Leviathan, the movie: watched and prophecy to future American policy.

Leviathan, the movie: watched and prophecy to future American policy.
Negative is the turrent position on God Almighty, not only a destructive force spit on, kicked and left with a heroin needle in his arm, secretly worshipped as the Evil god of the Tao, the Leviathan. Applied communisn misappropriates the soul, claims in a Hobbesian way all does not exist immaterial, but horrible oppression and singular or collective torture dominates salient in the stolen identities of each individual’s spirituality, with the addition of final arrangements of both early and later mechanized death.

Albany becomes the Mecca of the West. Able to destroy all constitutions, all Law; yet in this Beaureaucratic Colloussus, all is done (i.e., the International Law becomes complex, imperatives) and the Chief Executive Officer becomes dictator of a conglomerate of Russian, Chinese, Indian, and North American top leaders.

Crucial to the failure of the American experiment in not having a strong Constitutionalist as Vice President to enforce by invoking Constitutional Law correct and decreeing execution via Federal judges. The crucial moment is the dismantling of the Federal system whereby an insular complex of 50 States maintained “law of the land.” Insular to constituents, yet able by Law to make trade contracts, and feed a strong global economy.

Healthcare, reduced in participants, can be supplied by the Central government for a robust democracy of healthy constituents (instead of dismantling the constituents, then the “living legal documents,” incl./ the U.S. Constitution, and the right for constituents to “life, liberty,” and the right to flourish (with happiness “thrown in”).

At no time is this: Socialist, or socialist Communist. This healthcare responds to Adam Smith’s, “Moral Sentiments,” political economic policy derived from the Wal-Mart model, adds “income” to what was thought of as horrible decline in income (once reinstated and Reformed for cost effectiveness healthcare would fall in line with Denmark; not Sweden, Brazil, Argentina,Venezuela, and Cuba!)

We look to the Denmark model for their happiness with political economic policy that maintains liberal economics, public services, and democracy (although needing more acceptable leadership), and we see Sweden in trauma at the mass assassinations of Democratic citizens (I say this heuristically, it seems to follow, as “the wrong” signal against freedom and liberty, life, and environment for flourishing–the wrong direction “of Winds of Change.”

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