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Fateful Tyrants

Fateful Tyrants
**Disclaimer: salientUS World consciousness is an assumed occurrence, that would effect the naton in “aerie subtrate” of affect whereby intelligence is in the form of pain, including great, great pain!

The State has started reprogramming with statements like I’m everything, your nothing” psychological thrillers that will get worse and worse. Playing Catch-22 that political science, and therefore politicians focus on material in Objectivism, reducing a claimed unquantifiable incorporeal to the physical, advocating behavior science activism introduced by communism for forms of torture and Human meat cutting (I.e., the culinary arts at University of Washington and North Central College (a “community” college!!?

The “catch” is that while violently abusing the constituent, including in white collar crime, physical pain and damage, including the brain, they deny incorporeal! Then, at the same time they “turn on the screws” singularly or collectively (maybe not everyone at once, but Korea, as I understand it is in truly enormous pain as a nation group, and can expect more of the same StateUS, StateRussia, StateChina, perhaps StateJapan, and also StateIndia.

Continuing: I think there will be a “Moses hierarchy” whose business to be group leaders to harass, torture, exact punishment with anyone not conforming to the new State.

I don’t know how fast they will do it.  They may stop for a moment and flatly deny, but communist activism states, “do it, do it, do it some more–it may at first be insidious but once it develops the pace will quicken.”




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Take a moment, for me and my friend’s liberal rights, for a moment.

Take a moment, for me and my friend’s liberal rights, for a moment.

See how PCB seethes with horror and terror he generates. Breathing in, he feels the anguish, pain, and sorrow of multitudes, exhales his terribleness as a great personality disorder, breathes in to his heart, emboldened by the persistent psychopath that he is.

For 35 years now someone he knows has taken his medication for a medical cause. Today, he intends to end that person’s freedom while he is in his fifties. The monies from savings pay the debt! He has enough money in two months if not on the 3rd of this very month. He criminally only looks at one account.

PCB looks at his finances when he signed for the VA to handle all his affairs in sickness and death.

He strips him of legitimate pride and honor, for his responsible behavior, when his behavior changed for a moment, because of sleeping pills from an antidepressant that regulates Serotonin (Trozodone). Washington State provided the educational material on Serotonin. He had an adverse reaction to the neurochemical–it made him hostile. He still acted according to Washington State law [internet: search “self-defense RCW”, then, “limitations”.] Look for the actual law there on the internet, paraphrasing, “to detain [using minimum force due to self-defense] in a secure building, to determine, “What the devil they were doing there?”

He was part owner of the building. They could not invoke the law on illness because: there was no indication there was a medical problem. They did not know for a fact that he had illness; therefore, they could not “enforce” that part of the law.

He acts responsible. He has enough money for both accounts to pay his bills. Perhaps better communication with his payer at the Department of Veteran Affairs in Olympia, WA would serve him the honorably discharged veteran, better.
Heuristically the payer or a National begins the process of singular and collective torture. The National assumes the role of “Supreme Ruler of the Universe” to get his hate to exact the pain, the affect–effect capable by communists and fascists in a state Lacking liberal (meant: individual constituents,’) rights.

The State of New Jersey, heuristically, meaning self-evident-“Thomas Jefferson” [and “heuristically, the factual book “Gut Feelings” written by one-time director of Max Plankt Institute for Human Development] is having a court order made against his freedom, against his Liberty, against any measure of happiness, to show America that the State constitutions are universal legally, that the State constitutions are unnecessary, and the Declaration of Independence is henceforth null, voided.

I show to you, for him, that as I write this, I am competent, rational, healthy, but disabled, and now he loses his freedom. And American beaureaucrats now have the precedent to do it to all constituents of this country, thus trampling on our rights and upon our foundational documents–that need reforming (evolving) during this crisis challenge we’re facing collectively, not the destruction of these legal documents!

Abraham Boulder.

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Leviathan, the movie: watched and prophecy to future American policy.

Leviathan, the movie: watched and prophecy to future American policy.
Negative is the turrent position on God Almighty, not only a destructive force spit on, kicked and left with a heroin needle in his arm, secretly worshipped as the Evil god of the Tao, the Leviathan. Applied communisn misappropriates the soul, claims in a Hobbesian way all does not exist immaterial, but horrible oppression and singular or collective torture dominates salient in the stolen identities of each individual’s spirituality, with the addition of final arrangements of both early and later mechanized death.

Albany becomes the Mecca of the West. Able to destroy all constitutions, all Law; yet in this Beaureaucratic Colloussus, all is done (i.e., the International Law becomes complex, imperatives) and the Chief Executive Officer becomes dictator of a conglomerate of Russian, Chinese, Indian, and North American top leaders.

Crucial to the failure of the American experiment in not having a strong Constitutionalist as Vice President to enforce by invoking Constitutional Law correct and decreeing execution via Federal judges. The crucial moment is the dismantling of the Federal system whereby an insular complex of 50 States maintained “law of the land.” Insular to constituents, yet able by Law to make trade contracts, and feed a strong global economy.

