Fiction at its best: the ultimate challenge! Or, HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD!

Try this ongoing fiction development piece!

The 1% influence the government in the myriad of ways, to get their needs met: the murder of 8 billion people.

First, enslaved.

Before that, a genius from Moscow University or St. Petersburg University, preys upon a land, a place with the potential where democracy can be strong and the republic’s U.S. Constitution can protect constituents for ” life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

This American soil is free of most-thought-of ghettoes-as a place where education and, Or opportunity can provide you with better conditions to support greater happiness, and opportunity–in concrete terms, for better medical coverage, for summer camp opportunities, for family trips, and reading at the library, or on an ereader that the library can provide books for.

Imagining whole symphonic undertaking by entrepreneurship or teams, and the genius to solve our problems of CEO’s overcompensation leading to a requirement, a demand, that legal definition of “corporation” be reassigned to duties or work to mitigate damage to the environment at the causal site, and excessive profits routed to pay for the work and put a cap on corporate leader’s profits.

Work salaries have a behavioral science on what a person working is worth before their effectiveness at their job’s becomes nil and they are overpaid.

The enemy.  The graduate of a Soviet-style educational system.  Not an education of free-thinking and free-access to information.  Not a place where paid for journals are available in a public library to study political science and possibly write a book.

The enemy. You’re not paranoid. Diversity, free thought occurs.

The destroyer of freedom.  The creation of high murder rates. County-wide development of ghettoes. Destroyer of me. Abraham Boulder.

And so a roomful of people work pay and work for the destruction, enslavement, and murder of 8 billion people.

And so this human species’ genius. Of terribleness.  The insight, hindsight, and foresight of great literature.  This one individual begins dutiful work.

New.  Possibly, a women in “men’s” pants.  How does she look?  What kind of heart does she use, and actually have?

Other news in “fiction” land. . .

Charlie Brown® of the Peanuts© fame is decrying, “Good Grief!”. But what Charlie Brown gives you such grief??!

“Well, there’s a terrorist camp in government, and the president, whomever he or she is, we’ve lost interest is,  a terrorist to U.S. interests, (Read: what is good, beneficial, or the benefit of society and makes civilization better for goodness And greatness.) is out to. in this previous historio-standard, out to, destroy America, and consequently,the world!’

And that gives you grief! I see.  But aren’t you really a BOULD’ARrrrrrrr! Aren’t you supposed to read horrible, terrible literature, to win.  Aren’t you frankly, an idiot? A canaille?

Kids, kids, kids, what that word means “pack of dogs” from “royalty,” with “elite” educations, that are sterile–that means impotent, inbred, and ineffective; just like playing the banjo in the movie, “Deliverance©,”  that is, “doing the job very well,” but Missing the Point! (Not playing the banjo, like Steve Martin©– capable, abled, determined in eliciting constructive, effective, correct, and high productivity results in solutions and output metrics.)

What you do to solve this thorny problem, and smell like a Rose, do the correct thing, keep America for all American constituents, is read The Realism and Hope Foundation, found at URL address: and read among many social media adventures. The “terse” adventure of the “Boulder Plan.” Email:

You see, a beyond the post modern science, the Science of Chaos, is really about Before breaking up in complete chaos, so the planet doesn’t look like a downed StarFleet Command® starship©!

What the Science of Chaos teaches is that Hegel’s thesis, antithesis, then synthesis in History, which I learned about philosopher Hegel from Professor Harder at Western Washington University, is that synthesis-into-synergy-(conceptually emanating from Professor Covey)–what becomes the future from opposing views, like Soviet, China, and Indian Totalitarianism vs. American democracy of a global republic, can be “terse” in language and action and also emanate from good God of Providence of commonwealth.

And just like it takes 20 minutes to incinerate the planet, “Boulder Plan on evolved economics, politics, and Earth Sciences applications on business and market equations,” is the answer in “30 seconds”– with a pause in compliance for objective agreement at the quantum level–that singularity of Universal Creator, God of Sanity and Universal Hosts, eminence of the Universal Ceiling of Sanity:thus Love form the integral divergent answers, that saves our species, our bio-genetic inheritance from extinction, on material matter via the science of economics, political science, and Earth Sciences, and Value Index settings; also makes the distinction that our human capital in Scientific knowledge be Not purged by SS or Soviet “imbeciles” and agents languishing in stupor of military–but-not “bread and correct-margarine” might.  Both a prerequisite to the freedom to proceed at a quickened pace to an amble run to Earth 1st, humankind 2nd deadlines accomplishments.

And so the terse words read as follows:

Our Business here is not to know all things, but those which concern our Conduct.” -John Locke

The Correct Integral Divergent Solutions for G200 Marshall Plan II Fort Knox fusion reformed liberal economics and evolved “living” LAW constitutional documents and Value Index estimates from Earth Sciences academe for economic decentives for businesses causing too much damage, and economic incentives for gross profit and net proceeds greater than the market of normal Science II revolution of biogenesis, bio-diversity, bio-engineered industries.” -Abraham Boulder.   Good jobs for Americans, timely in their constructive results, shared with a world needing good jobs too to save their part of Earth and opportunities of government operations less corrupt, more goal-oriented achievement on Earth deadline schedule.

The Value Index is on The Realism and Hope Foundation at URL address and titled,

**URGENT**   Western Civilization and Global Societies

“Nearly every kernel pop too” -Oroville Redenbacher©.😀




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