What’s filling? Eating too much.

Seik, Iranian, Islamic, Asian and “Phil” archetype, Or what do you when the evil spirit from Iran goes global.

It’s perhaps reached Malaysia, 1 billion and more of people. Some have mixed blood that, tradition has it, that leaders and their co-horts, can be very, very bad, that Allah is Great, so “We be good,” and now, possibly they are spiritually compromised via Iranian ancient evil spirit, and “Phil” archetype interpreted as a powerful evil deity that Seiks, if they decided, might worship.

Such focus on darkness as deity instead Allah’s greatness can harm in practical terms trade, cause wars, that otherwise, have been worked and played out. And cause more social problems that no nation on the planet needs increasing.

With world influence from globalization and trade treaties, and trade, I think such an archetype should be downed so it’s discipline in affecting influence on such global regions will be stopped to allow, what many consider the weakness of the good, the boldness of greatness to be heard more extensively, heeded by more of the global population, and the voluntary allowance for peace to continue, while taking a closer look at Earth’s nations’ affairs for global audiences to condemn atrocities, terrible events, and crimes against humanity.

Abraham Boulder.

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