Healthcare, reduced in participants, can be supplied by the Central government for a robust democracy of healthy constituents (instead of dismantling the constituents, then the “living legal documents,” incl./ the U.S. Constitution, and the right for constituents to “life, liberty,” and the right to flourish (with happiness “thrown in”).

At no time is this: Socialist, or socialist Communist. This healthcare responds to Adam Smith’s, “Moral Sentiments,” political economic policy derived from the Wal-Mart model, adds “income” to what was thought of as horrible decline in income (once reinstated and Reformed for cost effectiveness healthcare would fall in line with Denmark; not Sweden, Brazil, Argentina,Venezuela, and Cuba!)

We look to the Denmark model for their happiness with political economic policy that maintains liberal economics, public services, and democracy (although needing more acceptable leadership), and we see Sweden in trauma at the mass assassinations of Democratic citizens (I say this heuristically, it seems to follow, as “the wrong” signal against freedom and liberty, life, and environment for flourishing–the wrong direction “of Winds of Change.”

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Perhaps, a thing or two…draft,draft.

Perhaps, a thing or two…draft,draft.

First, there was Spinoza whom spoke in terms of the Universe as God, no more. So, no more to Spinoza.

Kant termed “radical transformation” to mean a very human change from thinking only of yourself, to feeling for, and serving others, as well.

Thus, God served to inspire a human Natural Law occurrence under Christian auspices.

Hegel took the mystical and made it the State, saying that what is (now), is the way it was meant to be (convenient!) for the King of Prussia.

Mystical from myth needing to suggest a Forefather Progeny Everlasting that lives to substance in Universal Energy’s, Motion’s, Destiny of Cycle of Organic and Intelligent And Wise life forms before Heaven Eternity. From Super-Nova to exoplanets to ideas culminating generations’ quest to know why we’re here.

Philosophically, “You see growing up as Hegel says Man has is not enough,” says God, “because Now to reach a 1,000 years of the Christ on Earth, Man must learn the trade of applied wisdom to his applied technologies and applied sciences to make himself more of Himself on Earth, i.e., not Jonestown, or aggressively suicidal (through homicide).

This then, prepares Man for the Kingdom of Heaven, having gained wisdom on how to behave intelligently in the Presence of the Divine image.

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Why we must see beyond binary logic. Algorithms with a “Maybe” arm of divergent answers, besides “Yes” and “No” capabilities and possibilties.

Why we must see beyond binary logic. Algorithms with a “Maybe” arm of divergent answers, besides “Yes” and “No” capabilities and possibilties.
What are the factions that put us against each other?

Royal global syndicate socialists communists and fascists, minus professional beareaucrats seeking public services for populations for robust democracy=a.k.a-> The House [of Gambling].

Until now, futures’ hedge funds have been “gentlemen’s agreements” for gambled outcomes, lacking a united House other than the investment firms’ partners.

Now that House State is emerging bent on ending existence, the House is default outcome and the odds for failure has evened out (1:1 odds). That means, if you don’t invest in high odds, value investing, a few names will receive proceeds from Ponzi Hedge funds futures, and gambling will be satallite videos of ground battles to the death throughout the world of a Armageddon-style one-on-one. Christian, perhaps. Not Newton’s Apocalypse, not an end game worthy of pursuing except by Orthodox Churches mainframe computer modeling if binary yes-no answers, that really various grades of grey or color spectrum of yes–Maybe–no, showing compromise of all kinds, and explaining the need for a tertiary chip, with a Value Index, I have described for future actions, stay-downs, and countermeasures. Not only is categorical thinking incorrect thinking, it numbs us to Inaction and oblivion.

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Parasitic purpose, and why evolving advancement does not strive to leave populations and subpopulations behind.

Parasitic purpose, and why evolving advancement does not strive to leave populations and subpopulations behind.

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Incorrect=Zero; correct=all positive1; negative rapture= or less than negative1: in three’s.

Incorrect=Zero; correct=all positive1; negative rapture= or less than negative1: in three’s.

Rather than a “kill switch,” there appears a philosophical space where time becomes critical and space becomes sardonic, caustic Kafkaesque humor.

The kill switch of: “everything well done” is met with, “everything is fried, or vaporized.”

Further, that no more intelligence exists once “well done things” are laid to waste is invalid, and to get past this incendiary terrorism, one must assume that (1) nuclear winter didn’t happen, (2) that “frying the fritters” of well-done matter is really a zero value because it leaves “a wasteland,” thought of, as “an intellectual waste field; humorous of course, of a schizophrenic, Russian Ballet sort,” says Negative decimal-value, human physical forms.

To proceed all is silent intellectually at this juncture until the minions pop up in their in exuberant delight and shout “marveilleux” or “Yeaaaa!!” to “all that really matter” and the intellectual exercise of “Not thinking”–intellectual negative enterprise,” smirks with triumphant glee.

Then how to live post-Civilization. Worshipping negative sentiment for the civilization of the past, centered on negative decimal value on organizational structure beyond the clan, learning the art and science of eating human flesh, as they shit out human civilization. And thinking negative towards everything, except their survival.

These brethren are with us now, and choose the “worst of all,” events for their “waste field” triumph and glee, and for all humankind.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.


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