelry entails exotic neurochemicals to leave the brain disjointed and unable to manage and coordinate with the Applied Earth Sciences, and incapable of handling sustainable economics using a Value Index discussed @The Realism and Hope Foundation, URL address: for decentives for toxicity and incentives plus market price, or added gross profits that can be calculated for individuals and workers in priority assignments of bio-genetics; minus taxed amount redefining corporations legally to include competing subsidiaries that by scientific accounting transfer the egregious profits to clean or adjust for sustainability.

(Satanism,) and Big Brother depictions found in 1984, Animal Farm, and Tom Hanks® starring role in “Cloud Atlas”© eternal love of two lovers forward and backward in Time, but presently imprisoned in Totalitarianism, where stealing a kiss may not be tolerated.

Revelry can include gambling against human lives in United States’ borders, a kind of betting that needs to be unlawful, and enforced.


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Brave New World Goddess leading to lines of dead-end thinking.

Unacceptable for leadership in a sound mind with healthy EQ, emotional intelligence.

Discussions of genocide to improve the health of an economy is a justification for Revolution.

We await Clinton’s choice of Vice President, hopefully a strong collaborator like herself takes the reins after her service to nation, like a locomotive starting up (slow, deliberate, gaining momentum, pacing herself).

Trump is like a copper locomotive, pacing in history, to seek and find authentic identity and resolve to get the Earth1st, Me2nd responsibility tackled. Can he be malleable enough to be hammered (by the press, by GroupThink, by ThinkTanks), so that his administration stays on the tracks towards solving Earth1st, Me2nd?

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